Nouveaux modèles de lunettes Flowers par Okia



OKIA has just found out a new world of vivid and detailed floral decorations able to revolutionize the eyewear market: the last HD frame launched by the innovative company based in Hong Kong is an explosion of elegant 3D flowers that spread along the temples creating an extremely realistic natural decoration.


The frame shows a series of outstanding and sculptural orchids on both temples and the petals of the flowers are so thin and carefully bent that they seem real. Harmonious gradient colours complete the realistic effect of the decoration and give it a refined touch of femininity.


This exceptional new frame is the result of an ongoing research and development on the already worldwide recognized HD Technology. This patented technology allows the transformation of textures and colours into crisp high definition which shows depth, offering a new world of outstanding 3D patterns and textures. HD Nano Technology, the latest creation by OKIA, has also been used to realize the floral decorations: the traditional thickness of HD acetate has been successfully reduced to 1mm in order to obtain a more flexible, lightweight and tough product, while keeping the same effect and the versatility of the original.


Thanks to the progress of HD Technology, 3D floral decorations that we usually see only on dresses, hair bands and other accessories are applied for the first time also on eyewear: charming and full bloom flowers bring attention to the frame and make it a perfect expression of both harmony and glamour. Fashion and sculpture meet, creating 3D embellishments and tactile details that combine fantasy with sensuality and innovation. The new floral HD frame is the most up-to-date answer to the needs of women who love dreams and romanticism but are also concerned about fashion and quality.


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