les verres NXT pour la nouvelle collection de lunettes POC

New collection provides pure performance for Gravity Sports and everyday life

POC recently launched their new sunglass collection featuring
NXT lenses in every style. Based in Sweden, POC designs, engineers and markets personal
protective gear – including eyewear – for alpine skiers and riders internationally. With a strong
focus on R&D and medical aspects, POC’s mission is to revolutionize the degree of protection in
alpine protective gear and thereby prevent injuries and save lives.
“Due to our strong mission, when we develop a product, we do it in the spirit of doing the best,”
says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO POC. “We never compromise in choosing materials or construction if
that means compromising safety, quality or performance. When it comes to sunglasses, the most
vital part is the lens. For this reason, we selected NXT® lenses to be featured in all POC sunglass
All POC sunglasses feature NXT® lenses which offer extreme impact, temperature and chemical
resistance, together with superior optical performance compared to the existing technologies.
Depending on the intended purpose, customers can select from three levels of POC NXT® lenses:
Level 01 – Basic fixed tint
Level 02 – High Contrast Definition (HCD) or Polarized filter
Level 03 – Photochromic technology combined with HCD technology and/or Polarized filter
In addition, all POC’s NXT® lenses are equipped with state-of-the-art anti-scratch, oleophobic, antireflective
and hydrophobic coatings in order to protect them from scratches, smudges and
distortion from water drops, all with the aim to provide the best optics possible.
POC created 4 sunglass collections based on NXT® lens technology: Eye Am, Eye Was, Eye Do,
Eye Did.
AM: Developed for activities where comfort and protection are crucial, whether ski touring on a
glacier or being exposed to strong sunlight on or around water, or simply hanging out in the park
on a sunny day. These frames have a defined curve that adapts to each individual face, further
enhances the level of UV protection and reduces glare. The POC NXT® lenses come with a wide
range of properties, for every need and situation.
WAS: The perfect combo for activities or for just hanging out. These frames are made of high
quality layered acetate and are processed by hand. The POC NXT® lenses come in different tints
and functions in their virtually unbreakable and optically superior polymer.

DO: High performance frames and lenses for serious actions. The Do is an optical instrument that
is designed for precision in any situation. The combination of wrapped geometry, low weight and
durable TR-90 Grilamid frames, Hytrel rubber for fit and comfort, together with the vast choice of
superior POC NXT® lenses, makes these sunglasses the ultimate choice.

DID: A slim and lightweight frame in handmade acetate. The Eye Dids are a versatile model that
can be used for activities or increased comfort under light conditions. The POC NXT® lenses come
in different tints and functions in their virtually unbreakable and optically superior polymer.


About POC
POC is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission; to do everything we can to possibly save
lives and to reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes by developing and
renewing what personal protection is all about. POC has in many ways already set a new standard
when it comes to technical solutions, construction, material combinations and engineering, with
patented solutions, to increase the degree of protection.
POC works in a cross scientific way, from the office in Saltsjöbaden outside of Stockholm.
The organization involves competences from different fields, such as engineers, material
specialists, industrial and graphic designers, neurologists and specialists in spinal cord injuries.
Stockholm is an important centre for some of Europe’s leading research and development experts
in the areas of safety, medicine, health care, advanced product development and testing.
All our products have been tested by top world gravity sport athletes and then further refined to
perfection. Our athlete friends love to go flat out but without suffering cuts, bruises and headaches,
or in the worst cases, risking back or brain damage as a result of crashes that sadly happens to
even the best athletes. The end result is a line of lightweight, high performance gear that offers the
ultimate protection against injury thanks to superior impact absorption and penetration resistance.
When developing a product at POC, we do it in the spirit of doing the best. We never compromise
in choosing materials or construction, to make a product cheaper or to increase margins, if that
means compromising safety, quality or performance


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