Polar relaunches the timeless iconic blue lenses for Mido 2011


Pluck, determination and – as always – a pinch of edginess: these are the key ingredients in the new Polar collection, under the Revert label, that heralds the extraordinary return of the brand to its roots with a revival of blue lenses.


From the very beginning, the Polar brand was a star player in the era of blue lenses and in their amazing popularity in ‘90s eyewear. Established in 1993, Polar made its mark in the sunglasses market by making mirrored blue lenses its trademark and building its own youthful, extravagant identity around this ‘must’ look of the period. Now, it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that the brand welcomes the return of this fashion and re-presents it as one of the leading eyewear trends of the moment. The blue lens motif made history at Polar, an unmistakable style that the brand rediscovers as part of its genetic heritage and reinterprets with a contemporary slant in a dynamic and totally winning collection. A vintage line that finds new expression in styles with various shapes and colors, that (of course) match the blue lenses and the stories and emotions they evoke. Blue is the color of purity and spells the desire to live without constraints, to express one’s emotions and give ‘voice’ to one’s creativity… perfectly aligned with what is the most authentic spirit of the Polar brand – to affirm one’s personality in order to never blend into the background, but rather, to leave your mark wherever life takes you.


Mirrored blue lenses, unequivocal stars of the collection, exalt the shiny black metal and silver frames, creating an exclusive play of colors that once again highlights the decisive and original character of the brand. Not to be overlooked is the outstanding visual comfort guaranteed by use of the exceptional Polarized Premium® lenses that ensure excellent color perception, for safe vision, especially under intense light conditions.

Distinctive sunglasses for those who love to dream, in the blue (sky) painted blue.


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