Lunettes enfants solaires Zoobug spéciales jeux Olympiques Londres 2012

The Official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Sunglass Collection and Team GB range for Children comes to SILMO 2011!

September 2011 – The Official London 2012 Sunglass Collection for children of 2-12 years of age will be presented to the optical sector at SILMO this month. Kid’s eyewear specialist Zoobug won the licence to produce the Official Collection in May, in an agreement with the London 2012 Organising Committee, LOCOG.

Offering 100% UV protection for children of 2-12, the London 2012 Children’s Sunglasses are designed first and foremost to protect children’s delicate eyes from the sun, and are fitted with UV400 polycarbonate (Category 3) shatterproof lenses offering high level optical clarity. The frames are also strong and durable, produced in ultra- light Grilamide. Each design boasts flex hinges and innovative soft-grip rubber tips that can be adjusted easily by parents without heating – this ensures that one frame can fit a large age range from 2 and up.

Designed to offer the ideal product for protecting kid’s eyes safely, the sunglasses also represent a special souvenir for the 2012 Olympics. The new frames feature the eye- catching official London 2012 logos embossed on the hinge area of the frame in enticing colours for kids, with fun, fashionable styling. Each frame is presented in a box with transparent front, and accompanied by a practical, protective London 2012 Microfibre Pouch.

The two Official “London 2012” models available are:

Daisy 2012a – a distinctive flower-shape design for girls, offered in pink with the Official “London 2012” logo featuring on the temple. Designed to fit girls from approximately 2 to 12 years.

Buzz 2012a – a winning unisex shape with a subtle wrap shape. Available in navy blue for boys, and hot-pink for girls. The Official “London 2012” logo features on the temple. Designed to fit 2-12 year olds.TEAM GB Sunglass Range for Kids launches

In addition to the “London 2012” collection, Zoobug will present the official Team GB Sunglasses for kids, launching in September. The three shapes, the iconic Daisy TeamGB, Buzz TeamGB, and Zoom TeamGB1 and 2 offer fantastic brightly coloured designs, based on the Team GB colours and logo featuring the eye-catching Lion’s Head and Olympic Rings. The Daisy TeamGB model with the unique flag design emblazoned on the frame front, is an iconic symbol of the London Games, and is already billed as a favourite souvenir of young supporters of Team GB.

Each model in this line offers 100% UV protection, flex hinges and the soft, adjustable rubber tips. High-quality UV400 polycarbonate lenses (Category 3) with excellent optical clarity are a key feature, ensuring kids have the very best protection for healthy vision.

The three Official Team GB models designed for children are: Daisy TeamGB – the iconic symbol of the London Games – a flower-shaped girl’s

style in white with Team GB flag decorating the frame front. A statement fashion accessory and souvenir for girls! Offered in size 43-17, to fit 2-10 years.


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