nouvelle collection de lunettes BLACKFIN par la société PRAMAOR SILMO 2011




September 2011 – A new opportunity to experiment, to dare. The forty-fourth edition of Silmo is preparing to host the renewal of the Blackfin collection by Pramaor: right on the occasion of the French kermesse, the company will integrate its elegant minimalist style by five new models that represent, in terms of shapes and colours, a real evolution of the brand.

Starting with a review of shades and sizes, Pramaor presents a range of proposals with a design that looks very current with the latest fashion trends, letting more rounded shapes mitigate the corners and the fronts assuming a broader dimension. The result is an eyewear that masterfully combines the lightness and the purity of titanium with the grace of smoother lines that can dress a target both male and female, extremely attentive to the dictates of fashion, but also aware of the wearer’s personality.  The chromatic element plays a major role in the French preview as the classic shades are complemented with unusual colour combinations. The models Blackfin 648 HAMPTON, Blackfin 649 LA CROISETTE, Blackfin 650 WESTRAY e Blackfin 651 EVERBAY feature bright fluorescent edgings and some fronts in « split » colour that give the eyewear a modern and original mood.
The versatility of the Blackfin brand is further confirmed by the model Blackfin 647 MATARO’ which proposes an acetate front and beta titanium temples: a high quality and design eyewear, enhanced with definite colour contrasts and a glossy-matt effect.

To best present their house brand collections, Pramaor exposes the new models in an original exhibition space, born from a detailed analysis of merchandise trails and spaces. Conceived as a large box made of titanium, the stand of the company from Agordo will be built according to the standards of the neomadeinitaly™, using the residual processing material. Finally, on the outside, two facades will carry, besides the company logo, a huge logo of the fortieth anniversary.

neomadeinitaly™ is the choice of development pursued by Pramaor.

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