nouvelle collection de lunettes BIOEYES par PRAMAOR Silmo 2011





September 2011 – The lightness and the flexibility of titanium have always been the distinctive feature of the Pramaor collections, but in the brand Bioeyes this elective material finds its latest expression.


On the occasion of the next edition of Silmo, the company will further expand the range of proposals, introducing eleven new rimless models, thus confirming the brand as one of the most distinguished reference for the ultra-light market segment.

The new proposals represent a line with a neat styling, characterized by an elegant minimalism which matches with the innovative aspect created by the many included technical details very well. To ensure a major strength and flexibility of the frame, some key elements have been totally renewed, starting from the bridge that, now made of beta titanium, has been significantly tapered. All the components of the front have been furthermore obtained by numerically controlled milling machines from a single piece of titanium by an innovative technology, called UNIBLOCK™: This passage allows to eliminate any sign of welding and increase the strength and stability of the eyewear. This revolutionary technology replaces many parts – which in the past were welded together  – with a unique, strong and durable titanium block.


The new Bioeyes glasant collection catches the attention of the market as a perfect combination of advanced technology and high aesthetic harmony. Thanks to the new connection system IDCS™ (Instant and Durable Connection System) patented by Pramaor; as a matter of fact, during the final stage of the production process the temples are assembled with the end piece in a stable and permanent way, without any soldering, significantly expanding the variety of feasible shapes and colours. Taking advantage of this innovation, the Bioeyes glasant range is enriched with original and colourful temples in 0,5 mm beta titanium metal sheet, varnished and with bright anodized colours, obtained by a natural oxidation process of titanium. Among the new ideas there are more sporty models designed for a young and dynamic people, defined by temples made of over-injected rubber, insertions in black carbon fibre and silver glass fibre. More elegant and sophisticated, at last, the rimless eyewear with temple-tips in fine cellulose acetate in the chromatic variations Havana and Horn, or the highly original temples in beta titanium with velvet fabric insertions, available in five different colours, characterized by a combination of shiny metal with a soft velvet finish. Finally, responding to the demands for a major adjustability, also the temple-tips have undergone a complete modification of the internal structure which has made them more comfortable and ergonomic

The Bioeyes eyewear presents a new way to dress your face, wearing a flexible and extremely light frame that at the same time offers a sharp look at the future. At the Silmo 2011, the rimless models by Pramaor introduce the hinge ATOM III™, the third generation of the series, result of a continuous technical research, made of titanium and completely without screws. ATOM III™ offers an unmatched mechanical performance, resisting to over 50.000 opening and closing cycles, never


loosening. A striking achievement, considering  that, whether opening or closing the glasses 10 times a day, you will be provided with an almost 14-years-resistant product. A miracle achieved through the innovative hinge with shock-absorbing package made of MILATON™, a plastic with exceptional features, wear resistant, heat resistant and shock-absorbing even in thin layers. An exclusive patent, owned by the company from Agordo that which has further strengthened its product range, devising innovative solutions for assemblage.


A synonym for style and technology, the new Bioeyes models can boast totally made-in-Italy construction which follows scrupulously the process of renewal called neomadeinitaly™ on the basis of which the company has also conceived and designed the stand that will house collections at the Silmo 2011.





neomadeinitaly™ is the choice that Pramaor pursues.


Bioeyes, Pramaor, neomadeinitaly™, UNIBLOCK™, ATOM™, IDCS™ e MILATON™ are trademarks owned by Pramaor – italian titanium eyewear

UNIBLOCK™, ATOM™, IDCS™ e MILATON™ are technologies covered by patents international held by Pramaor – italian titanium eyewear


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