nouvelle collection de lunettes RYE & LYE


Extraordinarily unique personalities, able to express the one-of-a-kind character of RYE&LYE® in an authentic way. Strong identities that feed on the culture of the past while being won over by the essence of the future and the world around them. RYE&LYE® is a very precious and sophisticated niche collection, dedicated to those who perceive luxury as a sensation, a mood, a way of being. Every model is a tiny jewel in itself, an admirable example of high-caliber design and engineering along with the use of precious materials and details: a design object true and proper that is all about research and experimenting. The RYE&LYE® mark embodies creativity and original thoughts and extremely honors its belonging to both past and present, united more than ever: future-retro where technology and all things virtual require consumers to have a vision of their relationship with objects around them. Silmo 2011 has host the launch of 4 new eyewear models by RYE&LYE® added to the capsule collections of KU TUA and ICIO – 50 ANNI ON THE ROCKS. Africa: flavors, smells, colors, emotions. Free Climbing: touch, method, agility, passion. The new collection follows and challenges at once the strongest nature of great African felines and overwhelming cliffs, displaying this greatness in one-of-a-kind and meaningful products. The pieces in the KU TUA project have been inspired by Africa and the life of Alessandra Soresina, an extraordinary photographer, biologist and journalist who for many years now has been living in harmony with this continent and with the lions that populate its land. The input for KU TUA immediately came from the colors of the African savannah, the adventurous spirit, the worn out wood and burnt soil of this marvellous, fascinating continent. The new creations will win over the public with the detailing of temples made precious with a very fine mother-of-pearl decor. Successfully launched at Mido 2011, 50 ANNI ON THE ROCKS, inspired by Maurizio Dall’Omo, better known as Icio, is presenting an ultra new style borrowing from the audacious world of free climbing. Icio embodies a unique way of facing life, enjoying all big and small emotions and interpreting fashions and trends. CRAGS, or the vertical cracks found on rocky walls, is the name of the new creation in this project: courage and boldness for eyewear, for people who love to push existing boundaries.

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Une Réponse to “nouvelle collection de lunettes RYE & LYE”

  1. lunettes Says:

    C’est vrai que c’est une collection très particuliere, avec un style très affirmé. J’ai eu l’occasion de la voir lors du silmo, et j’ai beaucoup aimé les branches recouvertes de cuir.

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