nouvelle collection de lunettes optique LOIS 2011


Founded in 1962, the brand with the bull logo is the insignia brand of urban Spanish fashion which, in a short space of time, would become one of the best known brands of jeans in Europe. Lois champions alternative street-level trends and targets audacious, energetic, ambitious university students who follow the latest fashions. Lois stands out from the rest because of its creative nature and its capacity to adapt itself to the new tendencies while maintaining it own colourful style.

This season’s new Lois eyewear collection maintains its vintage tendency with the colourful style that is characteristic of the brand. Most noteworthy are the retro-shape models and the search for a flap effect on the sidebars applied using laser, colour or torsion methods. Despite the contemporary look of the collection, there is also a series of models with more classic frames and discreetly printed designs.

The Lois eyewear collection is designed, manufactured and distributed by Optim and can be found in the foremost opticians in Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Czech Republic, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Uruguay.


LS 70213 col. 253

Half-rim metal model for women with rectangular lenses. The flat metal temples have a subtle laser-etched Lois logo. Available in a variety of colours.

LS 70212 col. 262

Full-rim women’s model with metallic rims and acetate sidebars that include a subtle, laser-etched design. Available in a variety of colours.

LS 70222 col. 512

Women’s glasses with acetate rims and moulded metal sidebars that feature colour decoration and a Lois logo made from tiny dots. Available in a variety of colours.

LS 70214 col. 595

Unisex model with acetate rims and metal sidebars. The tortoiseshell front contrasts with the strikingly decorative sidebars. Available in a variety of colours.



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