nouveaux modèles de lunettes solaires UMBRO, BOB L’EPONGE et DORA L’EXPLORATRICE par NOUVEAU EYEWEAR 2011


An autumn filled with news for Nouveau Eyewear! After wowing the audience at Silmo with innovative, colorful collections that are consistently on track with their target market, the US company is once again a star player on the international eyewear industry scene, as it presents the new sunglasses in the Nickelodeon and Umbro collections.

For the younger set, innovations in the sunwear line revolve primarily around the SpongeBob SquarePants  (5-12 years), the most famous sponge in the world, and Dora The Explorer (4-7 years) the bright, curiosity-driven 7-year-old explorer, brands. The Nickelodeon collection – the brand owned by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc., the number one multi-media platform in the world for kids from 2 to 16 years – satisfies adults and children with the colorful, safe styles enhanced with polarized lenses to protect young wearers from damaging UV rays as they pursue their daily adventures.  If new, playful color combinations are style-makers for the SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora The Explorer brands, that doesn’t mean the US company fails to offer products that are carefree and innovative.  These sunglass models are a versatile accessory that combines acetate and soft rubber, providing safe wear and style. Each pair of eyewear bears a reproduction of its namesake cartoon character, and has a special protective coating to ensure the utmost safety for the wearer.

Color and cutting-edge materials are the keywords that identify the new sunglass styles from Umbro, historic brand with long-standing ties to the world of sports. Designed to appeal to a male target between the ages of 16 and 40, Umbro eyewear guarantees the wearer an attractive, bold look, certified by the double diamond logo on every pair.  Innovations that mark this collection tell the story of spectacles with an eye to the future, through the use of innovative combinations of materials and winning tints in shades of green, yellow and white. Innovation, yes, but also style and extreme wearability. The new sunwear styles guarantee excellent wearing comfort, thanks to the temples engineered in TR 90 and the light-weight fronts, essential and minimal in their linearity, for a discerning blend of technology, sporty looks, and style, with the genial refinement of Italian design.

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