nouvelle collection de lunettes de soleil ROBERTO VERINO


Roberto Verino, more sensitive, cosmopolitan and rigorous, is the creator of an essential and timeless style characterised by a wise combination of simplicity and sophistication.

For his new sunglasses collection he combines sobriety, elegance, modernity and functionality. He offers models of large proportions but simple lines and smooth shapes. Among the materials, acetate continues to be the most used with curving and feminine lines for women; while metal models with polarized lenses, square and functional, predominate for men.

Prints, of natural inspiration, in earth tones, green and the omnipresent black, are articulated with the rationale of shapes and with small personal touches. Details stand out in a subtle way on sides worked with laser, dies or inlaid metal plaques and pearls, caressing the face with their very comfortable design.

RV 32150 col.535

Sunglasses of feline inspiration made in acetate and noted for their original sides combined with metal. Suitable for prescription lenses. Available in other colours.

RV 32146 col.524

Sunglasses inspired in the fifties and feline shapes. Made in acetate with details of trim on the sides and the logo inlaid in metal. Available in other colours.

RV 32138 col.512

Acetate sunglasses with square shapes, notable for the inlaid pearl decoration on the front and the perforations in the sides. Can take prescription lenses. Available in other colours.

RV 32140 col.512

Men’s sunglasses with a retro air with acetate front and metal sides to give them a sophisticated touch. Available in other colours. Polarized prescription lenses.

RV 32137 col.203

Metal sunglasses with aviator inspiration, with square lenses and discreet finishes. Available in other colours. Polarized lenses.

The Roberto Verino glasses collection is designed, manufactured and distributed by Optim and can be found in the Roberto Verino shops and in the best opticians in Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Iran, Israel, Tunisia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Uruguay.


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