nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires VICTORIO & LUCCHINO EYEWEAR


Victorio & Lucchino are characterised by their luscious style with a perceptible Andalusian personality. Their lively designs, with a balanced combination of cultures, captivate a sophisticated and elegant customer, a lover of form.

This season they offer a collection of sunglasses with a large square or rounded silhouette, in either acetate or metal. This collection, besides the classic black, shows a dominating warm colour range, watered prints and leather textures which give it great character.

The outstanding aspect of this collection is found in the original finishes with exquisite details and sophisticated mixtures, ideal for those who love to be noticed. The sides are worked with metal details, brilliants and elegant colour contrasts, harmonising with the sophistication of the fronts with their refined beauty.

In short, this is a collection designed to enhance enchantment and sophistication, due to the exclusive designs of this couple from Seville who are able to give expression to a connection between the traditional and long-lasting classics and the changes that come from the trends of the day.

VL 16224 col.521

Maxi sunglasses in acetate with square shapes, noted for the design of the metal sides prepared with dies and worked by laser and adorned with Swarovsky stones. Available in other colours.

VL 16221 col.513

Sunglasses made in acetate and noted for the colour printing on the front and the elegant design around the logo on the sides. Available in other colours.

VL 16244 col.524

Oversize sunglasses in acetate with square shapes. Noted for the decoration on the sides in colour contrast and details of strass on metal.

VL 16245 col.103

Metal sunglasses made with round gradation lenses. Noted for the leather insert detail on the lug and the logo on a round plaque. Available in other colours.

VL 16246 col.212

Sunglasses with wraparound front in a metal structure. Noted for the leather inlay on the front and the lug, made in daring colours. Available in other colours.

VL 16233 col.512

Men’s sunglasses in acetate with a sporty air, inspired in the aviator mode, with rounded shapes and noted for the metal detail on the front. Available in other colours.

The Victorio & Lucchino Eyewear collection is manufactured and distributed by Optim and can be found in Victorio & Lucchino shops and in the best opticians in Spain, Europe, Canada, Middle East, New Zealand and South America.


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