nouveaux modèles de lunettes de soleil OGI EYEWEAR


Luminescent Sun Series


Ogi Eyewear proudly introduces the Luminescent Sun series to its collection of fine crafted sunglasses. Timeless designs light up any situation while reducing the glare of everyday life. Each style boasts a remarkable color palette and is constructed of the finest materials from around the world.

These intriguing sun styles bring together inventive shapes with unique materials. Infusing deep, rich color combinations gives each model a signature of Ogi flair. Ogi Eyewear continues to reinvent themselves by carefully selecting pieces abundant with personality that reflect the youthful image of the brand and its vision of the future.


Key Styles


The 8052 redefines the look of the classic aviator and demands attention. Offering an extensive color palette complimented by gradient lenses, the 8052 provides a modern spin on a vintage style. Available in five colors: Silver, Gold, Brown, Gunmetal and White.


Inspired by new-age ideas, Ogi Eyewear’s 8053 blends a metal construction with accents of acetate surrounding each lens. This sun’s curvature and sleek design configuration reflect the unique characteristics of the Ogi brand. Available in four intriguing color combinations.


Ogi Eyewear introduces a new sunglass, the 8054. Matte translucent shades of gray, tortoise, purple or green interweave with bold fragments to produce a “frosted” appearance. Finished with a glossy interior, the 8054’s oval lenses harmonize with its intricately placed silver embellishments. Available in four unique acetate chop colors: Gray, Brown, Purple and Green.

Ogi Eyewear sun frames include a zipper case and cleaning cloth.




“This collection embodies the vision of Ogi Eyewear Suns by providing colorful, fun alternatives to classic shapes. Whether it’s a relaxing afternoon on South Beach or an exhilarating outing at Mardi Gras, the Luminescent Sun series reflects the consumer’s fashion-forward sense.”

Josh Wyman, Marketing Coordinator


Ogi Eyewear counter cards, large window banners and logo plaques are available.


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