SAFILENS à Munich 2013



Italy’s leading contact lens maker adopts the Munich tradeshow as the official site to launch its Fusion Technology in the European market

The ongoing process of internationalization continues as Safilens opts to participate at OPTI MUNICH for the first time. The Italian firm will be at the prestigious international trade fair – dedicated to the latest trends in the optical industry – to officially launch its innovative Fusion Technology in the European marketplace.

Truly cutting edge, the patented technology grew out of in-depth research into the eye’s anatomy and mechanics with the aim to improve the wellbeing of contact lens wearers.

Insufficient quantity and alteration of the tear film are the primary causes of diseases and discomfort during use of contact lenses. This situation is often the result of a reduction in the number of goblet cells, which then contributes to limited production of mucin. Thanks to their mucomimetic properties, natural substitutes for tear film help maintain and re-establish the pseudo-mucinic component of the tear film, relieving the most common symptoms of Dry Eye.

The extraordinary Fusion Technology is the result of these research efforts and consists in the incorporation of a copolymer made from tamarind-seed polysaccharides (TSP) and hyaluronic acid (HA): the two natural polymers most used in the treatment of the Dry Eye syndrome. As shown by physical-chemical tests, this synergy is able to boost the well-known properties of TSP and HA in their task of hydrating, lubricating and protecting the surface of the eye from mechanical stress caused by contact lenses and thus facilitate the re-growth of epithelial microvilli.

The Fusion Technology line, which includes daily and weekly disposable contact lenses as well as an all-in-one solution, restores the physiological relationship between tear film and ocular surface, thus enhancing contact lens wearers’ quality of life.

The tradeshow in Munich will also be the perfect opportunity to present – the innovative distribution system for Fusion lenses created by Ottiko AG, Safilens partner in German-speaking countries – to the trade press and industry representatives.

This new platform is a website that features a classic win-win approach. On one hand, the optician, through closed circuit access, can view and select various kinds of lenses exclusively online, thus eliminating the need to warehouse stock; on the other, customers can order the products they want through a simple login system. Offering opticians a new sales strategy, relieves some of the logistic burden and also provides customers with an added service.

The platform will be up and running in Switzerland on January 1, 2013 and will be the only distribution system for Fusion lenses in the country. Future Ottiko AG projects also include gradual expansion of the distribution system to other German-speaking countries.

Fusion 1day

Presentation of at OPTI MUNICH – in English and German – is scheduled to take place at the Safilens stand twice a day (at noon and 4 p.m.) during the show.



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