nouvelle collection de lunettes hommes par OGI EYEWEAR 2013


January 2013


Ogi Eyewear launches Evo – Tec, a new sophisticated eyewear collection for the modern male. Men’s ophthalmic frames are the most overlooked category in the market place. Constructed of an exceptionally lightweight new material, these Evo-Tec designs merge the richness and depth of a fine acetate, with the lightweight aspects of titanium. This innovative material offers the customer a truly unique and futuristic eyewear experience. Our proprietary coloring process on this material evokes a sense of unique distinction with an unprecedented aesthetic. The fit and comfort is like nothing you’ve ever experienced with the fine craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Ogi.



Styles: The Evo –Tec collection debuts in 5 styles each available in 4 different color combinations.


Featured Style:

4801 – Soft lines and smooth curves give the 4801’s classic rectangle shape a sleek persona. Designed with a revolutionary, new lightweight material, the 4801 offers impeccable comfort and durability while never sacrificing style. A matte finish with bold color combinations such as tortoise, green demi and blue demi, this Evo –Tec design presents modern sophistication with everyday wear ability.



“Ogi feels men are consistently overlooked in the marketplace. In 2013 we will be focusing on men’s eyewear beginning with the Evo – Tec collection. The transcendent build, adjustable nose pads and lightweight durability will enable a tailored fit for a multitude of generations. We believe the modern male will embrace the Evo- Tec collection as it is sure to become the cornerstone of men’s style.” 

Joe Tallier, VP of Global Sales


Demographic: Modern Male


Merchandising: Ogi Eyewear counter cards, postcards, large window banners and logo plaques are available.



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