lancement de nouvelle lentilles de contact Fusion 1 day ultra comfort disposable de SAFILENS


Fusion 1day

Safilens S.r.L, a division of Gruppo Bruno Farmaceutici S.P.A, today announces the UK launch of their next generation ultra comfort Fusion 1day Contact Lens through their exclusive UK distributor; No 7 Contact Lenses, Hastings, East Sussex.

Thanks to their proprietary Fusion technology™, Safilens have been able to incorporate the two most successful natural polymers used in relieving dry-eye symptoms: Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Tamarind-Seeds Polysaccharide (TSP), creating the potential for an ultra-comfort lens. The new bio copolymer enhances their already notable properties; hydration, wetting, protection of the ocular surface and favoring the regrowth of the epithelial microvilli.

“The sustained and controlled release of the natural muco-mimetic tear film substitutes and minerals out from the Fusion contact lens by eyelid pressure, blinking and body temperature, hydrates and lubricates all the interfaces, offering the greatest potential for improved natural tear film stability; and reducing the risk of wearer drop-out due to dry eye discomfort ” said Alessandro Filippo, research and development head, Safilens.

Fusion 1 day is available in a base curve of 8.6mm at parameters of -0.50/-6.00 (0.25)
-6.50/-12.00 (0.50); +0.50/+4.00 (0.25) +4.50/+7.00 (0.50)

“With the introduction of Fusion 1day Safilens seek to offer our customers an exceptional comfort wearing experience and a new approach for tackling ‘contact lens induced dry eye’ or CLIDE,” said Mr. Filippo.

Maxine Green, Commercial Director for No7 Contact commented, “No7 are delighted to be working with Safilens who bring to contact lenses new, exciting and innovative lens technologies. Fusion 1-Day, with its patented material containing the bi-polymer of hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed polysaccharide, has the real potential to be especially helpful for patients with CLIDE, as well as first-time contact lens wearers and will be a very welcome addition the contact lens fitters armoury in the ongoing battle to maximise comfortable wearing times and reduce the drop-out of our contact lens patients”.

About Safilens®

Safilens is committed to developing innovative vision care solutions, ensuring wearers have ready access to their unique products and forging strong partnerships with eye care professionals. With headquarters in Italy, Safilens innovative products are available in a number of major European markets.

About No7 Contact Lenses®

Established in 1978, No7 Contact Lens Laboratory is a privately owned manufacturing company, based in Hastings, UK. The company develops, licenses, manufactures, distributes and markets contact lenses primarily under the No7â Contact Lens brand directly to Independent Eye Care Professionals and via a distributor network throughout the European Union Countries.

Additional information on the Company may be accessed on the Internet at

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