nouvelle collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR MARS 2013


March 2013

Ogi Eyewear carves an exclusive niche within the world of high fashion with the Natural Instinct Collection, designed to emulate the timeless beauty, multi-tonal color, and tactile textures that one can find in the natural world around us. Each frame exudes a unique essence of personality driven by colorful, organic hues in combination with handcrafted details and patterns. Colorful earth tones, in combination with tactile, wooden textures, create an unprecedented display of character driven eyewear, which allows all customers to access the right fit for their personality.

Featured Styles


The 3112 features soft, organic curves that revitalize the traditional silhouette of a classic P3 shape. Each frame features an emphasized brow, texturized with an innovative “wooden” brushed acetate effect. The crystal and tortoise color combinations blend beautifully to create an unprecedented look that is complimented by the “wooden” texture to establish a naturalistic character. Subtle earth tones such as dark tortoise/antique crystal and black/crystal give the 3112 an intriguing intellect featuring larger lenses and a classic keyhole bridge.


Ogi Eyewear’s 3113 debuts with intriguing color combinations and a distinctive “wooden” appearance that is drawn from the rich color and character found in the minute details of our surroundings. Camouflage color combinations such as red-purple camouflage/blue and orange camouflage/black present a unique color palette for the 3113. Smooth, organic curves complement this acetate design’s semi-rectangular shape to produce an essence of individuality.




“The Natural Instinct Collection was inspired by the worldly traveler, one who sets out to find beauty in the smallest details of all that the world has to offer. The soft, organic shapes, along with the intriguing textural details of each style coalesce beautifully to create a look full of originality and distinction.”

Karly Anderson, Marketing and Design


Ogi Eyewear counter cards, postcards, large window banners and logo plaques are available for purchase.


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