Nouvelle collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR 2013


From small beginnings in 1997 to today’s globally recognized brand, Ogi Eyewear has experienced rapid growth and has refined their vision, while remaining true to their original philosophy. Innovation, originality, quality and value are the pillars that make up the foundation of Ogi Eyewear and are embodied into each frame and every collection. Creating durable handcrafted frames with original, sexy and sophisticated style are what sets Ogi Eyewear apart. The Ogi Evo-Tec Collection utilizes mixed materials in an advanced way, achieving innovation at the forefront of technology. The Seraphin lightweight styles are structured with a stainless steel core enveloped in luxurious Italian acetate, exemplifying originality by infusing classic, vintage shapes with modern materials. Utilizing quality custom hinges, working rivets and a double-laminated steel core, Ogi blends sexiness with sophistication at unparalleled affordability. By emphasizing innovation, originality, quality and value, Ogi has been able to expand its demographic around the globe and gain worldwide recognition.

Featured Styles:

Seraphin Dunwoody

A stylish, classic addition to the Seraphin collection, the Dunwoody features deep hues of acetate with fine silver rivets. Designed with comfort in mind, this rectangular shape is a modern interpretation of vintage classic, made of uniquely thin Italian acetate reinforced with a stainless steel core, which fuses superior strength with lightweight durability. The Dunwoody’s skeleton subtly peeks through the multi-faceted colored temples, while the silver details enhance this traditional frame with superb style.


Seraphin Olympia

The Olympia is a charismatic new addition to the Seraphin collection, calling attention to the unexpected pairing of a classic cat eye style with a modern-day ultra lightweight build. The frame’s foundation is a stainless steel skeleton-like structure encased in transparent Italian acetate, which spotlights stylish color, durability and comfort. This feminine frame is deep-hued and demure while full of personality and punk.


Seraphin Crocus

A glamorous new addition to the Seraphin collection, the Crocus features high-fashion leopard print with a scalloped cat eye that brings vintage flair. The Crocus radiates flirtatious, fabulous and feminine energy with just one glance. The added colored brim on the brow contrasts the luxurious leopard print of the acetate frame in color combos of black leopard, brown leopard, burgundy leopard, and jungle/cream.


Ogi 4803

Smooth curvature and sleek styling unite to present Ogi Eyewear’s 4803. An exemplary piece of the Evo-Tec collection, this vintage round style offers bold sophistication with modern complexity. Pioneering a new era of eyewear, all Evo-Tec styles are created with the latest innovative material. Designed to mimic the feel of titanium, the extremely lightweight 4803 also offers the richness and depth of high quality acétate.



Ogi 4804

Ogi Eyewear debuts the 4804, an exceptional member of the revolutionary Evo-Tec collection. Born of the most innovative material in eyewear, the 4804 presents a unique feel to mimic the characteristics of titanium. With a selection of four color combinations, the 4808’s soft oval shape offers futuristic sophistication for the modern mâle.




“Ogi strives for innovation, originality, quality and value, bringing a sophisticated sexiness to the eyewear industry that is truly individual.”

Joe Tallier, Vice President of Global Sales


Ogi Eyewear counter cards, logo blocks, large window banners, and branded counter cubes are available.


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