Nouveau modèle de lunettes BLAC par BELLINGER HOUSE

Blac+ [Blac plus]
– carbon with a 3D printed front
Blac+ is super cool and lightweight carbon fiber eyewear – now with the added extra – a new cutting edge front. Blac+ is a 3D laserprinted front in PP22 – combined with our carbon fiber temples and held together with our own custom made titanium hinges. Blac+ is the ultimate in eyewear, using an SLS technology that creates an extremely lightweight and strong front with a unique raw texture that adds a new layer of coolness to Blac. Blac+ is a series of Blac frames with the unique 3D printed front – raw, masculine frames – extremely comfortable to wear.


3D technology
– taken to a new level;
Super cool lightweight shade with adjustable carbon temples. Cuttings on the front gives the shape an interesting feature and adding coolness to the frame. This shade is perfect for the man who likes to be a first-mover and who always is updatet on what is hot and cool within new technology.

The lenses in our Blac+ shades is from the German world leading Zeiss company – chosen because they are specialists in high-end, fashion, luxery, sports and technical sunlenses.


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