nouvelle collection de lunettes X-IDE


The new X-IDE collection takes us on a voyage through a world of scents, flavors, sensations and colors that speak of herbs and spices, the latest source of inspiration for Tiziano Tabacchi, creative director of Immagine98.

Making their appearance in the collection are frames that go by the names of Mirto and Alloro [Myrtle and Bay] and blend seamlessly with the mysterious and captivating world of Curry, Zenzero [Ginger] and Cumin. Wasabi transports us to exotic regions further East and then, finally, we set sail for Central and South America, land of Vaniglia, Cacao, and Pepe [Vanilla, Cacao and Pepper]: a sensory trip around the world where we encounter different cultures and glimpse ancient traditions.

This fascinating and mysterious world of heady scents has its roots in far-off times and ancient peoples. Great travels were undertaken in the quest for these products that opened up unexplored – and therefore marvelous – worlds, defining traditions and ethnic cultures. With this collection, X-IDE vicariously transports us to lands where the “gold” of ancient Greece and Rome meets that of the Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs. A journey where the “riches” of the East encounter those of the West…

Our senses: taste, touch, sight and scent, are stimulated and gratified by the colors and aromas of spices that fill the air with an aura of mystery and seduction. And, thanks to their magical charm, these aromas unleash our imagination. The same creative genie that enchanted the X-IDE style office and induced it to bring these sensations and colors to the new collection. Guided by the pen of Tiziano Tabacchi and through the use of color, we embark on a sensory voyage through a world of other times and cultures.
cumino c1
ginger c3

vaniglia c3 B

wasabi c4

zenzero c4

X-IDE eyewear are manufactured by Immagine 98.

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