collection de lunettes AMAZES par la marque X-IDE


Strongly aware of its identity, X-IDE will be taking a mature, complete collection to showcase in Paris that has been studied down to the smallest detail as always, but giving extra attention to its target market. For some seasons now, the age range of the X-IDE public has been expanding. It’s not just young people and young adults who are choosing X-IDE but so are children from the age of 8 up, as well as a more mature public: young adults who have chosen X-IDE ever since it first debuted and are now grown-up, and their children.

Various concepts are embedded in the new X-IDE collection: bespoke projects for all ages. Everything, of course, is done with the stylistic touch of X-IDE: colors, combinations of materials, a focus on details, design and top quality.

Color. Color, as usual, takes center stage. Alongside the bright, deep colors that are typical of the brand, the new collection has also introduced colors that are less intensive and not so bright. Sometimes the purple, fuchsia, sky blue and green are vibrant, other times they are more muted, and some other times they have an iridescent effect, like fresh paintings of an artist.

Combinations of materials. Transparent resin poured over a steel core, silicon with a soft-touch effect used as a protective covering on a metal frame, jeans-covered – this year’s big news – are only a few examples of how the creative flair of X-IDE comes through each time.

Attention to detail. Adjustable end-pieces, lightweight frames, a perfect fit are a sign of all the care that Immagine98 puts into creating eyewear that can cater to everybody’s personal needs.

Design. The new collection features the comeback of some “historical” shapes that led to the success of the brand. They have been reinterpreted in a more modern key, by introducing new, avant-garde concepts benefitting from exclusive technical details studied ad hoc by the X-IDE style department.

Dynamic shapes as in Paprika go alongside the pure and linear styles in the ultra-new collection-inside the-collection in 100% Pure Titanium, such as Ione and Molecola.

Quality. The choice of the materials and the workmanship are all distinctive signs of the maximum attention to quality that has always been a signature feature of all X-IDE products.

The new styles on show in Paris – Assenzio, Lavanda, Paprika, Aneto, Zafferano, Rosmarino and Anice – encapsulate all these features: optical styles for men, women or unisex, where the ingredients of X-IDE’s creativity have been used each time. Alongside these are Cannella and Liquirizia, two styles created specifically for the 8-12 year age bracket. This eyewear is fun and playful thanks to the use of silicon which lets you play with color and ‘build’ the temples. Making it a coveted fashion accessory for people – and for kids too – who sometimes don’t want to wear it!

However, the biggest news this season is the introduction of a noble material in the collection: 100% titanium. The result is 4 exclusive styles that are ultra-light, extremely clean and linear yet solid, strong and flexible. By opting for an exclusive OBE titanium hinge with a stellar joint that uses the “TORX T3” system, the creative team at Immagine98 has been able to create all-titanium frames. With Ione, Molecola, Atomo and Elettrone, X-IDE has succeeded in winning the challenge to create a unique product that melds design, materials and comfort. As always, with X-IDE’s signature taste and colors. X-IDE Titanium is so light you always want to wear it: it’s elastic, non-allergenic and extremely high-tech.

A new campaign with a strong visual impact has been used for all the styles in the new collection. Saturated colors, brush strokes and designs fill the faces of the models wearing the new collection.

ione c3 lavanda c5 molecola c3 paprika c5

assenzio c4


X-IDE eyewear by Immagine 98.

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