nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE modèles 2014


Once again Silmo is a cardinal event for WooDone. In fact, it was in Paris two years ago that the collection made its debut – a collection that in just a few seasons has achieved some very ambitious goals for this Alto Adige-based company led by Thomas Oberegger and Klaus Tavella: 30,000 pair sold in 3,000 stores – 800 of them in Italy – in 36 countries, and participation in numerous industry trade shows.
New is the introduction of a new kind of wood – dark ash – harvested locally in the Alto Adige region and available in 6 exclusive new styles whose sleek, sophisticated aesthetics feature the most contemporary, cutting-edge stylistic details. Special emphasis was placed on the design of the frames, engineered to improve fit and comfort through technical and stylistic advances. Among these is the new, bigger and bolder sidepiece, with layered nosepad and round bridge.
The current collection comprises 19 styles that can accommodate both corrective and sunglass lenses in four wood shades: walnut, acacia, cherry and dark ash. Also available are two special variations: the sparkling Bling and the iridescent Flip-Flop.

All WooDone eyewear is also available in the Bling version featuring a special external covering of galena – a mineral dust from the Dolomite Mountains – that lends the sparkle of quartz and, in sunlight, glitters with thousands of highlights.
The beauty of the ore emphasizes the intense coloration of the wood to create a luxurious accessory guaranteed to deliver spectacular style.

Flip – Flop
Another truly innovative advance in eyewear offered by WooDone is the unique Flip-Flop lacquer that adds color to the frames while maintaining the natural features of the wood, and the essence of the brand. It is not a tint but a lacquer applied to the wood that adds depth to the already cool appearance of the eyewear. Green/yellow and purple catch the light and make it pop, with an almost iridescent effect. Paired with matching mirrored lenses. For a fashion-forward, youthful look.

Technical specs
After months of research and design experimentation, the South Tyrol company’s style and design office successfully solved the riddle of how to bend wooden frames for easy adjustment without breaking them: a special glue. This unique treatment allows the frame to be bent and adjusted to fit by following some easy steps. Applied between the layers of wood that make up each WooDone frame, this glue – if warmed to the proper temperature – allows the wood to be adjusted for better fit. Once the adjustment has been made, the frame cools and then maintains the desired position.

DAVINA 07 side DAVINA 07

LUGUS 07 backWooDone_modello-GUNNA_legno-FRASSINO_SCURO

Website and new ad campaign: the WooDone Family
With an updated and more eye-catching look, optimized navigation and quicker, easier access to content, the new website is now up and running.
The re-designed graphic layout makes it possible to find everything needed to explore the WooDone Family in detail – from available styles to worldwide distribution, and from the press area to images from the ad campaign. The breathtakingly dramatic Lago di Braies setting chosen for the ad shoot captures everyone’s attention and the images fully express the sensation of joie de vivre inherent to the place. The cheerful and growing WooDone Family is portrayed wearing the various styles in the collection in a very relaxed and lively, yet equally sophisticated and tasteful mood. Everyday people – children, teens, adults and almost adults – who personify the WooDone style!

WooDone, done by nature, designed for your eyes.


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