nouvelle collection été 2017 de FYSH UK

FYSH UK Heats Up Spring with its 2017 Sunwear Collection

WestGroupe is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 FYSH UK sunwear collection.

Drawing on FYSH UK’s strong use of color, the 2017 sunwear collection features a mix of styling that captures today’s eyewear trends in bold, colorful hues. Boasting 11 new models, each available in 3 colorways, FYSH UK sun 2017 focuses on the hottest shapes, from oversized cat eye and squares to sleek aviators. All models feature 6-base, CR-39 lenses to ensure easy adaptation to prescription sunwear.
Links Collection: F-2009, F-2010, F-2011

Building on the popular Links collection launched in 2016, FYSH UK adds three new sunwear models for 2017. The cornerstone of the Links collection is a metal insert with a delicate chain link pattern that is inlayed and wrapped around richly hued acetate fronts.

Model F-2009 is an oversized rounded square silhouette constructed of handmade translucent acetate with a pattern inspired by soft, frothy layers of tulle. The metal insert gently wraps around the front profile adding an extra element to the design. The colors are soft, yet rich in tone in a color palette of Brown, Berry and Aqua.

Model F-2010 adds a modern twist to its wayfarer inspired shape with an on-trend dropped bridge. The metal insert compliments the abstract, smoky pattern in the handmade acetate while the oversized eye shape gives an edge to the minimalistic design. The color palette includes Grey Ash, Brown Ash and Teal Ash.

The feminine butterfly shape of model F-2011 is the perfect backdrop for the watercolor inspired pattern of the handmade acetate. The metal insert highlights the front bevel adding an additional element to the design. F-2011 is available in fluid tones of Peacock Brown, Peacock Cobalt and Peacock Berry.


Exotic Glam: F-2018 and F-2019

Drawing inspiration from the ’90s, models F-2018 and F-2019 take us back to the glam looks of the past with sleek metal frames wrapped in leather. F-2018 is a modern aviator with a flattering, slim silhouette, while F-2019 screams modern glam with an oversized square front. An integrated spring hinge keeps the look clean, sleek and comfortable. Adding a rock and roll, exotic edge to these models is the custom leather that is wrapped around the front which highlights the gold or silver metal. Key colorways include Black Boa Silver, Camel Gold, Black Silver and Brown Boa Gold.


Color Blocking: F-2012, F-2013, F-2014, F-2016

Color blocking continues to be one of the hottest trends this season, both in fashion and eyewear. Achieved by a new, patented process that raises the second layer of acetate to the front, the rich 2-tone color blocking on these styles provides a unique layered look.

Available in a 2-tone wood inspired color palette of Black Mahogany, Blue Maple and Brown Oak, the square shape of model F-2012 and the flirty cat eye shape of model F-2013 are accentuated by the pushed acetate that creates a highlighted effect along the edges and front of the frames.

The bold square shape of model F-2014 features more subtle color blocking that combines solid tones and marbled hues. Available in a rich color palette of Black Marble, Burgundy Marble and Brown Marble, model F-2014 is classic elegance.

The rounded shape of model F-2016 is highlighted by linear color blocking on the front of the frame. Smokey transparent hues are seamlessly joined on solid fronts providing for an effect that is similar to backlighting. Available in a captivating color palette of Black Crimson, Black Blonde and Burgundy Grey, F-2016 is a model that is sure to captivate even the most glamorous.


Lacy Details: F-2015, F-2017
With an oversized cat eye shape, model F-2015 is inspired by the fabulous ’50s. F-2015 is made from handmade acetate and features a translucent lace pattern on the front and temples that creates an extremely feminine and refined look. F-2015 is available in rich hues including Black Lace, Brown Lace and Cobalt Lace.

A highlight of the FYSH UK Sun 2017 collection is style F-2017. A sexy, oversized cat-eye shape is brought to life with shimmery, translucent acetate with interwoven metallic thread. Coupled with a stainless steel bridge and temples, F-2017 is the quintessential example of the mixed material trend. Increasing the glamour quotient is a sophisticated palette of Crystal Gold, Crystal Silver and classic Black Gold.The entire FYSH UK Sun collection will be launched globally at MIDO 2017 and will include new merchandising images.


FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

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