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Safilens will attend 100% Optical 2017 to present their latest product news, including fusion 1day presbyo and Open 30 Presbyo, the revolutionary daily and monthly silicone-hydrogel lenses for presbyopia.Presbyo lenses use an innovative afocal design patented by Safilens which is a veritable revolution in contact lenses for presbyopia: the lens is neither multi-focal nor progressive but features a small hyper-refractive central area that keeps paraxial optical rays out of the retinal image.

An afocal lens increases the depth of field and consequently the width of the accommodation range. Furthermore, unlike a multi-focal lens which requires a complex cerebro-ocular adaptation process, no adaptation time is needed, since simultaneous vision is not involved in the process.
The LacriMass™ design allows for non-uniform distribution of the tear film on the outer surface of the lens, increasing its thickness in the peripheral areas, where the major causes of eyestrain arise. The lens also benefits from the revolutionary fusiontechnology™: the combined action of hyaluronic acid and TSP (Tamarind Seeds Polysaccharide) normalizes and stabilizes the physiological relationship between the tear film and the surface of the eye, providing the wearer with natural, lasting comfort.
The result is a lens with extraordinary performance features: the afocal design guarantees stable, clear and well-defined images under any light condition. Unlike multi-focal lenses in fact, an afocal lens uses more than 90% of the light to put an image into focus and is not influenced by poor lighting or the dimension of the pupil.
Last, an afocal lens does not have any addition areas and therefore does not cause any aberrations that are typical with multi-focal lenses.
Simply put, Safilens-patented afocal design truly offers limitless vision without compromises!

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