collection de lunettes KLiiK denmark

KLiiK denmark January 2017 releases

Style is more than just a look, it is an attitude! KLiiK denmark translates the boldness of the Northern European design into 4 new original and easy to wear styles for the winter season. Inspired by Scandinavian design and key fashion influences, each frame combines top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology with surprising edgy color combinations, original finishes and subtle patterns.

K-572 won’t go unnoticed thanks to the colored epoxy brushed onto the brow and the temples, which has been baked to produce a crinkly, textured cracked ice finish. The shiny silver bridge and eyewire provide an eye-catching contrast to the colored brow and temples, adding a contemporary feel to this unique style. K‑572 is available in a beautiful color palette of Honey, Sangria, Turquoise and Black.


K-573 is a semi-rimless stainless steel frame with a clean, sporty look. The laser cut wrap-around end piece elevates the simplicity of the front, while the step color block on the outside and the inside of the temples adds a subtle touch of color. Style K-573 combines masculine neutrals with vivid pops of color as seen in today’s menswear trends: Black Yellow, Navy Orange and Grey Blue.


Model K-585 offers a contemporary twist on a 90s style. This vintage inspired frame features a thin metal construction – a quieter contrast to the heavier frames in the market – and an iconic oval shape that creates an understated yet extremely sophisticated look. The delicate laser etched pattern on the bridge and the temples provides an interesting design element, while the color contrast gives the frame a modern appeal. K-585 is available in Black Red Demi, Cherry Black and Brown Demi.


With a retro inspired round eye shape – the hottest eyewear trend for 2017 – model K-588 will delight the stylish consumer in pursuit of originality. The 2-tone abstract pattern, transferred by pad printing, brings attention to the metal frame and is completed by a high gloss epoxy lacquer for a smooth, ultra-shiny finish. K-588 is available in a variety of up-to-the-minute colors including Black Silver, Brown Champagne, Turquoise Black and Burgundy Pink.


KLiiK denmark is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

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