collection de verres solaires ESSILOR été 2017



March 2017 – Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, launches its new Spring/Summer 2018 collection of sun lenses which has been created in collaboration with Peclers Paris, the well-known trend-forecasting firm.

Essilor® Sun Solution™ Spring/Summer 2018 collection focuses on two themes: VITAL and TELLURIC and offers an attractive range of sophisticated and trendy shades and effects, which come together to deliver performance and style.

Vital: return to the essentials
Vital expresses the desire to live at a slower pace, renewed in an approach to well-being that is both extremely basic and hedonistic. A woman living in the city in a typically urban environment will nevertheless want to stay connected to nature and secure a personal garden of Eden. Changing and energizing effects of natural light, rich effects rooted in the world of vegetation and micro-organisms… an esthetic guided by living things in all forms and states, seen through the filter of sophisticated design. This esthetic also adds purity and modernity to traditional nature imagery.

The Vital has been translated into 3 main tonalities:
YELLOW GREENS, a small range of yellow and light green colors with a tint of brown for an infused effect
NUDES, natural skin colors for tone on tone effects between lenses and face
FADED FLOWERS, a peony bouquet range in pink and apricot tones for a discreet, cute and fresh touch of color

Vital trend has also inspired some magnificent Couture designs: Pacific Nature and Wood Stripes.

Telluric: powerfully magnetic
Telluric peaks of the fascination for extreme nature. The focus is on the awe-inspiring, powerfully magnetic, quasi magical properties of nature. This story’s esthetic combines intensity and raw magic. Its colors, materials and decors seem to overflow with an almost supernatural dimension and a rough and graphic neo-tribal spirit charged with mysterious symbolism. It also offers a sublimated image of upcycling.

The range of Telluric lens colors covers 3 very magnetic hues:
INTENSE RED, a line that exudes intensity and depth, symbolic colors with a mirror effect, shiny effects inspired by the color codes in sports and performance
DEEP BROWNS, earth tones, used with sophisticated, graphic or transparent effects, for new expressions of black
NIGHTTIME TURQUOISE, intense aqua color. The classic turquoise colors are expressed in midnight color tones, deeper and darker

Telluric has also inspired Powerful Electric Couture designs named Abstract Bolts

Triptyque-Fashion (version internet low definition)

Essilor® Sun Solution™ believes that its Spring/Summer 2018 collection will offer its clients a burst of inspiration and originality that will enhance their creations.
Enjoy the beauty of a new experience that goes beyond the ordinary!” – Christophe Mayet, VP Marketing at Essilor® Sun Solution™ Division.

Rediscover the beauty of colors and complete protection:


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