collection de lunettes « ART DECO » par OKIA MIDO 2017


OKIA launches “Art Deco”, a surprising new collection that once again shows and highlights the extraordinary possibilities offered by the patented HDA® Technology in terms of creativity and eyewear design.

As a result of the ongoing research and improvement of this globally known technology, the “Art Deco” collection combines the high quality and impact resistance of High Definition Acetate with a unique design concept inspired to the popular art deco style.
Smooth lines, geometric shapes and bright, sometimes garish colours in repetitive patterns: these were the key features of Art Deco – the celebrated art movement that aimed at giving objects a futuristic look – and these same design elements can be found in the new OKIA collection, which is all about elegance and sophistication.
Thanks to the application of the HDA® Technology, countless triangular patterns are mixed together inside the acetate and create an attractive combination of quirky and vivid colours. The infinite crossover of clean-cut stripy motifs and plain colours produces an impressive visual effect that brings attention to the frame and makes it look like an artwork.

Just like Art Deco artists, OKIA has developed a collection that is simultaneously taking from the past and looking to the future with a distinctive style that grips the consumer’s imagination. Dedicated to men and women who love new ideas and experiences, “Art Deco” is the real must-have for the coming months, a proposal that won’t go unnoticed thanks to its sleek and contemporary appeal.

Art Deco (3)

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