collection de lunettes ROBERT RÜDGER 2017


The research and quality of materials, the attention to detail and the design dedicated to perfection and beauty are all hallmarks of Robert Rüdger, the eyewear brand produced by Area98 thanks to its collaboration with the legendary designer, Rudi Himmelfreundpointner and Elisio Tessaro, the company’s Art director.

True to the brand’s DNA and inspiration, the new collection is both sophisticated and extremely up-to-date, proposing models which, as always, offer hidden stylistic and technological solutions to real eyewear masterpieces.
Characterised by clean lines and sober colours, the new frames play with different materials and thicknesses, creating unique and refined designs. Alongside the high-quality materials that have always distinguished the brand – wood, horn, titanium and carbon fibre – we can now find the exclusive HDCA, Hard Density Cellulose Acetate, a formulation of innovative and extremely light acetate, characterised by a denser molecular structure that gives eyewear increased strength and flexibility, which allows for even finer processing techniques and extraordinary comfort.
Some frames have wide and squared shapes, which are combined with a reduced thickness that ensures lightness, while others give way to vintage-inspired smooth and rounded lines.

A minimalist but refined look for the RR040 and RR041 models, with an extremely subtle front in HDCA acetate and lightweight temples in the same or a contrasting colour. The second proposal, with a double metal bridge, is also available with mirrored blue sun lenses.

The same choice of materials and thicknesses provides a modern appeal to the retro-inspired RR042 frame: the rounded front and keyhole bridge take on a high-tech quality thanks to the use of HDCA acetate and a subtle profile. This model also includes a version of sunglasses with clip-on mirrored gold or silver sun lenses.


An HDCA acetate keyhole bridge and front for the wide RR043 square frames, distinguished by a singular cut on the temple and highlighted by bright contrasting colours.
Of course, there are also the models in titanium, such as the refined RR044. Its subtle profile and clean lines provide an elegant and sober look, made fresh and up-to-date with the use of two colours. This model is also available with mirrored gold sun lenses.
For the professional who likes to stand out with style there is the RR045 model, with its square frames entirely made from horn, embellished with a thin titanium profile that outlines the top of the front. This model is available in three different colour variations according to the natural shade of the material.


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