collection de lunettes ÛX par X-IDE 2017

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UX by X-Ide, the young line by Immagine 98, introduces a new collection featuring clean, eye-catching lines, sure to meet the needs of the younger set.
Without losing sight of the values of Made-in-Italy craftsmanship the brand is known for, UX is synonymous with an assertive, glamorous flair, in step with the latest trends and designed for all occasions.
These new styles are crafted for those who value high quality and excellence, features evident in the workmanship of all the frames, built with passion and perseverance in the quest for new materials and finishes.

The feminine Alice and Noemi styles frame the eyes with a sophisticated and slightly cat-eye silhouette. The former comes in purple, green, fuchsia and blue, and the latter in black, tortoise-shell, purple and blue. Alice, with its injected plastic front conveys a playful, feminine style, the perfect complement to any outfit. With its cleaner, more classic lines, Noemi lends the wearer an air of mystery

The frames for men, Fulvio and Gioele, come in two different shapes, one generously-sized and barely-squared, available in black, green, blue and red, has a modern, intellectual appeal; and the other, with a keyhole bridge and round lenses, in more classic colors, perfectly in keeping with today’s appetite for all things vintage.

UX by X-Ide collection Immagine 98

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