nouvelles collection SUPERFLEX KIDS pour garçons

Launching September 2017

Superflex Kids winks at the past with the Back to School 2017 collection! Everything old is new again with a retro themed collection that is stocked with popular acetates and colorful, detailed metals. Designed with real kids in mind, all Superflex Kids models come with spring hinges for increased flexibility and durability so that kids can be their exuberant selves without the fear of damaging their eyewear.

For the boys, Superflex Kids launches three new acetate models that are definitely too cool for school.

The trendy wayfarer inspired shape is accented by diamond shaped rivets on the front, maintaining the retro appeal of this acetate design. The multi-layered coloring of the acetate adds a sense of fun in colors such navy white toffee, black white yellow and brown white blue grey.


SFK-174 is a classic with a modern twist! Inspired by the iconic retro-wingtip styling seen in the 50s, SFK-174 is made modern by a two-tone TR-90 matte finish front that is contrasted by stainless steel temples. The cool factor of this dropped bridge frame is amplified by the bright color combinations including black red, blue orange and chocolate lime.


Nothing square about this pair! The snazzy rectangular shape of this triple laminate acetate frame is highlighted by interesting design elements. Laser cuts on the front end piece and temple bring forth the brightly colored middle layer, creating a sporty, 3D effect. SFK-176 comes in navy red, black white and grey lime.


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