collection de lunettes COCO SONG AWARD 2017






The official presentation of the prototypes created by the finalists of the first edition of the Coco Song Award was held in the exclusive Radicepura park in Giarre (Catania). The competition, which was sponsored by Area98 in collaboration with Harim Accademia Euromediterranea, offered talented young designers the opportunity to give their own interpretation of the famous Coco Song collection.


The four finalists – Selene Cassarino, Roberta L’Episcopo, Carla Vinci and Davide Mazzaglia – plus Rossella Leanza (who had previously not made it to the finals but has been given another chance after Roberta Pinna’s project unfortunately turned out to be unfeasible) undertook a distance internship with Area98, during which they were assisted in the production of a prototype of a colour variant of the sunglasses that they designed, which was then unveiled at the Academy’s year-end fashion shows.


The students were delighted that after months of work, they were finally able to see the fruit of their artistic imagination. The company was also extremely enthusiastic about the development of the project. Elisio Tessaro, Art Director and Marketing Manager of the Coco Song brand, commented: “The finalist students put an extraordinary amount of work into the project, thanks in part to the support of the teachers at Harim, and it is also a great pleasure for us to see them achieve so much. The ideas devised by these young, original minds have reassured us that Coco Song still has a long creative history that is yet to be written and also that we can take the company in new, different directions.” The project generated numerous ideas: from the use of alternative materials such as bamboo and high-quality types of paper, to new decorations and details such as embroidery to add to the silks already used in the collection, to the development of unusual, original forms.


The finalist projects will be evaluated for their level of uniqueness, wearability and merchantability, as well as for their alignment to the brand’s reference target and the overall quality of the product from its design to its creation.

The winner of the Coco Song Award will be named by 9 October 2017 at Silmo and Area98 will produce the winning glasses, giving due credit to their designer, who will sign the project. Tessaro adds: “We will probably also include other projects that made a particular impression on us in this limited edition. Without doubt the success of this competition – including in the media and among our clients – has made us determined to follow up on this initiative, so we are already exploring possible development ideas.”


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About Harim Accademia Euromediterranea

Harim Accademia Euromediterranea, based in Catania, offers professional training in fashion, jewellery-making, photography, interior design, product design and communication. Its main goal is to make the Mediterranean a new creative hub and thus to demonstrate the impact that design and fashion can have on cultural and economic well-being in the whole Mediterranean area.


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