collection de lunettes WOODONE SILMO 2017


WooDone, the South Tyrolean brand of eyewear inspired by the breathtaking Dolomite mountain scenery, expands and enhances its collection with the market debut of the Titan Wood Collection.


The Titan Wood Collection is a distillation of elegance and tailored craftsmanship. By skillfully pairing wood from the Dolomites with titanium, WooDone creates cutting-edge styles with a sophisticated, contemporary vibe. With a reinforced front and temples in ultra-light titanium, the eyewear in the Titan Wood Collection are designed for both men and women.


Kian is made of maple wood and stained with the colors of wine; it is the perfect alliance between two luxurious materials like wood and titanium. Unexpectedly light and comfortable, it illuminates the wearer’s face with the warm, radiant color of grapes from the Alto Adige. Also available in other colors and types of wood.


Wood, star player and soul of the brand, combines with titanium, used to create the temples. The result is exquisite, eye-catching styles that lend added luster to a collection known for its attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship.


For the new season, WooDone revitalizes and refreshes the Metal Wood Collection, composed of 8 styles, available in both sunglass and prescription versions, offering light weight while featuring fashion-forward shapes. The frames in this line weigh a mere 14.5 grams and are equipped with flex hinges that ensure ideal comfort and fit on all types of faces.


Ellie is made of dark ash and varies in appearance from one frame to another, thanks to the veins in the wood that vary depending on the annual growth rings formed by the tree.


A style for all occasions, with double bridge in gold, it strikes just the right balance between rustic and elegant for an unmistakably sophisticated style statement. Also available in various types of wood.


The brand’s new collection stays true to its identity while expanding the array of products available to the public with a fresh use of materials that are combined with wood, the brand’s natural, iconic element.

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