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Unique models that bear the name of famous international neighborhoods. With the Salone del Mobile just around the corner, the model to show off bears the name of the most dynamic neighborhoods in Milan, in terms of creativity and experimentation

On the occasion of Mido, Som Eyewear presented a collection with a globetrotter soul: objects that express personality of the wearer, enhance it and at the same time nourish its expressive power. Accessories with a soul, a story and tradition to tell, made of details and craftsmanship, skillfully mixed imagined and created of being, thinking and living everyday life. Seven product families that bear the name of famous neighborhoods scattered throughout Europe and the world.

The Salone del Mobile at the gates and the whole constellation of events that pay tribute to it is the perfect opportunity to present the models of the Milan family – “Tortona”: a former industrial district of Milan, today one of the most dynamic in the city, in terms of creativity and experimentation, lively cosmopolitan and multifaceted, all values that we find in the models of the collection.

The old factories, the buildings with exposed bricks now transformed into showrooms, lofts and art galleries: the Tortona district in Milan is where you have to go to feel the scent of art and beauty. An area of industrial ferment in the 1960s, Tortona is today the international district, where fashion, creativity and design are the watchwords for those who cross it.

Eyewear becomes an accessory of belonging: the wearer feels a citizen of the world, part of something bigger. The journey, in all its dimensions that forms and educates and leads to greater self- awareness.





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