The new communication campaign of Coco Song, a famous eyewear brand known all over the world for its inspiration based on oriental contents, colors and atmospheres, is a true hymn to femininity in all its forms.


The protagonists of the new shots are the colors and the reference to the natural world, to directly evoke the same elements that have made the success of Coco Song over the years. The “fil rouge” of the collection are the bold and brilliant colors, which are found in the silks and natural inserts of the frame, passing through the eyes and lips of the photographed woman, up to the colorful feathers of the moving bird in the foreground. These innovative color combinations light up the look of the Coco Song woman, allowing her to give voice to her individuality with determination and refinement. They are perfect for those who love to dare and are searching for an exuberant look.


The flight of the little bird, represented in the new image in an authentic explosion of colors, is itself an emblem of elegance and freedom, recalling the feathers and other natural elements that have always characterized Coco Song glasses. The silk prints that decorate the frames are like a veil in caressing even the body of the model who is the protagonist of the shots: a refined detail to tell about the imaginary journey among distant and mysterious countries through which each Coco Song model leads us, also thanks to the application of decorations in chiseled metal and semi-precious stones.


That’s when the new Coco Song campaign becomes the full expression of the brand’s philosophy: a surprising mix of colors and details conceived for the woman who wants to feel unique and enhance her own femininity through handcrafted masterpieces to wear like real jewels.



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