6 novembre 2019
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A Look Back At The Sama Eyewear and Blue Sphere Foundation Charity Event

Blue Sphere Foundation works to safeguard the planet’s oceans, halting the destruction of threatened marine species and habitats. They go where there are urgent threats and critical resource gaps, and act quickly to establish the necessary groundwork for others to join in. They believe art and media are essential tools to spark curiosity and inspire action, and it is therefore an integral part of everything we do.

The Sam Vance Foundation was established in 1997 by Sheila Vance in memory of her son Sam, who lost his life to heroin experimentation while a nineteen-year-old college freshman at U.C.L.A. Determined to turn her son’s passing into a positive force for change, The Sam Vance Foundation was the motivation behind Sheila Vance’s return to the optical industry and the inspiration behind Sama Eyewear.

The best place to find cult LA brands happens to be nestled elegantly in the heart of Melrose Avenue. Church Boutique is a leader in West Hollywood’s avant-garde fashion culture and it is here at this pricey, exclusive, and contemporary shrine you will discover the most understated yet stimulating environment for fashionistas. Attracting celebrities, stylists and photographers from all over the world, Church offers clothing from over 50 cutting edge designers that hang from old pipes, rope, and splintered wood.
A lot has been said about Loree Rodkin… This Global Nomad has had three immensely successful careers all by accident! Rodkin, born in Chicago, was raised on a heavy diet of aesthetics. Her three careers have ranged from designing the homes of rock stars, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart amongst a host of other rock glitterati. She then became a talent manager, launching the careers of young unknowns —Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker to name just a few. Loree’s passion for making jewelry landed her Elizabeth Taylor as her first client. Since those early days Rodkin has gone on to design intricate pieces for such icons as Madonna, Steven Tyler, Elton John, Cher (her best friend) and countless others. She also had the honor of designing First Lady Michelle Obama’s inaugural jewelry; those pieces now reside in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.

Actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Maggie Q has always been at the forefront of the fight against animal cruelty and global warming. In fact, on World Animal Day, The Body Shop and CrueltyFree International were joined by actress, activist and entrepreneur Maggie Q to bring 8.3 million signatures against cosmetic animal testing to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to create a global framework to end animal testing while advancing the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda.

On July 31, everyone came together at Spring Place Beverly Hills  to raise money for a great cause. We thank everyone who donated, worked and volunteered at this event and made a a success.

collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA

30 octobre 2019

Xavier Garcia Eyewear A/W 19

Avant-garde design, where craftsmanship meets innovation.


Xavier Garcia’s renewed identity does not forget its origins.

The essential values are three: craftsmanship, avant-garde design, innovation.

The AW 19 collection combines craft know-how with experimentation. The essence of the brand shines through every single piece of the collection, in their bold lines, vivid colors and high-quality laminated materials. The collection reinterprets the brand’s core values with the word future in mind, elevating its aesthetics and authorship through creative and original solutions. Together with refined colour ranges and synthetic design, the introduction of titanium as the emblematic material of the collection takes the brand to the next level, communicating the search for functionality and wearability that has always distinguished its philosophy.




The Brand

Inside Xavier Garcia’s universe: Innovative ideas for avant-garde craftsmanship and design.

Xavier Garcia believes in audacious design that enhances the materials, form and colour of his products. The aesthetics of Xavier Garcia evoke a deep sense of clarity, elegant simplicity and taste, intensified by an attention to craftsmanship always receptive to different forms of experimentation.

The brand is in constant dialogue with the charm and innovation of Barcelona, a metropolitan city, rich in innovation, entrepreneurship and history. For several years Xavier Garcia has been cultivating an increasingly intense bond with the city, its culture, its creative scene and its strong design sensibility.

collection de lunettes SERAPHIN par OGI Eyewear

23 octobre 2019

Seraphin – Seasonal Shapes


Ogi Eyewear is happy to share their most recent collection from Seraphin: five brand new frames, each brazen with detail and unique hues, very appropriate as we move tantalizingly closer to the fall season.



Deep in enriching color varietals, the Arbour radiates an almost heart-stopping presence. A sharply winged shape reveals carved edges that lead to a fleck of metal within the hinge piece. Entrancing in every detail, the Arbour invites any for a closer look.



We’re heating things up with the Hanley. With the acute application of heat to the rim, a purposeful twisting pattern finds itself concocted into the brow. Complete with Seraphin’s designer stamped hingepiece, the Hanley never stops innovating.



True vintage experiences a rebirth in the Knoll, nodding to the utilitarian design of the late 1920s when minimalism and metal reigned supreme. Properly built up shielding around the rim adds history and sophistication whereas the universal sized bridge creates a comfortable fit, lending the Knoll to all aspects of Seraphin’s key design elements.



The Nash brings a full smattering of design choices and stylistic moves to the latest Seraphin collection. From patternly temples and micro acetate tips to the reinforced acetate brow line, the Nash tests the limits of forward-thinking design.


Embracing size and scale, the aptly-named Opus swells with grandeur in its robust size and seemingly sheer make up. Thickly crafted acetate leaves an open canvas for deep and brooding hues, evoking artistic inspiration throughout the Opus.

Collection FW 19 par la marque MODO

21 octobre 2019
The new season is finally here – introducing the FW19 Collection!


Designed with slim silhouettes and innovative yet simple constructions, this minimalistic collection is everything you could ask for.


Go on and shop the lightest optical frames in the world!

INVU miroir magique

18 octobre 2019




INVU lance son miroir magique révolutionnaire!


Afin de mieux mettre en valeur ses verres ultra-polarisants, Swiss Eyewear Groupa associé la toute dernière innovation en matière de technologie LCD avec un miroir à la fois élégant et haut de gamme. Il en résulte un formidable testeur de polarisation pour les opticiens qui permet aux clients de faire une expérience unique avec les verres ultra-polarisants INVU tout en sélectionnant leur monture solaire INVU préférée, et ce, grâce au même miroir.

Ce miroir  est un vendeur silencieux hors-pair pour tout opticien désireux de profiter de la demande toujours plus importante de verres polarisants » dit Olivier PETITFILS, Directeur Général d’ADCL, distributeur officiel de la marque INVUsur le marché français. « Au cours de ces 5 dernières années, la marque INVU s’est imposée en France comme un leader des verres polarisants avec un excellent rapport qualité – prix, et cette innovation majeure ne pourra que la conforter dans cette position. »

ADCL présentera cette gamme de miroirs magiques high-tech  en même temps que la toute nouvelle collection de solaire INVU 2020.



Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG est une société privée basée à Zurich, inscrite au registre du commerce du canton de Zurich, en Suisse. INVU est une marque déposée par Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG et distribuée dans 95 pays dans le monde.


nouveaux matériaux BIO pour lutter contre la pollution des plastics

16 octobre 2019




“BD8 – Bio Plastics” is a 100% bio-degradable plastics which can be naturally broken into carbon, water and bio mass. In a world where approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans every day, “BD8 – Bio Plastics” offers an eco-friendly solution: millions or even billions of eyewear and other products can be made of a bio-degradable plastics which can be absorbed by the organisms and enrich the soil on decomposition. “BD8 – Bio Plastics” is lightweight, durable, crystal clear, hypoallergenic and good for any colors, designs or patterns.


BD8 can be used to realize not only eco-friendly frames but also a full range of other eyewear products aiming to build a more sustainable future of the eyewear industry.

One of the BD8 products is “Bio Polybag”, a bio-degradable plastic eyewear bag which can be naturally broken down in 5 years. With a high tensile and impact strength, this crystal clear product comes as the best alternative to oxo-degradable plastic eyewear bags, as it can completely biodegrade into carbon, water and bio mass without leaving any plastic fragments behind.

Another product deriving from BD8 is “Bio Lens”, a revolutionary 100% bio-degradable lens that can be naturally decomposed into landfill, leaving behind carbon, water and organic matter. Bio Lens will start to bio-degrade in 10+ days, and takes five years to biodegrade in soil. Besides offering supreme comfort and performance, this sustainable lens meets optical standard, features high impact resistance and can be used for both clear and sun lenses. It can be adapted to any styles, shapes, curvatures and sizes and matched with any kinds of coating. 100% UV protection is granted for the sun version.

Bio Lens

For more information about BD8 products’ properties and advantages, facts and figures about worldwide pollution and interesting tips about how to try to save the environment, please visit

collection de lunettes WOODYS BARCELONA

14 octobre 2019
Bienvenue au Woodys Hotel, où nous présentons notre nouvelle collection.

Entrez et découvrez-la!

collection de lunettes BLACKFIN autonne 2019

9 octobre 2019


Septembre 2019 – Style, élégance, personnalité : voici la nouvelle collection de montures de vue Blackfin One pour l’automne 2019. Elle a comme dénominateur commun la couleur, présente dans tous les modèles en créant d’harmonieux jeux chromatiques sur ce matériau noble qu’est le titane. La collection va des modèles pour homme à d’autres unisexes en passant par certaines lunettes résolument féminines, au design à la fois classique et surprenant, souligné par des détails techniques novateurs issus d’une fabrication haut de gamme et d’une qualité irréprochable.

Blackfin One est le label qui identifie la collection principale où réside tout l’ADN de la marque.

Parmi les nouveautés, Bayou, une monture d’inspiration pantos avec de grands verres ronds et un pont en bêta titane super flexible à l’instar des branches. Elle est proposée dans des coloris masculins – bleu foncé combiné avec du rouge vif, noir ou bleu nuit – ou dans des teintes plus féminines comme le rose poudre ou le bleu nuit associé avec du magenta.

Le même détail technique – le pont soudé en bêta titane – pour Winter Harbor, un modèle masculin aux lignes sculptées et aux fortes épaisseurs soulignées par du noir avec du vert lime, du bleu foncé avec du rouge vif, du bleu nuit, du vert olive ou du noir. 

Dans la gamme de modèles avec face enrichie de reliefs, voici Lynn Haven avec des cercles arrondis et une ligne sourcilière en contraste qui s’allonge légèrement en créant une forme harmonieuse et féminine, rehaussée par le choix des couleurs : moka mat/magenta, argent brillant/or champagne, rose poudre/vert marin, argent brillant/noir, bleu foncé/rouge bourgogne.

Rappelant la ligne sourcilière allongée mais avec des cercles plus carrés, le modèle Bayside, souligné par des coloris pastel épais contrastant entre l’intérieur et l’extérieur de la monture : rouge vénitien/violet prune, bleu foncé/turquoise clair, bleu nuit/rose, magenta/violet prune ou tout noir.

Valdez surprend également par sa forme arrondie, atténuée par un nez droit et deux légères arêtes qui interrompent la linéarité des cercles. Proposé lui aussi en pleine couleur, le modèle se décline en bleu nuit/canon de fusil, noir, rouge vif/bleu foncé, bleu vif/gris canon de fusil, noir/or champagne.

Toutes les montures Blackfin One sont dotées des nouvelles plaquettes tilting nose pads et des nouveaux manchons Swordfish au design ergonomique.

collection de lunettes FRENCH RETRO 2019

7 octobre 2019
French Retro est de retour avec de nouveaux modèles uniques, pour accompagner votre rentrée
La réussite est le seul mot que nous avons à la bouche, et c’est ce que nous pouvons vous souhaiter de mieux pour cette reprise !

collection de lunettes KOMONO OPTICAL SILMO 2019

1 octobre 2019

SILMO 2019




For its Fall/Winter 2019 optical campaign, KOMONO explores the theme of the double and undoes the notion of a fixed identity. The campaign consists of a series of double portraits with each image being an almost exact replica of the other, creating a hybrid body of work which references a more complex reality.


Unexpected contrasts of visual details are characteristic of both the acetate and metal series, and open up the collection to multiple readings. Introducing KOMONO’s most slender frames to date, the Slim series is a reconstructed copy of some of the brand’s most celebrated styles, suited for smaller faces. Meanwhile, the inclusion of feverish colors such as an iridescent Dreamy, a double-layered Thunder and a dark-pitched Midnight blue adds for an unusual tension.


Distinguished by a progressive approach to form, construction and surface, the KOMONO Fall/Winter 2019 optical collection is its most substantial yet.




For more information about KOMONO, please visit