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22 juillet 2019

Essilor® Sun Solution™ No Ordinary story




The students Anne and Marie-Eve decided to travel across Latin America for six months by bike to support business creation through solidarity financing
July 2019 – Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to plano sun lenses, is ready to announce the new No Ordinary story « 6.000 KM for microfinance ». This is a “No ordinary” sport experience but with a special message related to human rights: Anne and Marie-Eve are two French students who decidedto devote their gap year to travel 6.000 km from Colombia to Argentina and meet Micro-Credit organizations and project owners in order to support local poor people to access business creation through solidarity financing.

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Essilor Sun Solution lenses technology: E-Sun™ Varia™
Eyewear brand partner: Ryders Eyewear



Traveling across Latin America by bike and supporting business creation through solidarity financing? This is the challenge accepted by Anne and Marie-Eve, both of whom have devoted their gap year to this project. Solidarity financing consists of providing access to credit to those excluded from the usual and formal financial services. It’s credit based on trust because Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) do not require a bank guarantee. This credit is granted to people who want to start their own business; MFIs then offer to assist and train them.
For six months, Anne and Marie-Eve traveled more than 6,000 km by bicycle between Colombia and Argentina. They went to meet microfinance institutions and micro-entrepreneurs to promote this very effective financing solution. Thanks to this means of transport, they were able to meet typical local communities, share, discover the world and learn about themselves and others.
This project took place in four stages: identifying local institutions specialized in microfinance; supporting entrepreneurship by providing financial support; meeting with institutions and entrepreneurs and, finally, sharing their stories.
A real challenge for these two go-getters! Discover their No Ordinary story.


collection de lunettes EVATIK Summer 2019

24 juin 2019



Premium materials and architectural design elements are combined in the new EVATIK summer releases. Fine detailing and subtle pops of color create a minimalistic polished and refined style for today’s modern man.

Semi rimless style E-9192 is a titanium round frame with a stylized hinge in contrasting color that acts as a spring hinge for added comfort. Ultra thin and ultra lightweight, this style is offered in black silver, brown silver and charcoal silver.

Style E-9193 is a large fit stainless steel frame featuring a cut down design at the bridge and a chain-link detail in contrasting colors on the temples. Completed by a matte finish, this style comes in black grey, slate red and khaki camel.

Nouvelle collection de lunettes MATERIKA Silmo 2017

22 septembre 2017



nouvelle collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR

18 septembre 2017

Emerging Trends: Minimalism Reimagined by Red Rose


MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Building upon a rich heritage of minimalistic design, Red Rose is teeming with excitement to announce the arrival of its Fall 2017 lineup. This collection showcases a whole host of new styles that utilize revolutionary high-density acetate and industrial-quality stainless steel. Headlined by the Carrara and Diamante, these models blend classic silhouettes with contemporary colorways, and achieve a sleek and simple aesthetic with subtle details and original components. Reimagining optical solutions for the modern minimalist, Red Rose’s Fall 2017 collection introduces timeless eyewear that responds to an emerging desire for considered design with a pared down look.


The Carrara

This fiercely feminine cat-eye frame features a softly-upswept silhouette handmade from translucent high-density acetate—an ultra-lightweight material with extreme durability. The Carrara’s pastel colorway incorporates some of the season’s coolest hues, including Aloe Green and Rose Dust. Stainless steel temples with a crosshatched pattern add visible texture, while adjustable tips—wrapped in acetate and capped with the iconic Red Rose emblem—elevate the comfort and style of this contemporized vintage-style frame.


The Diamante

The latest P3 frame introduced by Red Rose, the Diamante was masterfully designed with simplicity in mind. Carefully handcrafted from sturdy high-density acetate, this scholarly style has a keyhole bridge—a definitive mark of intellect—and a round silhouette with a defined, squared-off edge. The textured stainless steel temples are attached with minimalistic rolling hinges that feature a screwless construction. This must-have model comes in a sophisticated colorway, too, led by Adriatic Teal and Crystal.



Red Rose banners, counter cards, logo blocks, and mirrors are available upon request.


collection de lunettes « STARGAZER » par OKIA

13 juillet 2017




OKIA, the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its HDA® Technology, launches “Stargazer”, a new eyewear collection that will definitely appeal to any astronomy aficionados.


Drawing inspiration from the amazing view that the sky showcases every night with its sparkling stars and magic lights, the new frames proposed by OKIA feature surprising astronomical details – a mixture of globes, constellations and bright accents – all over the temples.

Glittering stars are exhibited within the acetate through the application of the patented HDA® Technology, which ensures an unmatched high definition and three-dimensional outcome. Moreover, thanks to the CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) technique, twinkling gold or silver foil enriches the decoration highlighting its glitter effect and making the frame extremely sophisticated. Finally, as a result of the silk screen technique and in order to further enhance the overall look&feel, each pattern can be proposed in different colors, including translucent colors.


With its innovative and strong astrology-inspired detailing, “Stargazer” is perfect for those looking for a bold and unique accessory. These new OKIA frames will remind you to always take time to be a stargazer and thank the stars.







collection de lunettes KOMONO FW17 suite

6 juillet 2017

The FW17 Crafted collection is a perfect blend of luxury, craftsmanship and design showcased in thirteen impeccably finished pieces of eyewear. This new collection features sunglasses that combine Italian acetate fronts with stainless-steel bridges and temples (The Clovis, The Boris and The Billie) as well as stainless-steel frames with acetate tips stylishly executed in contrasting colors (The Taylor, The Alex and The Monroe). All styles feature meticulous and refined construction, as well as polarized or CR39 lenses, also available in mirrored colors.

The Scarlet: strictly red.

The all-new Scarlet design is dazzling in the single color that cannot and will not be ignored. From tips to frame, everything about these sunglasses is strictly red. Their unique energy will never fail to add a touch of drama to your look. The Scarlet design is available in two styles: the bold Billie and the iconic Clovis.

The Boris: a confident classic.

Though new to the KOMONO roster, the Boris already looks – and feels – like a classic. Its confident and refined design is a cool compliment to just about any outfit. The Boris is available in two color stories: the iconic Tortoise and the lux Black Gold.

The Billie: a cat-eye for unique design.

Billie’s feline and feminine curves are a stylish new addition to KOMONO’s minimalist, classic catalogue. These sunglasses are a modern reinterpretation of the retro cat-eye design, and are a perfect way to raise a playful eyebrow to any surprise life throws your way. The Billie is available in three distinct – and stunning – colorways: saturated Scarlet, luxurious Black Gold, and iconic Tortoise Black.

Racer White Series: stay reckless.

Nearly reckless in its intensity, and with highly saturated colors, the Racer White series is only just contained by the minimal curves of the Alex and Taylor styles. Each aspect of these sporty sunglasses goes all out: the frame and temples are stark white, the tips a fiery red, and the lenses deep blue. The Racer White design makes a uniquely colorful – and irresistibly bold – statement.

The Rose Gold Series: gold blush.

With its luxurious, rosy glow the Rose Gold series shows just how complex and refined a single color can be. Using a subtle variation of rose gold hues across the tips, temples, and lenses themselves, this flattering and graceful new color story is available in three classic KOMONO styles: Alex, Monroe, and Taylor.

collection de lunettes EVATIK May 2017

7 juin 2017

EVATIK May 2017 releases

State-of-the-art technology, top quality materials and refined design elements are showcased in the pre-summer EVATIK collection. Combining the latest eyewear and fashion trends with contemporary, masculine color combinations, the new models allow the cosmopolitan modern man to find the perfect balance between comfort and luxury through a clean, understated style that is uniquely EVATIK.

Past meets future in model E-9150. With a clubmaster shape reminiscent of 1950’s styling, this stainless steel frame features a carbon fiber weave inlaid in the brow line that gives a sleek and masculine twist to its vintage inspiration. The ultra thin profile makes this style extremely lightweight, while providing optimal comfort. E‑9150 is offered in Navy Blue, Brown and Gun.
Model E-9146 is a monoblock stainless steel semi-rimless style that combines minimalistic design with sporty detailing. The step down along the edge of the front, achieved through a precise laser etching technique, creates an interesting design element. Thanks to the subtle two-tone coloring that accentuates the clean lines of its design – Black Red, Gun Black and Navy Grey – this modified square shape conveys a sporty yet absolutely up-to-date look.
Handcrafted with high gloss Japanese acetate, vintage inspired model E-9147 evokes a modernized 1960’s design with its square shape, gradient coloring and dropped bridge. The EVATIK logo is laser engraved on the flat surface of the OBE spring hinge, providing a clean design element and subtle logo branding. E-9147 is available in Grey Smoke, Blue Smoke and Brown Smoke.
EVATIK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

collection de lunettes FYSH UK May 2017

6 juin 2017

FYSH UK May 2017 releases

Natural inspiration is the focus for the pre-summer FYSH UK launch. By combining sultry nature inspired patterns and colors with innovative design elements, the new FYSH UK collection produces interesting, fresh outcomes in the most current shapes. The perfect mix of key fashion influences, top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology creates a unique style, perfect for the confident woman who is not afraid to express her authentic spirit.

A unique color blocking technique gives F-3579 its intriguing appeal. The soft cat-eye is brought to life with a solid band of color that is layered upon a wispy, brush stroke pattern providing a unique depth to the design. This style is available in classic hues of Black Grey and Brown Sand, for a pure natural look, or in more bright tones such as Cobalt Turquoise and Purple Violet, for those looking for a bolder fashion statement.
F-3581 is fierce and flirty with a shimmery crocodile print highlighting the 70’s inspired softly rounded cat-eye. The exotic print extends across the brow bar and gently drapes onto the temple giving the frame a soft yet sexy vibe. Coupled with vivid color options – Purple, Cobalt, Black and Raspberry – this hot motif creates a fiercely feminine and on-trend look.
Constructed from high gloss, handmade acetate, model F-3580 exhibits a translucent smoky pattern for a truly dramatic outcome. The squared cat-eye shape is centered with a stainless steel endpiece, adding an interesting design element to this eye-catching style. Available in rich, whimsical tones of Cobalt Haze, Purple Haze, Burgundy Haze and Brown Haze, F-3580 is the perfect style for any season.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

campagne de publicité des lunettes EVATIK 2017

18 mai 2017


WestGroupe is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 EVATIK advertising campaign.

Shot on location in Montreal, Quebec, the new campaign revolves around the central theme of “Everything starts with a vision” and reflects the strong personality of the fashion savvy EVATIK man. Confident, successful and powerful, the EVATIK man is today’s modern man. He knows what he wants and always manages to get it because he believes that it is not only about having dreams but, above all, it is about having goals: he knows that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to, because “everything starts with a vision”.

The 2017 EVATIK campaign evokes a sense of confidence and drive, inspiring today’s modern man to focus on what encourages him to achieve everything he strives towards, both at work and at play. A stylish city loft filled with natural materials and refined textures is the backdrop, and the perfect setting to showcase the 2017 EVATIK eyewear collection. The extraordinary visuals elevate the understated yet sophisticated style that is uniquely EVATIK.

“We are very excited for the launch of the 2017 EVATIK campaign,” says Beverly Suliteanu, WestGroupe’s Vice‑President of Product Development. “The amazing visuals really capture the DNA of the brand and highlight the clean, understated, contemporary styling of the collection.”

As part of the new campaign, WestGroupe is launching the 2017 EVATIK look book as well as new EVATIK counter cards and banners. These new visuals complement the new EVATIK displays that were launched at the beginning of 2017, providing for a complete in-store merchandising program that will help drive sales at the retail level.

EVATIK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

collection de lunettes BARBERINI 2017

17 mai 2017



Barberini Eyewear collection has always been focused on guaranteeing top-quality optical glass lenses, shaped by the technological innovation developed by Barberini. That same attention is paid to the frames as well: sophisticated, appealing and in step with the latest fashion trends, but at the same time functional and created with a great care for the smallest detail.
The company has now enlarged its RX Programme, which allows transfusing the exceptional quality of Barberini Platinum GlassTM sun lenses into prescription lenses. Barberini RX Programme, with both monofocal and progressive lenses, is available for the whole Barberini Eyewear collection.
Prescription lenses are, of course, available on the models belonging to the Mido collection too. Amongst them it is worth outlining two of the most iconic products: DISCOVERY BR170603, released in a golden metal version of its frame, which aims at enhancing golden and pink shades that emphasise the beauty of the lenses; and MAGELLANO BR170504, where the matt dove acetate ciliar and the dark ruthenium metal parts become a luxury frame to the black gradient lenses, thus offering a more fashionable character without disregarding our standard UV400 protection. As usual, they are named after the most known probes.
Barberini’s Research and Technological Development have further improved the performance of optical glass lenses, thus allowing overcoming the traditional limits of resistance and weight. The process of chemical hardening allows the lenses’ thickness to be reduced without disregarding an exceptional resistance to impact and, at the same time, it permits the lenses’ weight to be cut down.
Glass has been one of the leading actors of the great historical changes. Thanks to this material human genre has been given a new perspective, with the invention of the telescope, to gaze towards what has been always fascinating mankind: the Universe and its boundaries.

For further information, please contact