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collection de lunettes PLUG & SEE

10 mai 2017

Plug & See c’est une seule paire de verres avec une forme standardisée qui s’adapte sur une infinité de montures, de formes, de couleurs ou de matières différentes.


collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR 2017

12 avril 2017

Innotec: The Future is Now

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Innotec, a paradigm-shifting line of ultra-light eyewear, is set to fortify Ogi’s strong spring collection with three revolutionary, soon-to-be-released styles: the Sawyer, Lennox, and Carden. Uniting cutting-edge materials and the most on-trend shapes, these models from Innotec make up an energetic trio—and serve as the perfect series to propel you into spring. Delivering standout style in a featherlight construction, the Sawyer, Lennox, and Carden are sure to make a statement in the new season.


This fashion-forward and ultra-light pair of optical frames is exemplary of Innotec’s innovative approach to eyewear design. With an extremely durable construction of futuristic TR-90 surgical plastic and sleek metal silhouette rings, the Sawyer revolutionizes modern style. The soft angles of this impeccably handcrafted unisex frame are flattering to an assortment of face shapes. The Sawyer’s colorway, versatile and attractive, ranges from classic Tortoise to bold—but not brash—Burgundy, Grey, and Navy.



The Lennox by Innotec is the capstone of the brand’s sterling spring lineup. This frame is defined by its sleek metal silhouette rings, which have been inlayed in TR-90 surgical plastic—a perfect pairing offering cool and considered appeal while pushing the boundaries of design. Handcrafted in Japan with the most demanding standards, the Lennox’s crisp rectangular shape is best suited to round faces. Try Tortoise/Antique Silver for a timeless look, or Flint Grey/Evergreen for on-trend style.



Innotec’s Carden is a technologically advanced frame with a classic, sophisticated look about it. This pair has been meticulously crafted into an iconic cat-eye shape—a vintage-inspired design that never gets old. The metal silhouette rings—one of the season’s defining trends—is set against ultra-lightweight TR-90 surgical plastic, making an interesting point of contrast and adding to its modernized-classic aesthetic. The Carden is available in a variety of colors, including the coveted Crystal/Antique Gold.


Innotec banners, counter cards, and logo blocks are available upon request.

collection de lunettes COCO SONG 2017

7 avril 2017


Area98 announces the debut of its new CCS by Coco Song line, a fresh and versatile proposal designed to seduce a young female target that is attentive to trends but with a simple and romantic soul.

While taking some of the elements that have been the success of Coco Song, the new CCS by Coco Song models abandon the oriental inspiration and find their own distinctive characteristics in the absence of decorations and innovative chromatic experimentation. The natural elements that have always distinguished the Coco Song brand- such as silk, dried flowers and feathers – are now laminated into new crystalline and transparent acetates or pearl colours: the result is a line of much lighter frames both with regard to colour and to the fresh and bright style, which is ideal for a young audience looking for an easy-to-wear accessory with a contemporary look without sacrificing style.

Brightness and brio define the CCS by Coco Song designs, which are inspired by the natural world of flowers, playing with the vivid and intense tones of pink, red, orange, purple, green, and blue. They come in four models, which are each available in six colours, the new CCS line by Coco Song is distinguished by really a unique dynamic and summery appeal that is at the same time extremely feminine.

modèles Lace brush par OKIA

24 janvier 2017


OKIA, the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its patented HDA® Technology, welcomes the new year with the extraordinary “Lace Brush” collection, an authentic explosion of lights and shining details.

Inspired by the magic atmosphere and colours of the celebration season, “Lace Brush” plays with precious hues of gold, silver and black and, thanks to the application of the 3D Block technique, combines them with different solid materials that are laminated inside the acetate. Wonderful patterns realized through the HDA® Technology harmoniously blend with small pieces of black fabric and gold threads inside a transparent acetate base, creating classy frames that are sure to light up any look.
The 3D blocks can be positioned in different parts of the frames to match any kind of eye shape: their incredible design can be featured in regular-shaped frames as well as in unconventional ones, with an always impressive outcome. Moreover, the CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) technique – that mixes acetate with silver powder – can be applied on the new frames to produce an even more sparkling effect and to enhance the three-dimensional feeling with a really sensational result.

Always committed to research and innovation, OKIA keeps on surprising its customers with creations that do not have any equal in terms of originality and creativity. An unexpected masterpiece of elegance and state-of-the-art technology, every “Lace Brush” frame exhibits a festive shimmering look that makes it the perfect accessory for the holiday seasons.

Jeremy Piven in Loree Rodkin  » Nero » by Sama

23 janvier 2017

After the first episode of his American Express commercial series, Hall of Fame center Shaquille O’Neal assured us that there would be more hilarious ads on the way with « top-10 A-Listers, not just regular people. »


« These are people that, once you see the spots, you’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, they should do a movie together,’  » O’Neal told USA TODAY Sports last month.

He was right.


In the second commercial of the series — which encourages card-members to shop local and support small businesses — O’Neal is joined by Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Jeremy Piven, best known for his lead role in the HBO hit series Entourage


nouveaux modèles de lunettes SAFARI par OKIA

31 octobre 2011


Two keywords for this amazing collection: trend and boldness! The new Safari Look by OKIA is colourful, original and extravagant, perfect for those people who love to push the boundaries of ordinary style. Animal prints never stop inspiring OKIA designers, who constantly evolve and enhance this topical pattern.
The new collection offers an unexpected match of colours, expressly conceived for the most demanding and stylish women. Safari look is timeless, but always modern, it never bores those consumers who want to be captured by the exotic spirit. Leopard and snake are two of the proposed printings: these animals perfectly embody pure seduction, charm and elegance, reflecting that target OKIA’s new models aim to.
Moreover, the new line shows a special metallic texture combination giving a touch of freshness and creativity to the sunglass, always keeping its stylistic contents which are typical of the brand. The animal patterns are realized on the frames’ temples by means of both HDA® Technology and BMT technique, a special application which allows ultra-sharp cutting for all patterns and gives them an illuminated metallic effect.
Let the animal spirits inspire your look! Wear the brand new and super-creative Safari models by OKIA!

nouvelle collection de lunettes enfants Barapapa

2 avril 2010

Retour sur la Barbamania

Cible :Preschool 2 à 5 ans mixte.

Positionnement : Barbapapa est un univers simple, facile à comprendre, qui permet
aux enfants de découvrir le monde qui les entoure.

Spécificités & valeurs :
Une marque unique grâce à :
– Un graphisme simple, tout en rondeur, plein de douceur
– Des personnages facilement identifiables, qui peut se métamorphoser en une multitude
de formes et objets différents.

Des valeurs classiques et fédératrices :
-La protection de la faune & de la flore
-La vie en société
-Le respect
. La Marque