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nouvelle collection de lunettes VAVA Eyewear

16 janvier 2019

Vava presents a new model for next season: an ophthalmic frame with an innovative clip on system!

The round shape frame in acetate is also available with the original and cool magnetic clip on with sun lenses.


VAVA is very much inspired by Architecture and Industrial Design.
There is a strong interplay between the design elements involved in architecture / industrial design and VAVA designs.

We like to picture eyewear as an architectural design piece.


VAVA’s glasses have a sophisticated, contemporaneous and urban look.

They are relaxed, subtly futuristic, conceptual and timeless.

VAVA designs are based in three principals: function, concept, design.


lunette modele BRAD par OKO by OKO Paris

10 janvier 2019

oko by oko toupie ronde multicolore

LUNETTE BRAD. Elle a tout d’une rétro. Elle a tout d’une OKO.




Remise au goût du jour pour son côté rétro, vintage et élégant, la lunette de forme ‘pantos’ garde son look intemporel grâce à une forme universelle s’adaptant à de très nombreux visages.

Quoi de plus naturel pour un créateur de lunettes que d’avoir en collection un ou plusieurs modèles ‘pantos’ ? Aujourd’hui, en 2018, elle a plus que jamais la cote !


Avec la lunette BRAD – monture face acétate et branches en acier –  de la marque OKO by OKO Paris, on a un design pur, élégant mais toujours dans la lignée ‘créateur’ distinctive de la marque. Pour elle ou pour lui. Cette lunette ravira bien sûr les adeptes des lunettes qui ont du caractère et du style. Du créateur, oui, mais accessible à tous !


OKO by OKO ne cesse d’étonner par ses créations toujours plus innovantes, par ses designs toujours plus surprenants et par ses combinaisons de couleurs toujours plus fringantes.

Et là, on réalise l’évidence : tout est consciemment et élégamment décalé, comme si la marque donnait vie à ses idées et à ses créations en repoussant les limites du possible et en bouleversant les idées reçues.


                                                                  #okobyoko  #gooddesignforgoodpeople  #inokowetrust #fromokowithlove



OKO PARIS LUNETTERIE – 94/96 rue Victor Hugo – 94200 IVRY S/SEINE – FRANCE

Tél. +33 (0)1 45


nouvelles collection de lunettes LIGHTBIRD lancement OPTI Munich 2019

8 janvier 2019




November 2018 _ LIGHTBIRD – the new eyewear brand created by designer Corrado Rosson – has chosen Zed_Comm for its press office and media relations activities for the official launch of the collection for the Italian and European press in the optical sector.


Corrado Rosson, after years of successful collaborations with established eyewear brands, he comes into play in first person with a new industrial and communicative project. LIGHTBIRD represents a new approach to eyewear where lightness, passion, innovation and design are intertwined to create a brand of frames completely Made in Italy. The official launch of the collection will take place at Opti 2019.


With two operating offices in Milan and Verona, Zed_Comm has been operating for over twenty years as a communication and public relations agency. In addition to the traditional services of press office, external relations and advertising consulting, the agency offers innovative forms of communication, organization of events and marketing strategies that can ensure visibility and high levels of performance.


The experience gained in the field of reference with various customers in the world of optics and its innate versatility make Zed_Comm the ideal partner of  LIGHTBIRD for the launch of this new brand on the market, while offering cross-cutting and original ideas for communication.








2 janvier 2019

21 décembre 2018




British singer and actress Rita Ora wore the Ava sunglass by KOMONO during her performance at the Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2018. This style is part of the brand’s Elementary Sun Collection for Spring Summer 2019.


The video of the performance can be seen here:



For more information about KOMONO, please visit






lunettes OGI EYEWEAR 2018

11 décembre 2018

November Selects from Ogi Eyewear



MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Ogi Eyewear welcomes brand new additions to both the Red Rose and Seraphin family with exclusive frames made for a fashion forward state of mind.


Cahill – Seraphin

Dainty or dark, you decide the story with the Cahill. Sharply crafted for a crisp look, neoclassic design finds a home here with boldly contrasting accent colors. This practice breathes life into the Cahill, almost as if completely alive.


Wellsley – Seraphin

With smoky acetate interworkings throughout, the Wellsley is a spectacle of intrigue. Upon closer inspection, delightful details come to light, like the double cast bookend hinge with accented adornments. Available in a set of matured color tones, the Wellsley sparks so much more than conversation.


Tivoli – Red Rose

The Tivoli is a classic concept born again. Brought to life by immaculate stainless steel, this P3 style captures simplistic beauty from all angles. Ultra lightweight and built to last, the Tivoli takes a page from a timeless book, holding an aura of sophistication throughout.


Viterbo – Red Rose

A nod to the debonair and any who choose the Viterbo, this finely tuned brother of the Tivoli breathes individuality. The inner nylon detailing brings attention to the subtle P3 shape. The accented temple tips truly personalize the Viterbo and complete this fully cohesive style.




Counter cards, frame stands, and banners are available upon request.


lunettes de soleil pour Noël EBK

3 décembre 2018


The sunglasses for Christmas
Red will be the colour of Christmas eyewear
(But even gold!)

It’s a must for the look of the festivities: a touch of red! For those who do not want to go beyond the masses, they can always opt for an accessory, such as the glasses. But if the red is not on your ropes, you can choose gold.

Here are the EBK models by Som Eyewear in these shades: particular lines, but strong characters. The brand has been able to contaminate tradition with technological innovations by giving the collections a contemporary breath.






28 novembre 2018




The new communication campaign of Coco Song, a famous eyewear brand known all over the world for its inspiration based on oriental contents, colors and atmospheres, is a true hymn to femininity in all its forms.


The protagonists of the new shots are the colors and the reference to the natural world, to directly evoke the same elements that have made the success of Coco Song over the years. The “fil rouge” of the collection are the bold and brilliant colors, which are found in the silks and natural inserts of the frame, passing through the eyes and lips of the photographed woman, up to the colorful feathers of the moving bird in the foreground. These innovative color combinations light up the look of the Coco Song woman, allowing her to give voice to her individuality with determination and refinement. They are perfect for those who love to dare and are searching for an exuberant look.


The flight of the little bird, represented in the new image in an authentic explosion of colors, is itself an emblem of elegance and freedom, recalling the feathers and other natural elements that have always characterized Coco Song glasses. The silk prints that decorate the frames are like a veil in caressing even the body of the model who is the protagonist of the shots: a refined detail to tell about the imaginary journey among distant and mysterious countries through which each Coco Song model leads us, also thanks to the application of decorations in chiseled metal and semi-precious stones.


That’s when the new Coco Song campaign becomes the full expression of the brand’s philosophy: a surprising mix of colors and details conceived for the woman who wants to feel unique and enhance her own femininity through handcrafted masterpieces to wear like real jewels.



collection XAVIER GARCIA SILMO 2018

14 novembre 2018

Xavier Garcia’s new collection is all about the material. The colours and shapes of the frames work together to form timeless pieces. Each frame is an object of design, created with a delicate combination of the contemporary and the classic.

Xavier Garcia embraces the work of an artisan where a set of multiple laminates and volumes are melted together with superb craftsmanship. Playing with the volumes and architecture, he fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends. The flexibility of the acetate alongside the rigidity of the metal ensures each item in the collection is enduring, lightweight and easy to wear, as well as faithful to its strong personality.






Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.

Collection de lunettes HOET Couture 2018

9 novembre 2018
Nous aimerions vous présenter les derniers modèles de la collection Hoet Couture:
H5 en F5 !
H5 et F5 sont les tout derniers modèles de la collection Hoet Couture. À nouveau des formes classiques, mais avec de nouvelles structures. Ici aussi, la flexibilité de la matière est exploitée pour monter les verres, mais sur ces modèles, le bord ouvert se trouve du côté des tempes, pas du côté du nez.
Cela devrait encore améliorer le confort du port.
Discrètement remarquables
comme tous leurs prédécesseurs.
Ainsi, la collection HC fabriquée par impression laser 3D compte à présent 12 modèles.