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Collection de lunettes ELBOCK 2017

19 décembre 2017



A unique accessory that transforms the frame – strictly in acetate Mazzucchelli – giving it an even more modern and distinctive charm.


Coherence, research and reliability are the main elements of EBLOCK brand but, also, creativity! Starts from here the idea of a unique “object” that change the eyeglass in a fashion accessory, super fashion: the magnetic clip-on. With a simple gesture, accosting the dark lenses to the front – a classic model in acetate Mazzucchelli – the frame turns into a sunglass. A perfect marriage among the block distinctive sign of the collection, the revolutionary and patented eblock system of closure of the circle and the magnet of the clip-on.

In the last years, Eblock has laid the foundation for an important growth path, supported by the great know-how of the producing Company – Som Eyewear – that claims 40 years of activity in the glasses industry. From this expertise, enriched by the enthusiasm and the desire to propose something new, they have created a distinctive brand. The band has been able to contaminate the tradition with technological innovations, giving to the collections a contemporary breath.

The Eblock signed clip-on has been designed and developed to be perfectly matched to the glasses – in acetate – forming a natural part, integrated with the design of the frame: not a foreign body but two souls that coexist in the same object.  There comes a structured frame, ideal in the “dark” version.

For the launch of the sun clip-on – available in stores since September 2017 – Eblock has also launched an alternative campaign: a story telling that animates a short video, 30 seconds of frames to tell a story and, at the same time, the essence of a brand.

Eblock is your #messaggiodistile, even under the sun. Summer and winter!

collection de lunettes ELBLOCK automne 2017

25 octobre 2017




Makes is debut an innovative collection made by this very light metal and is inaugurated an exclusive and unique insurance service.


Strong as steel but 50% lighter, it resists to the oxidation and to high temperature, ductile and malleable, it has perfect mechanical characteristics: we are speaking about the titanium. It is the perfect material for an eyewear with strong personality such as the one signed EBLOCK, always leader in the metal eyewear sector – real expertise of the brand – that now presents a collection made in titanium, completely Made in Italy and that have the same DNA of all the previous collections, made of clean lines, minimalism, taste for an incomparable and timeless style, where creative design mixes with constant research.

A little collection – 6 models in 36 different colours – designed and realized to make the basic concepts of the brand to be appreciated, enriched with the added value of such a high performance metal as titanium.  “Minimal lines and intrinsic elegance” says Umberto Valentini, general sales manager of the company “ Are the founding concepts of all our creations, and it is in this direction that, ever since,  develops the mood of our frames, with the added value of a unique and patented locking system – our distinctive block that gives the name to our brand. The introduction of Titaniun in our collections allows our customers to expand and diversify the offer and to implement sales opportunities.

The EBLOCK titanium frame interprets the concept of minimalist luxury, where linear shape blends with the excellence of the materials. But, that is not all!

One more great novelty launched in September 2017 is EBLOCK CARE; designed and built around the opticians so that they could have one more tools  “to differentiate the service to the customer and, at the same time, loyalty him“. In fact, this  is a way to give the possibility to the end user to secure his frame.” But, exactly how does it work? “At the moment of the selling, the optician will give a card  with a number code to the client. The client will enter the eblock titanio website ( to activate his own insurance, using the number on the card.


Clear and transparent conditions for the end-customer and no additional bureaucracy for the optician, but a great added value. “When a client loose, damages or his frame is stole,” Valentini Explains, “it will be sufficient to return to the optician with the card, and the frame will be replaced in a very short time”. In fact EBLOCK commits itself to send it immediately. All this represents an additional element for the optician in his business:  a complete proposal of value, a great lever in the sale as well as an important tool to loyalty the final customer.


EBLOCK is continuing on the path of stylistic research, enlargement of the line and ad hoc services to support opticians in their jobs.



lunettes ELBLOCK

4 juillet 2017





The Cadore eyewear company is pointing “to share” on the web, 

with to goal to win optics and final consumers 

In a society that moves ever faster, even the communication becomes “dynamic”.  For the launch of the sun-clip frames – which will be available in stores from September 2017 – EBLCOK  will rely on an alternative campaign:  a “story telling” that animates a short video.  Thirty-second of pictures to tell, at the same time, a story and the essential of a brand:  coherence, research and seriousness, supported by  the great know-how of the company –Som Eyewear –  that claim over 40 years of activity in the frames industry. The brand has benne able to contaminate the tradition with technological innovations, giving to the collection a contemporary breath. So, sophisticated shapes, the importance of the materials and the expressive effectiveness of the colours, blend into a unique “expertise”. An eyewear with a double soul:  “citizen” in the aesthetics and “mountain” in his soul, that maintains its personality in the city but doesn’t forget its roots.

The video –which will be shared in the social on June the 21st,  first summer day – will tell all this, with a fresh and immediate language, to conquer a young and dynamic audience. The protagonist is a classical hipster – a modern bohemian, conscious and unconventional, original but not overbold. He is attentive to details, he loves simple, linear shapes, fluid designs; just EBLOCK frames. Hi is a “Messanger”, a modern Ermes, he breaks into traffic to complete his mission, just to deliver a message. He wraps  it up then takes his bike and goes, hi reaches his destination and someone opens the door……….(to find out how it goes, just connect to the social profile of the company:


The “call to action” towards the consumer? The cool and fascinating images have the goal to capture ones attention and encouraging to comment. Who will comment – through a messenger – will receive a personalized message, a phrase of luck and, in turn, will tag other people who will receive the good wish  message. The power of detail and imagination will support the strength of the video itself: it will thus create an addicted community of Eblock.


The Social Campaign and the video have been designed and made by Larin Group

collection de lunettes ELBLOCK 2017

29 mars 2017


The optical brand “with block” expands his range and bet on the Made in Italy acetate of the Company Mazzucchelli. More, comes to life the BE-Original collection.

Craftsmenship, heritage, innovation: these are the fundamental and distinctive values of the E-BLOCK brand that was able to contaminate the tradition with innovative technologies. Though, shape refinement, the importance of the materials and expressive effectiveness of colours blend in a unique technology that express the mood of EBLOCK frames. The collections are the result of a very important history of experience and deep knowledge in the frames trade, but with creative talent in addiction.
The new models rediscover the acetate, a semi-finished plastic material with enormous ductility and a great expressive capacity that enable to obtain a frame resistant and at the same time very light, without sacrificing the design and the colour.
The esteemed plates of MAZZUCCHELLI, Made in Italy, renew and widen the collections Original and B-side with new unique and recognisable models, as well as the Easy Block, icon of the brand, aesthetical and distinctive element of all the E-Block collections.
Design and retrò inspired shapes, but with a modern view: thin thickness and soft and refined colours that want to blend with the complexion of the face. New processing, also in the grained plates, that show shiny, dull and scratched surfaces. Unique particulars that make frames strongly material and sculptural, giving a high quality to the handmade work.
In the occasion of the Opti Munchen 2017 there will be ten brand new models that will implement the B-Side, Side and Original family, giving life to the new Be-Original line. All the frames of the brand, very light and resistant, are realised with millimetre accuracy, inspired by a modern geometry that unites glamour and technology. Each E-Block is a fashion accessory, unique and elegant.

For farther information about EBlock, please visit our website: