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nouvelle collection de lunettes ROBERT RUDGER

13 mars 2015



January 2015 – A huge success at OPTI for the presentation of the new Robert Rüdger eyewear collection which is making a comeback on the international market thanks to the twenty-year licensing agreement between Area98 and the designer Rudi Himmelfreundpointner.
The historic Austrian brand in fact premiered in Munich 15 optical frames for men only featuring an understated and elegant style, full of personality.

“We’re excited about how the collection was received”, said Elisio Tessaro, Brand and Product Marketing Director of Area98. “Sales at the show went very well but the even more encouraging part is that we expect a further improvement during the year, thanks also to the official launch on the international market which will take place at the forthcoming Mido”.

Tessaro went on to say that “We were pleasantly surprised to see how the name Robert Rüdger is still very much present in people’s minds and that these same people liked the development in the style of the brand compared to the original one, with the introduction of noble materials such as horn, wood and titanium. Many ex Robert Rüdger customers visited the stand, although considerable interest was also seen above all from new opticians who had heard about the brand but did not know it personally”.

The key stylistic features of the 1990s, back from Robert Rüdger’s early period, are given a contemporary re-drafting, conferring on the Austrian brand a new appeal that is more in keeping with current trends. Colours are more subdued, cuts more classical, but we can recognise that obsessive attention to detail and that extreme quality of materials which include, as well as an exclusive acetate, the use of titanium, horn and wood.

Emblematic of this renewal, and a tribute to past stylistic research, is model RR001. This is an evolution in titanium and wood that combines lightness and style, whose vintage front comprises two off-centre circular lenses joined by a single metal bridge, completed by twin pads in wood and adjustable sidepieces in beta titanium with a wood sublimation coating. For this model only, a sunglasses version will be presented in limited edition.

A new avenue appears to open up for the brand, with the frame concept married into a discipline of strength and simplicity, in which the shocking colours of the past are tempered into more classic tones – black, tobacco, navy, brown – speaking of a more adult ‘I’, and the natural wood striations, the gleam of the titanium and the veining of the horn become an integral part of the accessory, as if printed or chromatic effects on its surface.

A striking example of this is model RR005, with its characteristic double-circle lenses, sculpted entirely in titanium, but softened by the wooden inserts in its sidepieces, or RR010, a wooden frame with a decisive top rim and horn sidepieces. Some frames display bold delicacy in their marriage of colour and materials, as in the case of RR011, where wood grain patterns provide the support for a modern black&blue contrast, or RR015, where horn ‘duels’ playfully with brick-red or electric blue wooden inserts on the sidepieces. Soberly adorning each frame, almost shyly, is the double-R logo in gold against a blue background, set in the temple tip of the sidepiece.

Whether the line is lean and modern – as with the titanium RR006, developed in fetching metallic tones, or luxury-class and classic – like RR014, for example, elegantly proposed wholly in horn – the the style of Robert Rüdger frames will always confer decisive fascination on their wearer, enhancing his class, charm and charisma.

RR001 col.01 RR006 col.01 RR010 col.02 RR011 col.02 RR014 col.03

Robert Rüdger eyewear produced by Area98, will be distributed on the German market from January 2015, going global from March. The collection is also to be accompanied by strong marketing and communication efforts relating to the production of POP tools such as catalogues, banners, window display cards and displays in lacquered wood as support for the professional sales network present throughout Germany.

ROBERT RÜDGER | Towards the end of the 1980s, three established Austrian designers – Robert Hüttmann, Rudi Himmelfreundpointner and Gerhard Lahner –, having attained a wealth of experience in creating eyewear collections for leading fashion brands, felt the need to introduce radical change into their creative lives and the eyewear scene of the period. Which is why they founded the Robert Rüdger brand in 1989, creating something never seen before on the market: the first completely Austrian-made brand of optical frames.
For men only, the Robert Rüdger collections soon made inroads thanks to the extravagant colours of its frames, created out of a combination of acetate and metal. The eccentric tones, conjoined with easy-to-wear forms, contributed to the rapidly spreading success of this Austrian-made eyewear across the German, Swiss and Dutch markets. Since 2004, the brand has been under the sole control of Rudi Himmelfreundpointner. And it was with him that in 2014 Area98 signed a twenty-year licensing deal for the Robert Rüdger brand, whose design, production and distribution it will run in conjunction with Himmelfreundpointner worldwide.


nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires par la marque OGI EYEWEAR

4 mars 2015

Ogi Eyewear Introduces Innotec Sun Collection

Innotec, an Ogi Eyewear brand, debuts its new collection of sunglasses. The meticulously designed application of Innotec’s proprietary fusion of materials and cutting edge technology creates a unique and highly sought after sun collection featuring three new styles.
The Denton Sun

Innotec introduces its debut into sunglasses with the Denton Sun. This masculine style features a bold square shape made of cutting-edge materials. The double laminated TR-90 front features Innotec’s signature hand painted demi pattern paired with stainless steel temples for lightweight comfort and unsurpassed style with an edge.

Denton_Fenwick_Willow DentonSun_5282
The Fenwick Sun

The Fenwick Sun emerges into the Innotec sun collection with sheer brilliance. Constructed of durable, innovative materials including German Wagner stainless steel and an inlay of Innotec’s signature hand painted TR-90, the Fenwick Sun has a seamless design. Featuring a masculine square lens shape and ultra-lightweight comfort, the futuristic Fenwick Sun is sure to impress.

The Willow Sun

Bold, eye catching and innovative, Innotec introduces the Willow Sun. Innotec’s signature hand painted demi pattern is expertly paired with fearlessly daring flash mirror lenses for a cutting edge look. The double laminated TR-90 front pairs with stainless steel which feature the Innotec logo and silver rivets.


– Bold, colorful styles

– Lightweight durability

– Adjustable temple tips

– Double laminated TR-90 with uniquely hand painted demi patterns

– 5 mm thin Wagner stainless steel

– Flash mirrored lenses with 100% UV protection

– Adjustable built up nose pads

– Universal fit adjustable nose pads

Innotec counter cards, logo blocks, and large window banners are available upon request.

nouvelle collection de lunettes femmes modèle CAC par OKO by OKO

20 janvier 2015

LA FEMME OKO en collection CAC.
Ma première est mode.
Ma deuxième est glamour.
Ma troisième est unique.
Mon tout est une ligne optique 100% féminine.

Chez OKO by OKO Paris, on connaissait déjà les montures optiques ‘créateur’ au design pur, élégant et très distinctif signé des bureaux du design de la marque. Mais on connaissait moins cette facette mode et glamour de la marque qui est très fière de mettre en avant cette collection CAC. Pour elle.
Cette collection ravira bien sûr les adeptes des lunettes créateur qui ont du caractère et du style. Du créateur, oui, mais accessible à toutes !
Quelles sont ses particularités ?
Tout en ultra-finesse et en ultra-légèreté, cette collection CAC réserve de la surprise et se découvre en deux étapes : tout d’abord avec l’extérieur en acétate, dont les plaques sont choisies exclusivement pour la maison OKO by OKO –
puis avec le squelette de la monture visible en transparence fabriqué en acier chirurgical avec rivets traversants lui donnant un aspect de lunette mono-bloc.
Ce procédé par lamination a permis de réaliser une collection en acétate ultra-fin dans des coloris innovants et des finitions de grande qualité – un résultat ultra-fin que l’on ne parvenait jusqu’alors à réaliser qu’en injecté.
OKO by OKO ne cesse d’étonner par ses créations toujours plus innovantes, par ses designs toujours plus délirants et par ses combinaisons de couleurs toujours plus uniques.
La nouvelle déclinaison de la collection CAC est disponible en 7 modèles :
CAC17 (mixte) en 4 coloris – CAC18 (mixte) en 4 coloris – CAC19 (pour femme) en 6 coloris – CAC20 (mixte) en 6 coloris – CAC21 (pour homme) en 6 coloris – CAC22 (pour homme) en 4 coloris – CAC23 (pour homme) en 6 coloris.
Et là, on réalise l’évidence : tout est consciemment et élégamment décalé, comme si la marque donnait vie à ses idées et à ses créations en repoussant les limites du possible et en bouleversant les idées reçues.
OKO by OKO, une marque qu’il faut garder à l’oeil !

OKO by OKO CAC19 C05 OKO by OKO CAC19 C06 face mag MO 02-14

Modèles présentés ci-joints : CAC19 coloris Rouge écossais (C06) en nature morte et portée par Natalia (crédits photo : Rachel Saddedine) ; et modèle CAC19 coloris Bordeaux sur Vert cristal (C05).

nouvelle collection de lunettes X-IDE au SILMO 2014

27 octobre 2014

X-IDE’s creative journey continues in the pursuit of innovation and exploration, while ensuring continuity with the concepts presented in the previous seasons that have become ‘must haves’ in the collection. Silicone temples that can be twisted or entwined to create different chromatic effects are now a hallmark of the brand, just as the resin sheath around a metal core — stainless steel in the case of Assenzio shown here — have become the distinctive features of the collection. The use of transparent resin to cover the parts in metal is an absolutely cutting-edge technology that makes it possible to produce the visual effect of the metal itself, while maintaining the comfort advantages of plastic. Once again, X-IDE is a step ahead!

The X-IDE ophthalmic frames collection is produced by Immagine 98.
X-IDE continue de faire évoluer ses créations tout en perpétuant une série de concepts, devenus les “must have » des collections précédentes. Seuls mots d’ordre : innovation et expérimentation. La branche en silicone, qui peut être tordue/entortillée afin de créer des effets chromatiques originaux est devenue le symbole de la marque, au même titre que la coulée de résine sur l’armature en métal, en acier pour le modèle Assenzio ici proposé. Ce procédé est désormais un incontournable de la collection. L’utilisation d’une résine transparente recouvrant les parties en métal est une technologie assurément novatrice qui permet d’obtenir le même effet visuel que le métal mais en gardant le confort qu’assure la matière plastique. Encore une fois, X-IDE fait preuve de son avant-gardisme.

assenzio c1

La collection de lunettes de vue X-IDE est produite par Immagine 98

collection de lunettes RYE LYE SILMO 2014

22 octobre 2014


Less is more. Nothing is truer if you look at the new Tiepolo style from the RYE&LYE collection. Seemingly very simple: round wood rims and metal temples. But underneath lies the masterful skill of the artisans who craft these eyewear and the design genius of their inventors. An eyewear masterpiece. Once again, RYE&LYE interprets a sophisticated collection featuring superior workmanship and research that makes use of luxury materials processed with the most cutting-edge technologies: on stage at Silmo 14 with seven exclusive new styles.

The Rye&Lye collection is produced by Immagine 98.

tiepolo c2



Less is more. Cette expression prend tout son sens si l’on observe le nouveau modèle Tiepolo de la collection RYE&LYE. Un modèle en apparence d’une simplicité déconcertante: deux cercles en bois assortis à une branche en métal. Mais derrière cette simplicité, c’est tout le savoir-faire des artisans qui réalisent ces modèles et le génie de ceux qui les imaginent qui se cachent. Un vrai chef-d’oeuvre de l’industrie de la lunette. Encore une fois, RYE&LYE se fait l’interprète d’une collection de très grande qualité, raffinée, issue de recherches qui utilisent des matériaux de haut niveau et travaillés grâce aux technologies les plus avancées : en scène au Silmo 2014 avec 7 nouveaux modèles exclusifs.
La collection RYE&LYE est produite par Immagine 98.

collection de lunettes femmes modèle WOOW par la marque FACE A FACE

2 octobre 2014



Entre tradition et désinvolture, le style chic et décalé de WOOW, aux accents « branché londonien » s’adresse à toutes celles et ceux qui aiment prendre la vie avec humour.

Lunette anti-crise, clin d’œil humoristique….un message inséré dans les spatules de la monture offre un mini coaching à son porteur pour le faire sourire dès le matin !
Mais il arrive que l’on se lève du mauvais pied….et WOOW n’est pas toujours de bonne humeur non plus ! Pour accompagner ces moments , nous avons imaginé le côté Obscur de WOOW : Get Out ! Try Again ! So What, ces quelques messages gravés dans des inserts noirs saurons faire passer le message avec élégance !

Try_again_2_100 Woow_Getout2_col7404 WOOW_Rockme1_col682 Woow_Sowhat1_col2026

nouvelle collection de lunettes ANNA SUI’S

1 octobre 2014


Mixing vintage styles with her current cultural obsessions, she effortlessly makes hip, exuberant, original clothes. Whether Anna’s inspiration is Victorian cowboys, Warhol superstars or Finnish textile prints, her depth of cultural knowledge is always apparent.

The Anna Sui optical collection, designed by Mondottica, incorporates the same fanciful details that have defined the brand since its inception including the signature rosebud as featured on AS211, Anna’s favourite butterfly motif and classic fretwork design. Anna herself has always been known for her signature eyewear style and loves incorporating sunglasses and opticals into her head to toe looks, both on and off the runway.

AS207 introduces Anna’s signature floral prints in bold, graphic colourways on the inner temples and her quirky nature is reflected in AS606 with bold eye shapes and signature branding. AS209 and AS210 present a more classic look with contrasting colours and engraved finishes on the temples.

AS207A001 AS210A001 AS211A001 AS606A137
About Mondottica
Arguably the most successful eyewear company to appear on the world stage in the past decade, Mondottica is a true world citizen. From humble beginnings, the company now has offices and operations in Hong Kong, London, Paris, New York and Sydney with distribution reach that spans all continents.

The company’s motto – Eyewear Brand Partners – is also its mission statement and taken very seriously; to give each brand in its portfolio the respect and understanding necessary to create collections the brand is proud of. Mondottica offers exceptionally interesting brands and innovative high quality products.

Mondottica has licenses for Hackett, Christian Lacroix, Cacharel, Joules and Yohji Yamamoto worldwide, Ted Baker and Lulu Guinness worldwide except the US and Canada, Anna Sui worldwide except Japan, Marimekko worldwide except Japan and Korea and Pepe Jeans London worldwide except Spain. It also has distribution joint ventures in the European Community with Rem.

Nouvelle collection de lunettes BELLINGER

24 septembre 2014


Beautiful colors is what Bellinger is all about – and this summer is no exception. What better way to celebrate the bright nights of the Nordic hemisphere summer solstice with a pair of unique Bellinger acetate frames in bright colors?


modèles de lunettes hommes THE LINCOLN par SERAPHIN EYEWEAR

22 septembre 2014

A Bold Take on Modern Masculinity

The Lincoln by Seraphin Eyewear
Demonstrating a noteworthy tribute to masculine boldness, Seraphin Eyewear introduces the Lincoln. With its daring take on traditional men’s styled frames, a solid representation of bravery emulates throughout the Lincoln.

Designed with a larger prominent face in mind, the Lincoln embodies modern masculinity with declared confidence. This notable appearance is carefully revealed in handcrafted Italian acetate in four traditional pattern options of Midnight Fade/Midnight, Blue Demi, Olive Demi, and Honey Tortoise. This distinguished frame gets a modern twist with its three-dimensional silver diamond-shaped rivets, giving depth and visual intrigue to the peaks of the Lincoln.

Lincoln_8661 Lincoln_8908 Lincoln_8909 Lincoln_8910 Lincoln_Group

About the Lincoln

Seraphin continues its reputation of providing classic quintessential style by introducing the Lincoln. With dynamic neutrals in four traditional color schemes, this broad conventional square shape of Italian acetate strategically embraces any larger face. Accented with chrome embellishments, the Lincoln exemplifies the intellectual aura behind the frame.


“I designed the Lincoln based off a previous Seraphin best seller, The Washington. Due to the recent progression in popularity of larger frames, I strategically enlarged this once conventional square shape into a more pronounced style. The Lincoln distinguishes itself from the rest with its assured masculine feel united with a hint of vintage décor.”

David Spencer, Seraphin Eyewear Founder & Designer


Seraphin Eyewear has counter displays, counter cards, logo blocks, and large window banners available.

Nouvelle collection de lunettes de la marque IC!BERLIN été 2014

8 septembre 2014

ic! berlin summer collection 2014
Mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the shiniest one of all?

ic! berlin welcomes the sun with our favourite sunglasses, remixed for summer 2014. Shine bright with mega-shine mirrored lenses in gold, silver and crimson, electrified readers and chic new hybrid colourways.

This summer ic! berlin mixes colours and textures as fan favourites Fahrlehrer Klaus and Nameless 2012 get remixed with mirrored lenses, rough acetate and camouflage temples. The summer lovin’ continues as Raf S gets electrified in green and light blue with new crimson and silver mirrored lenses.

fahrlehrer_klaus_ghetto_havanna_rough_gold_mirrored_1_4 nameless_2012_black_rough_silver_mirrored_3_2 mamadi_electric_turquoise raf_s_electric_light_blue_silver_mirrored_6_7 S3_rummelsburg_black_white_black_to_grey_1020x729px S25_tegel_Sun-Gold_Obsidian_Black-to-Grey-_1020x729px S42_wedding_obsidian_black_to_grey_1020x729px