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5 mai 2020
FLEYE Copenhagen is introducing 9 new eyewear designs and Signature styles, including 20 new eyewear and sunglasses designs.

Explore new Signature styles inspired by the Nordic Light. The Signature collection consists of 20 matching sets with one optical and one sunglasses
frame in a set – linked through shape, material and attitude.


collection « nordic light » de la marque FLEYE Copenhagen

12 décembre 2019
We are happy to introduce you to our new « Nordic Light »   

FLEYE Copenhagen’s « Nordic Light » collection transforms the beautiful Scandinavian light into new eyewear shapes and colorways.

With a modern take on the iconic Danish Skagen paintings, FLEYE Copenhagen has created an eyewear collection that captures the painters’ fabulous use of colors and light. Inspired by the Skagen paintings, we have created our own inspirational artwork by experimenting with various materials with different characteristics; solid, transparent, glossy and liquid. In these beautiful artworks lies the inspiration for the new shapes, structures and colors of our newest eyewear for Autumn/Winter 2019.

collection de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen 2019

7 juin 2019
New Signature Packshots Ready for Download

Referring to FLEYEs annual campaign, which is dedicated to the « Flowers of Denmark »,  we have been successfully launching our new Signature Collection in Milan last weekend. Signature for SS19 comes in 8 sets in two colours, each consisting of one optical and one sunglasses frame – linked through material, shape and attitude.

We have been asked to provide more images – so here you go!


collection de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen

2 mai 2019
Well, sometimes it takes two…
Frames: Summer & Cloud
8 Stunning New Signature Sets for MIDO

Summer & Cloud are teaming up in our new Signature Collection for Spring & Summer 2019: Both are confident, feminine designs with a strong graphic attitude that are matched in colour and shape.

By using the layered construction of paper-thin Acetate plates, in combination with a rose gold titanium sheet that loops through the front, the frames are featuring an interesting 3-dimensional twist. Referring to FLEYE’s annual campaign, which is dedicated to the « Flowers of Denmark », we have created this honey-havanna coloured acetate plates that perfectly link to the abundant Danish flora that has been our inspiration.

Summer & Cloud will be one of 8 signature sets, each consisting of one optical and one sunglasses frame in a set – linked through material, shape and attitude.

collection de lunettes Copenhagen

28 mars 2019
25-27th January 2019

This season FLEYE Copenhagen is introducing the second part of their “Flowers of Denmark” campaign. The ice blocks that were capturing the frozen flora in AW18
have melted and the flowers have given space for a soft float under water. These floral portraits with their stunning magnifying and color intensifying effects led to the new shapes and colors of the Spring Summer collection 2019.

We can’t wait to introduce you to 29 new eyewear designs at OPTI, Munich.


FLEYE Copenhagen récompensé au salon de Opti Munich

7 février 2019
FLEYE wins German Design Award
December 2018

Press release: Fleye Copenhagen is receiving the German Design Award for Excellent Product Design in the Category Lifestyle and Fashion.

The German Design Awards are the international premier prize awarded by the German Design Council, the authoritative German body for branding and design. Its goal is to discover, present, and honour unique trends in design.

Fleye Copenhagen eyewear frame « Fox » was one of more than 5,400 products presented to the jury and got awarded with the « Special Mention » in the Category Lifestyle and Fashion.

« We are beyond excited to win the award, especially because we work so hard on our collections. The German Design Award confirms our efforts to become better and better, and feels like a huge pounding of the back, which just encourages us to reach the next level. » – Annette Estø, Founder and Head of Design at FLEYE Copenhagen.

The GDA are considered among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide. Special Mention awards are given to designs that feature particularly successful partial aspects or solutions – these prizes honour the commitment of companies and designers.

In its statement, the Jury is highlighting not only the lively, impish and sturdy design of Fox, that is handcrafted in 3 visible layers of a hard density cellulose acetate in combination with beta-titanium, but also the overall adaptability of the frame for individual wearers.

The ceremony will be held on February 8th in Frankfurt, Germany.

About the product
Fox is composed of three visible layers, combining solid and transparent acetate with sleek beta-titanium to create a look that is classy yet playful. Handcrafted with a hard density cellulose acetate, Fox opens a new chapter in eyewear design that ensures a new lightness and flexibility in a strong and durable frame. The acetate temple end tips and nose pads are individually adjustable for the perfect fit. Fox is made using non-toxic materials with hypoallergenic qualities, and comes with AR coated lenses.

nouvelle collection de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen

22 janvier 2019
True Blue
For this AW18/19 season, FLEYE Copenhagen goes true blue on colour and pattern! The many shades of blue offers a sophisticated aesthetic and undeniable appeal to any look. 

Take a closer look at our top pick of stylish frames – perfect to matching the Winter season. Handcrafted with a hard density cellulose acetate, ensuring a new lightness and flexibilty in a strong and durable frame.

collection de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen

10 septembre 2018
When frozen flowers inspire eyewear design
August 2018

Press release: Flowers captured and photographed in melting ice blocks led to new shapes and colors in Fleye’s AW 2018/19 collection « Flowers of Denmark ». Fleye is introducing 41 new frame designs in a wide color range.

Fleye Copenhagen creates eyewear with an appreciation of Scandinavian design and culture. Fleye’s campaigns are closely aligned with their Danish heritage featuring a modern twist. For their latest campaign, Fleye has found inspiration in Flora Danica – an iconic collection from the 18th century of all plants in the kingdom.

Creative processTaking a fresh look at the subject, the design team has created their own floral portraits using flowers, trees, and shrubs often seen in the Danish nature. In order to set the right mood for a Winter campaign and bring more depth to the floral portraits themselves, the creatives decided to freeze flowers in ice blocks. The frozen water in the photographs enlarges and distorts the shape of the flowers, creating an interesting 3-dimensional effect.

“Our idea was to emphasize the plants and illustrate their intrinsic qualities, just like the iconic Flora Danica illustrations from the 1700s, only doing so from a very new perspective. In these still-life images, taken by photographer Ida Emilie Risager, lies the inspiration for the rich and dense frame colors as well as the structures and layerings in our newest eyewear. ” – Annette Estø, Head of Design

The captivating pictures led to deep frame colors, wild patterns and  bold yet light shapes on 41 new frame designs.