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Nouvelle collection de lunettes FRENCY & MERCURY

19 octobre 2011

Création de lunettes FRENCY & MERCURY pour le magazine LYF au Silmo 2011

14 octobre 2011


In Paris Frency & Mercury exposes Japanese craftsmanship

The designer Eque M., creative soul of the innovative eyewear brand Frency & Mercury, proposes an artistic creation handcrafted in Japan, which will be sold at an auction by the prestigious eyewear magazine LYF

All eyes on art and craftsmanship from Frency & Mercury during the Silmo in Paris. The evening of the 29th September, inaugurating day of the international eyewear exhibition, the prestigious eyewear magazine LYF will exhibit unique creations inspired by art. There will be an auction, lasting all the days of the exhibition and the revenue will be donated to support Sightsaver’s association in the fight against trachoma in third world countries. In the course of this event Eque M., will reveal his piece of art, a unique pair of sunglasses developed by himself and created by a master Japanese craftsman, Iba Teiichi, one of the few to still continue the traditional craft called Nomen.

It was a huge challenge – explains Eque M – in reality the real challenge was that a Nomen until today had never collaborated with a modern artist; for my piece I was inspired by the Geisha; and it was sculpted out of a unique piece of Japanese hinoki wood by the expert hands of Teiichi and painted with real hair tint and shell powder for the colour of the skin”. The talent of Eque M.; opens up to express an important characteristic of the land of the rising sun.

Frency & Mercury, the eyewear brand Made in Japan, continues its endless research and creativity, playing with innovative materials coupled with cutting edge technology and experimental designs. Factors, which make Frency & Mercury, a real jewel in the international landscape of trendsetting brands in eyewear.

lunettes de soleil Frency & Mercury 2011

1 mars 2011


Innovative materials, avant-garde creativity, handcrafted and with a traditional approach: the Frency & Mercury eyewear frames are unique pieces, a collector’s object.

Milan, February 2011 – Frency & Mercury presents the Eyewear collection 2011 for the first time in all of Europe. Research, experimentation, design; these are not any simple glasses, but distinctive objects with character, and while the materials represent the added value, creativity and inspiration are the real essence.

Frency & Mercury is an eyewear brand created by 31 year old Japanese designer Eque M. The brand includes sunglass and optical models that are real collectibles, conceived and created for those who have a real passion for beauty and who are always on an endless search niche objects and brands.

The Spring/Summer 2011 collection comprises of 9 models (6 sunglasses, 3 optical) and is based on extremely light, innovative materials coupled with cutting edge technology. The collection draws its inspiration from the colours and the atmosphere of New Mexico.

The sunglasses have a strong eighties appeal with classic shapes, such as the aviator drop-shaped lenses, the “Ace” model, which are both for men and women or the more squared off shapes like the “Formula” model. Both models are in titanium with lenses that have anti-reflective coating. “Matador”, also in 100% titanium, with its golden aspect and shaded lenses, is part of the Luxury Line that boast a very special manufacturing technique of the titanium, which increases its flexibility, while keeping it light and non- allergic.The models in acetate, using only seasoned Japanese acetate, opt for a larger size with a “diva” style about them. The “Sweet Baby” is broad and wrap around with trendy colours.

The optical models have harsher lines for a perfect “nerd” style while remaining classy and with verve.

Completely handcrafted, the frames undergo long and meticulous processes, which give them their very high standard of quality, prestigious details and a long durability, thus staying unique even over time. The last distinctive trait is the quality of the materials used: 100% titanium in all the metallic parts except for some details in 18k gold or silver 925 and seasoned Japanese acetate. Each model must be exclusive.

“In line with Japanese tradition, I love details and perfection in manufacture”, explains Eque M. “It is the detail which makes the difference. This is why, behind each frame of the collection, there is extreme accuracy and precision” thus making each frame special.

“My philosophy is that eyewear is not just a simple accessory”, explains Eque. “It is a projection of our personality and we need to enhance it. In fact the fundamental concept behind Frency & Mercury is, “Let yourself be as graceful as you are…”. The objective of my creations is not only give a touch of glamour to the wearer but also to reflect the wearer’s interior charm.”

The 9 models of the new collection complement the existing line of 24 models (sunglasses and optical). The price ranges from € 300,00 to € 350,00.