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collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA

30 octobre 2019

Xavier Garcia Eyewear A/W 19

Avant-garde design, where craftsmanship meets innovation.


Xavier Garcia’s renewed identity does not forget its origins.

The essential values are three: craftsmanship, avant-garde design, innovation.

The AW 19 collection combines craft know-how with experimentation. The essence of the brand shines through every single piece of the collection, in their bold lines, vivid colors and high-quality laminated materials. The collection reinterprets the brand’s core values with the word future in mind, elevating its aesthetics and authorship through creative and original solutions. Together with refined colour ranges and synthetic design, the introduction of titanium as the emblematic material of the collection takes the brand to the next level, communicating the search for functionality and wearability that has always distinguished its philosophy.




The Brand

Inside Xavier Garcia’s universe: Innovative ideas for avant-garde craftsmanship and design.

Xavier Garcia believes in audacious design that enhances the materials, form and colour of his products. The aesthetics of Xavier Garcia evoke a deep sense of clarity, elegant simplicity and taste, intensified by an attention to craftsmanship always receptive to different forms of experimentation.

The brand is in constant dialogue with the charm and innovation of Barcelona, a metropolitan city, rich in innovation, entrepreneurship and history. For several years Xavier Garcia has been cultivating an increasingly intense bond with the city, its culture, its creative scene and its strong design sensibility.

nouveaux matériaux BIO pour lutter contre la pollution des plastics

16 octobre 2019




“BD8 – Bio Plastics” is a 100% bio-degradable plastics which can be naturally broken into carbon, water and bio mass. In a world where approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans every day, “BD8 – Bio Plastics” offers an eco-friendly solution: millions or even billions of eyewear and other products can be made of a bio-degradable plastics which can be absorbed by the organisms and enrich the soil on decomposition. “BD8 – Bio Plastics” is lightweight, durable, crystal clear, hypoallergenic and good for any colors, designs or patterns.


BD8 can be used to realize not only eco-friendly frames but also a full range of other eyewear products aiming to build a more sustainable future of the eyewear industry.

One of the BD8 products is “Bio Polybag”, a bio-degradable plastic eyewear bag which can be naturally broken down in 5 years. With a high tensile and impact strength, this crystal clear product comes as the best alternative to oxo-degradable plastic eyewear bags, as it can completely biodegrade into carbon, water and bio mass without leaving any plastic fragments behind.

Another product deriving from BD8 is “Bio Lens”, a revolutionary 100% bio-degradable lens that can be naturally decomposed into landfill, leaving behind carbon, water and organic matter. Bio Lens will start to bio-degrade in 10+ days, and takes five years to biodegrade in soil. Besides offering supreme comfort and performance, this sustainable lens meets optical standard, features high impact resistance and can be used for both clear and sun lenses. It can be adapted to any styles, shapes, curvatures and sizes and matched with any kinds of coating. 100% UV protection is granted for the sun version.

Bio Lens

For more information about BD8 products’ properties and advantages, facts and figures about worldwide pollution and interesting tips about how to try to save the environment, please visit

collection de lunettes FRENCH RETRO 2019

7 octobre 2019
French Retro est de retour avec de nouveaux modèles uniques, pour accompagner votre rentrée
La réussite est le seul mot que nous avons à la bouche, et c’est ce que nous pouvons vous souhaiter de mieux pour cette reprise !

collection de lunettes KOMONO OPTICAL SILMO 2019

1 octobre 2019

SILMO 2019




For its Fall/Winter 2019 optical campaign, KOMONO explores the theme of the double and undoes the notion of a fixed identity. The campaign consists of a series of double portraits with each image being an almost exact replica of the other, creating a hybrid body of work which references a more complex reality.


Unexpected contrasts of visual details are characteristic of both the acetate and metal series, and open up the collection to multiple readings. Introducing KOMONO’s most slender frames to date, the Slim series is a reconstructed copy of some of the brand’s most celebrated styles, suited for smaller faces. Meanwhile, the inclusion of feverish colors such as an iridescent Dreamy, a double-layered Thunder and a dark-pitched Midnight blue adds for an unusual tension.


Distinguished by a progressive approach to form, construction and surface, the KOMONO Fall/Winter 2019 optical collection is its most substantial yet.




For more information about KOMONO, please visit











18 septembre 2019

Logo OKO by OKO Paris PNG en transparence sur tous supports




A l’instar d’un défilé de mode qui se termine toujours avec la mythique robe de mariée, notre série #ScènesdeVie chez #oko se termine dans le bonheur et par un mariage dans ce 4e et dernier opus.

Le pitch? Soulagé et heureux ! Boris a pris son courage à deux mains et a demandé IRIS en mariage. Elle a dit OUI ! On leur souhaite un mariage heureux … mais pas trop pluvieux !

IRISPour elle, inspiration florale et superposition de pétales d’acétate pour cette lunette combinée acétate/acier ravissante, aux couleurs chics et séduisantes. Cette tendance au métissage et superposition des matières, très en vogue dans le secteur de la lunetterie, est un processus créatif qui invente un nouveau langage esthétique offrant des contrastes épatants à la fois visuels et tactiles. Les jeux d’ombre et de lumière – formés par le décalage et la superposition des plaques d’acétate polies à la main – donnent du relief et du volume créant ainsi une forme plus généreuse, plus aérée, plus somptueuse et plus féminine. Avec Iris, OKO vous aime beaucoup, à la folie, passionnément !


BORISPour lui, un look fort et confiant. Une monture en acier poli, identifiable immédiatement avec son Windsor.  Elle est élégante et raffinée avec une touche créa sur les branches pour un look audacieux et élégant.


Et là, on réalise l’évidence : tout est consciemment et élégamment décalé, comme si la marque donnait vie à ses idées et à ses créations en ne pensant qu’à une chose : permettre au porteur de se révéler et d’oser afficher sa personnalité. 


OKO by OKO Paris – créateur de lunettes pour tous depuis 1999.

#okobyoko  #gooddesignforgoodpeople  #inokowetrust #fromokowithlove

pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic_2.png





vision of tomorrow eco-friendly eyewear solutions

11 septembre 2019




After successfully debuting at MIDO and VISION EXPO EAST, Vision of Tomorrow presents a new 100% eco-friendly eyewear material made from PET plastic bottles



July 2019 – Aligned with global environmental policies aimed to decrease the production and the consumption of plastic, Vision of Tomorrow (VOT) fosters the use of a new eyewear material made from 100% recycled water bottles.


The material offered by VOT to all those clients that are interested in developing green collections is made from PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) that is a synthetic material derived from oil or natural gas. It is 100% recyclable and does not lose its core properties during the recycling process. Also, it can be transformed many times and employed to manufacture prestigious products. PET is a safe, light and flexible material.  A growing number of international sport and fashion brands have started to employ PET in the production of some of their products.


VOT on occasion of MIDO 2020 will launch its own eyewear collection made of this eco-friendly eyewear material made from recycled PET plastic bottles.


“At a global level, the impact of plastic production and its inefficient disposal is causing catastrophic environmental effects. If plastic production levels stay the same, plastic volume is expected to increase fourfold by 2050. For this reason industrial politics must take a new direction and eyewear companies should do their part, too. This awareness involves us, too. For this reason we commit to offer materials in line with both environmental and customer needs, a customer that is more and more interested in buying green products. » affirms Fabio Ferracane.



These data lead the ophthalmic industry to reconsider their production methodology, because Planet safeguard is not a Vision of Tomorrow, but a vision of today.


Founded by Fabio Ferracane, the CEO that manages the company together with Nora Cabrera, the COO and creative director. Vision of Tomorrow (VoT) is an eyewear consulting company provides integrated services to advise and support brands, manufacturing companies, distributors and retail chains in their business activities.



collection de lunettes FYSH 2019

5 septembre 2019

YSH Fall 2019 collection


Thin, linear designs and lightweight constructions define the FYSH collection for Fall 2019. Always showcasing unique patterns and contemporary color combinations inspired by the latest runway looks, the new styles stand out for their unconventional play with shapes. The result is trendsetting eyewear, perfect for the strong, ambitious women who embrace individual style. 

Style F-3637 is a round, combination frame transformed into a catty shape with pierced end pieces. The monoblock front features a cut down around the rims and outlined in an accent hue. This style is offered in black rose, brown gold, teal grey and purple black. 


Titanium styles F-3639 and F-3640 are both styles featuring a semi-rimless top rim and outlined by a flat wire browline. Contrasting finishes and two-tone coloring add the finishing touch. F-3639 comes in black rose gold, navy ice blue and brown gold, and F-3640 is available in black light gun, brown gold and pink rose gold.

A round shape with a double bridge bar gives a retro vibe to stainless-steel style F-3641. Featuring a finely engraved botanical pattern on the front and the temples, this model is sealed with an accent color on the bridge and the end pieces. Available color combinations include black rose, brown gold, wine black and rose black.


collection de lunettes enfants TURBOFLEX chez ASPEX

30 août 2019

Sauf si vous offrez à vos clients la technologie TURBOFLEX® de chez Aspex

En plus d’être plus solide, les montures incluant la technologie TurboFlex® pour les enfants se veulent gaies et colorées, tout en étant adaptées à tous les âges. Une technologie brevetée intégrée dans l’ensemble de notre offre.

Aspex Lunettes Enfants équipées du systèmes TurboFlex
EC 486 030

Toutes nos montures enfants sont équipées de notre système Breveté TurboFlex®.

EC 486 030
EC 486 030

Une partie de notre collection enfants bénéficie de notre clip solaire polarisant breveté : EasyClip®

Découvrez nos collections en visitant notre site internet :

La résistance incroyable des montures Aspex Enfants

collection de lunettes modèle AURA par la marque BLACKFIN

28 août 2019


Juillet 2019 – Blackfin présente AURA, la nouvelle collection de montures en bêta titane avec des cercles en acétate. La structure de Blackfin est contaminée et éclairée par un contour en acétate de cellulose italien, lumineux et d’une couleur fortement matérielle.

C’est ainsi qu’est née AURA, une collection de montures optiques qui élève le concept de contamination dans son sens le plus pur, où les éléments se fondent naturellement pour créer un équilibre techno-glamour parfait qui donne le jour à des objets de design, dans le style authentique Blackfin.

La version estivale présente cinq nouveaux modèles avec des cercles en acétate qui contrastent avec la structure en bêta titane. Une proposition pour une coupe masculine, Dunkirk, de forme carrée et plus unisexe, Palos, de forme ronde inspirée au pantos. Pour toutes les deux, la gamme de couleurs va d’acétates havane miel, vert militaire, noir brillant, marron havane, transparents, combinés avec la structure des lunettes dans les coloris noir, canon de fusil, vert olive, bleu métallisé. Palos est également disponible en version manifestement féminine, rose avec des cercles marron havane/rose.

Palos - col.1086

Les montures femme présentent des formes résolument gracieuses, leurs cercles allant de la silhouette souple du modèle Glace Bay aux indémodables œils-de-chat plus ronds (Florida Bay) ou carrés (Port Elizabeth). Ici aussi, le choix des couleurs privilégie des teintes chaudes et élégantes, proposant des acétates transparents, floraux, aux teintes pleines ou nuancées, combinés avec du bêta titane noir, or champagne, bleu foncé, marron, rose poudre, rouge bourgogne, argent brillant.

Toutes les montures Blackfin AURA sont dotées des nouvelles plaquettes tilting nose pads et des nouveaux manchons Swordfish au design ergonomique.

Blackfin / Looking Beyond. Always.

nouvelle collection LIGHTBIRD été 2019

26 août 2019




The first Light_Matter Sun glasses collection dedicated to creativity and style, 100% Made in Italy




July 2019 _ Summer is synonymous with relax, sun, holiday, sea, mountains, parties and fun. LIGHTBIRD fosters this Summer mood by launching the Light_Matter Sun collection, composed of five models with frames and lenses in summer and contemporary colours. Two iconic models stand out from the collection by the Bellunese designer Corrado Rosson: HEART and PLANET.




HEART a women’s sun model, represents the brand’s concept in an iconic way.  Corrado Rosson reinterprets and creates his own version of the heart-shaped glasses, a great evergreen classic of the ’60s, recalling the stylised heart of the Lightbird’s logo. There are three color combination for this model: front Light Blue, metal satin « Natural Light » and multilayer Blue antireflective lenses; front total Bright Black, metal satin « Light off » and mirror smoke antireflective lenses; front Soft Brown, metal satin « Warm Light » and Soft Brown Havana, shaded Brown antireflective lenses



The sun model PLANET is characterized by a retro style shape. The rounded lenses bring back to the great splendours of the first decades of the twentieth century but the innovative production system leads to a contemporary style. On the left lense sits a small detail that recalls the LIGHTBIRD’s logo: the eye of the bird. The women’s sun collection includes three colors including an exciting Etheric Pink contrasted by a front metal Mirror « Natural Light » and multilayer Pink antireflective lenses.  The two other colour variations offered for this model are: front total Bright Black, metal satin « Light off » and mirror smoke antireflective lenses; front Soft Brown, metal satin « Warm Light » and Soft Brown Havana, shaded Brown antireflective lenses.


These women’s sunglasses are characterized by original lines, able to adapt to different summer looks, thanks to both the shades of the lenses and the colors of the frames. Ideal for those who want to take flight with 100% Made in Italy style and creativity.