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collection de lunettes OGI Eyewear 2019

11 avril 2019

A Little Ogi Love



MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Four brand new frames from Ogi spark a reimagined vigor in us all with playful natures and stunning colorways.



A pluming and colorful assemblage, the 9122 brings multiple focal points to attention. A smooth and silky stainless steel temple finish and the playful, bold use of color throughout the acetate are just a few noticeable traits this playful frame carries.



The 9239 couples duo-toned acetates to create a translucent work of art. With purposeful angular shaping, the 9239 is fit for any fashionista with an eye for creativity.



With the 9248, a striking appearance of the urbane and suave presents itself. This smartly shaped rectangular frame is complimented by neatly placed stainless steel temples, not pulling focus, but rather encompassing the 9248 to fit a higher sought lifestyle.



The 9249 brings retro vibes in both print and shape. Disco is far from dead with shimmering acetate that accents this not-so-classic cat eye. The stainless steel temple guides you along to every angle of the frame, connecting this psychedelic trip from start to finish.




Counter cards, frame stands, and banners are available upon request.



collection de lunettes KOMONO OPTICAL printemps/été 2019

10 avril 2019


Radical in reduction



A continuation of the Fall/Winter 2018 season, the new KOMONO Optical collection defies the pull of gravity for a weightless feel. Defined by modern silhouettes and pure construction, Spring/Summer 2019 explores the radical in reduction.


A force of attraction, the Gravity collection features supremely light and flexible laser-cut metal frames. Vibrant new colorways, such as electric blue and neon pink, inject brightness into impossibly slender frames.


A surprising twist to the Elementary collection, the Elementary Gap adds a sense of airiness to KOMONO’s core optical collection.


The Johnny, a hexagon-shaped metal frame with pronounced double bridge, is introduced for a strong graphic look.






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collection de lunettes Copenhagen

28 mars 2019
25-27th January 2019

This season FLEYE Copenhagen is introducing the second part of their “Flowers of Denmark” campaign. The ice blocks that were capturing the frozen flora in AW18
have melted and the flowers have given space for a soft float under water. These floral portraits with their stunning magnifying and color intensifying effects led to the new shapes and colors of the Spring Summer collection 2019.

We can’t wait to introduce you to 29 new eyewear designs at OPTI, Munich.


Best sellers 4519 by MODO

26 mars 2019


Modèle Ebony Court par SCOJO NEW YORK

21 mars 2019

Scojo New York welcomes the Ebony Court: The Road To Recycling



With the new year comes so many different ambitions and goals for each and every one of us, and Scojo New York is no exception.


Ogi Eyewear has been keeping busy, concentrating on making even better ethical decisions through their design and business practices. That’s why they are beyond thrilled to introduce their first frame crafted exclusively from 100% recycled acetate – the Ebony Court from the Scojo New York collection!


Ebony Court

A step toward a more forward and sustainable practice, the Ebony Court takes recycled materials and breathes new life into a fresh design. Bold and robust in build, thickly shaped acetate comes together for a strikingly deep color and form. With classic, finely placed detail, the Ebony Court is a seamless transition into a brighter, eco-friendly future in fashion.


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BARBERINI Eyewear et l’école de ski CORTINA

20 mars 2019




The collaboration between Barberini and SCUOLA SCI CORTINA goes on, waiting for the 2021 Olympic Games for which Cortina has applied: the 150 teachers will have at their disposal the latest news from Barberini Eyewear, in particular the two new Explorer-X BR1816 and BR1817 models. The ergonomic design, specifically studied for a sporty attitude, is perfect for the high mountain slopes, giving the right support to the amazing Platinum GlassTM lenses. Polarization, photochromism, infrared protection and hydrophobic treatments always ensure the best visual conditions, in every situation.


Glass, I see

collection de lunettes de soleil par KOMONO

1 mars 2019




Solid Collection


Frames with presence, frames with power. The Solid Collection puts a fresh spin on rectangular and cat-eye

frames. Featuring all-new temple designs and colorways with beachy vibes, the season-stealing Solid Collection is KOMONO’s cure for the summertime blues.

Solid frames in bold new colors that capture the spirit of summer.


The Brooklyn and the Lucile are available in All Black and Sand.

The Kelly is available in All Black and Rum.

The Jessie is available in Pacific, Nude and Black Tortoise.

The Ellis is available in Black Tortoise, Sahara and Zircon.

The Harley is available in Black Tortoise, Latte and Ruby.



Solid Flush Collection


Re-invented lenses give an extra touch to this already striking collection.


The Brooklyn Flush is available in Pacific and Tortoise.

The Lucile Flush is available in Powder Pink and Clear Demi.

The Kelly Flush is available in Pacific and Powder Pink.


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collection de lunettes VAVA EYEWEAR été 2019

25 février 2019

For the upcoming Spring 2019 Vava presents new models in aluminium from the White Label,

the more classical line which identifies with simplicity, cleanness and purity.


The WL0022 spectacle frame and the WL0023 sunglasses are made of aluminium, an extremely light material with great physical and mechanical properties, produced in Italy using a cutting-edge industrial cutting / milling process.


Round shape with double bridge which is underlined by a subtle stripe in contrast:

black with silver frame and grey with black frame.


100% rubber nose pads are also a new feature that will provide a softer filling. The new acetate temple tips while further contributing to soften the filling it will also improve adjustment of the spectacles.


The aluminum frames are made at small family-owned Italian factory, as we pride ourselves in avoiding mass production. VAVA also uses exclusively Barberini lenses across all models in the aluminum series.


VAVA is very much inspired by Architecture and Industrial Design.
There is a strong interplay between the design elements involved in architecture / industrial design and VAVA designs.

We like to picture eyewear as an architectural design piece.


VAVA’s glasses have a sophisticated, contemporaneous and urban look.

They are relaxed, subtly futuristic, conceptual and timeless.

VAVA designs are based in three principals: function, concept, design.

modèles de lunette JOAN par OKO by OKO

19 février 2019

Logo OKO by OKO Paris vertical 2017 JPG



Parfaite Harmonie entre le Passé et le Présent.



Inspiration ou nostalgie ? Au travers de JOAN, la marque vise à trouver un point de rencontre entre la technologie moderne et le patrimoine esthétique des années 30.

Réinterprétant les caractéristiques structurelles des lunettes classiques de cette époque, son architecture ronde à la taille généreuse en acier inoxydable, sa ligne pure et minimaliste, ses détails soignés et son clip solaire polarisé épuré et magnétique (!) en font un bel exemple de fabrication moderne répondant à une tendance actuelle.

Le cadre ultra fin de l’acier inoxydable donne une sensation de légèreté et met en valeur le côté non conventionnel de la personnalité du porteur.


Avec la lunette JOAN –  de la marque OKO by OKO Paris, on a un design pur, élégant mais toujours dans la lignée ‘créateur’ distinctive de la marque. Pour elle ou pour lui. Cette lunette ravira bien sûr les adeptes des lunettes qui ont du caractère et du style. Du créateur, oui, mais accessible à tous !


OKO by OKO ne cesse d’étonner par ses créations toujours plus innovantes, par ses designs toujours plus surprenants et par ses combinaisons de couleurs toujours plus fringantes.

Et là, on réalise l’évidence : tout est consciemment et élégamment décalé, comme si la marque donnait vie à ses idées et à ses créations en repoussant les limites du possible et en bouleversant les idées reçues.


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FLEYE Copenhagen récompensé au salon de Opti Munich

7 février 2019
FLEYE wins German Design Award
December 2018

Press release: Fleye Copenhagen is receiving the German Design Award for Excellent Product Design in the Category Lifestyle and Fashion.

The German Design Awards are the international premier prize awarded by the German Design Council, the authoritative German body for branding and design. Its goal is to discover, present, and honour unique trends in design.

Fleye Copenhagen eyewear frame « Fox » was one of more than 5,400 products presented to the jury and got awarded with the « Special Mention » in the Category Lifestyle and Fashion.

« We are beyond excited to win the award, especially because we work so hard on our collections. The German Design Award confirms our efforts to become better and better, and feels like a huge pounding of the back, which just encourages us to reach the next level. » – Annette Estø, Founder and Head of Design at FLEYE Copenhagen.

The GDA are considered among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide. Special Mention awards are given to designs that feature particularly successful partial aspects or solutions – these prizes honour the commitment of companies and designers.

In its statement, the Jury is highlighting not only the lively, impish and sturdy design of Fox, that is handcrafted in 3 visible layers of a hard density cellulose acetate in combination with beta-titanium, but also the overall adaptability of the frame for individual wearers.

The ceremony will be held on February 8th in Frankfurt, Germany.

About the product
Fox is composed of three visible layers, combining solid and transparent acetate with sleek beta-titanium to create a look that is classy yet playful. Handcrafted with a hard density cellulose acetate, Fox opens a new chapter in eyewear design that ensures a new lightness and flexibility in a strong and durable frame. The acetate temple end tips and nose pads are individually adjustable for the perfect fit. Fox is made using non-toxic materials with hypoallergenic qualities, and comes with AR coated lenses.