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collection de lunettes femmes par LACE PATTERN pour OKIA

3 janvier 2019





OKIA is proud to present its latest extraordinary goal, reached through a continuous research and improvement of the patented HDA® Technology: the new “Fascinating Lace” collection is indeed a really surprising blend of high technology and fashion that will seduce the feminine public through its glamorous elegance.


Inspiration can come from anywhere and, thanks to the incredible opportunities opened by the HDA® Technology, OKIA is able to translate every single inspirational image or idea into extremely detailed and lifelike eyewear decorations. In order to meet the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding women, OKIA has developed an original collection inspired by lace pattern that is an authentic masterpiece of design and innovation. Traditional hallmark of women’s items like wedding dresses or veils, lace has recently become one of the hottest fashion trends: that is why OKIA has decided to put its refined pattern on eyewear, creating a special collection for a charming and contemporary look.


Beautiful lace patterns bring attention to the frames and give them a deep touch of femininity, while the textured effect further enhances the overall look&feel. Moreover, every frame is enriched by shiny rhinestones that, applied on the front or on the temples, create a subtle sense of luxury. Featuring contemporary and fashionable shapes, the “Fascinating Lace” collection is the perfect choice to stand out during the upcoming holiday season.






collection de lunettes Cabrio by HOET Hivers 2018

10 octobre 2018
Cette collection innovante n’est pas une simple ligne de lunettes.
Produites en Belgique, les montures de la jeune collection de lunettes Cabrio dévoilent instantanément leur technologie de fabrication avancée. La technologie d’impression 3D, où une technique laser fixe sélectivement des particules de plastique les unes aux autres, est un procédé de fabrication écologique qui n’utilise que la matière nécessaire pour réaliser les lunettes et ne produit donc aucun déchet résiduel.
Cabrio Eyewear est prête pour la digitalisation des montures.
Et vous ? 
La forme de la série Cabrio PZ ne pouvait pas non plus se concrétiser autrement qu’avec cette technologie. Ainsi Cabrio PZ compte à présent 2 lunettes de soleil (PZ 1-2) et ces nouveaux modèles d’optiques (PZ 3-4-5) dans les couleurs noir, marron et gris.
P. Hoet nv
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OKIA « FRAMEOUT » la premiere collection en 3D

18 mai 2018




OKIA announced the launch of “FRAMEOUT”, the first 3D printed eyewear collection featuring the revolutionary 360° Hinge, at Mido 2018.


Always committed to research and innovation, OKIA opens up completely new and unlimited design possibilities through this surprising collection, according to the unlimited inspirations that can come from anywhere around us. The “FRAMEOUT” collection adds small details such as lines, layers and structures that we see every day in our life into the eyewear. Thanks to the 3D printing technique, even the simplest design can become an authentic eyewear masterpiece.


The “FRAMEOUT” collection includes 3D printed glasses that not only ensure a wonderful and up-to-date look but also offer a supreme comfort wearing experience to the user, without compromising style. Thanks to 360° Hinge – a 360o rotated integrated hinge with worldwide invention patent by OKIA which successfully passed a 10,000 times of rotation test – the temple can be bended 45 degrees outward and 25 degrees upward and downward, as well as rotated 360 degrees: this enhances the eyewear’s durability and makes it more valuable. From a design point of view, glasses can be customized and built more easily by 3D printing than by traditional acetate CNC or injection.



Developed in partnership with SFERED – an Amsterdam based company specialized in developing advanced technologies for customized eyewear – the new “FRAMEOUT” collection has been conceived by OKIA from the first sketch to the final 3D printed product. Thanks to a state-of-the-art 3D scanner, it is possible to obtain a high-resolution 3D scan of the customer’s face in just 1 second. Then, by means of the SFERED Platform, a software for the customization of eyewear based on a patented unique technology, adjustments can be made and the 3D scan can be converted into a production file. As soon as the 3D printerreceives the production file, a perfect-fitting and tailor-made pair of glasses can be produced.


Nothing is impossible if we keep innovating and now, thanks to the new “FRAMEOUT” collection, OKIA can integrate the revolutionary 360° Hinge and the innovative 3D printing technique into the eyewear and offer completely out-of-the-box designs to their customers.



nouvelle collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR

18 septembre 2017

Emerging Trends: Minimalism Reimagined by Red Rose


MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Building upon a rich heritage of minimalistic design, Red Rose is teeming with excitement to announce the arrival of its Fall 2017 lineup. This collection showcases a whole host of new styles that utilize revolutionary high-density acetate and industrial-quality stainless steel. Headlined by the Carrara and Diamante, these models blend classic silhouettes with contemporary colorways, and achieve a sleek and simple aesthetic with subtle details and original components. Reimagining optical solutions for the modern minimalist, Red Rose’s Fall 2017 collection introduces timeless eyewear that responds to an emerging desire for considered design with a pared down look.


The Carrara

This fiercely feminine cat-eye frame features a softly-upswept silhouette handmade from translucent high-density acetate—an ultra-lightweight material with extreme durability. The Carrara’s pastel colorway incorporates some of the season’s coolest hues, including Aloe Green and Rose Dust. Stainless steel temples with a crosshatched pattern add visible texture, while adjustable tips—wrapped in acetate and capped with the iconic Red Rose emblem—elevate the comfort and style of this contemporized vintage-style frame.


The Diamante

The latest P3 frame introduced by Red Rose, the Diamante was masterfully designed with simplicity in mind. Carefully handcrafted from sturdy high-density acetate, this scholarly style has a keyhole bridge—a definitive mark of intellect—and a round silhouette with a defined, squared-off edge. The textured stainless steel temples are attached with minimalistic rolling hinges that feature a screwless construction. This must-have model comes in a sophisticated colorway, too, led by Adriatic Teal and Crystal.



Red Rose banners, counter cards, logo blocks, and mirrors are available upon request.


collection de lunettes ECO par MODO 2017

9 mai 2017





collection de lunettes OKO BY OKO modèles KA09 2016

7 décembre 2016



#pourelle #pourlui #ultralégère #createur

Chez OKO by OKO Paris, les nouvelles collections affichent un design exclusif, un look créateur toujours en quête d’innovation de formes, d’effets de matières et de couleurs. Ces nouveautés optiques ont du tempérament à l’instar de la lunette KAO9 au style unique et distinctif.

Quand l’injecté rencontre l’acier … La double-matière TR-90 injectée (face) et acier (branches) inscrit cette lunette dans un registre d’ultra-légèreté tandis que son design affirmé grâce à sa forme arrondie façon Pantos la classe dans le répertoire des montures très tendances.

Une lunette qui ravira toutes celles et ceux qui veulent donner du caractère et du style à leur choix de monture. Du créateur, oui, mais accessible à tous !


OKO by OKO Paris – créateur de lunettes pour tous depuis 1999 – good design for good people.

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