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collection de lunettes NIRVAN JAVAN 2020

27 mars 2020

OPTI 2020 

The Swiss brand comes fresh  with a glimpse of the newest collection




NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR constant development has lead to the creation of the first shiny optical frames. The collection has a different appearance and gives the puristic models a new character. Colours and shapes are created with care to affirm the pursuit of perfection and elegance that makes NIRVAN JAVAN unique.


collection de lunettes NIRVAN JAVAN Eyewear

14 mars 2019



The purism of the shapes for a timeless elegance


NIRVAN JAVAN – brand run by the Swiss designer Nirvan Javan – with Persian origin – debuts at the next edition of OPTI Fair, in YES Independent Design area, Pavilion C2 Booth 337, which will take place in Munich from 25th to 27th January 2019.


The upcoming Swiss brand is featured by eyewear with puristic and elegant designs. The spectacles are produced with high quality material and they are made for highlighting own personal style. Clean and essential shapes give to whom wears NIRVAN JAVAN models a timeless elegance. NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR presented matt acetate models, because of – for the designer – enhances the lineaments of the face. Afterwards the eyewear collections are developed with new metal models capturing the spirit of time in a slight retro look.


NJE 11 the iconic acetate model

Matt acetate frame with pastel tones creates a smooth effect, enhancing the neutral and elegant style. The most popular model combines perfectly lines and tones with several looks: from elegant and formal to casual and urban style.



NJE 25  the iconic metal model

NJE 25 it’s a round – style timeless model, so beloved by famous people from culture, politics and art fields. The old style shapes and metal golden tones exalt a refined elegance, one of the symbols of the Swiss brand.



NJE S12 a puristic sunglass model

The new sun collection represents the spirit and the principle of NIRVAN JAVAN. High quality frames with defined stylistic shapes with a puristic and timeless design, Carl Zeiss lenses are coated by backside anti-reflection and also can be available with polarized lenses. With NIRVAN JAVAN sunglasses there is no compromise between elegance and eyes protection, BECAUSE YOU CAN keep on your style without lose the eyes care.


NIRVAN JAVAN debuts at OPTI 2019 in YES Independent Design area, Pavilion C2 Booth 337

OKIA « FRAMEOUT » la premiere collection en 3D

18 mai 2018




OKIA announced the launch of “FRAMEOUT”, the first 3D printed eyewear collection featuring the revolutionary 360° Hinge, at Mido 2018.


Always committed to research and innovation, OKIA opens up completely new and unlimited design possibilities through this surprising collection, according to the unlimited inspirations that can come from anywhere around us. The “FRAMEOUT” collection adds small details such as lines, layers and structures that we see every day in our life into the eyewear. Thanks to the 3D printing technique, even the simplest design can become an authentic eyewear masterpiece.


The “FRAMEOUT” collection includes 3D printed glasses that not only ensure a wonderful and up-to-date look but also offer a supreme comfort wearing experience to the user, without compromising style. Thanks to 360° Hinge – a 360o rotated integrated hinge with worldwide invention patent by OKIA which successfully passed a 10,000 times of rotation test – the temple can be bended 45 degrees outward and 25 degrees upward and downward, as well as rotated 360 degrees: this enhances the eyewear’s durability and makes it more valuable. From a design point of view, glasses can be customized and built more easily by 3D printing than by traditional acetate CNC or injection.



Developed in partnership with SFERED – an Amsterdam based company specialized in developing advanced technologies for customized eyewear – the new “FRAMEOUT” collection has been conceived by OKIA from the first sketch to the final 3D printed product. Thanks to a state-of-the-art 3D scanner, it is possible to obtain a high-resolution 3D scan of the customer’s face in just 1 second. Then, by means of the SFERED Platform, a software for the customization of eyewear based on a patented unique technology, adjustments can be made and the 3D scan can be converted into a production file. As soon as the 3D printerreceives the production file, a perfect-fitting and tailor-made pair of glasses can be produced.


Nothing is impossible if we keep innovating and now, thanks to the new “FRAMEOUT” collection, OKIA can integrate the revolutionary 360° Hinge and the innovative 3D printing technique into the eyewear and offer completely out-of-the-box designs to their customers.



collection de lunettes SS18 par MODO

17 avril 2018


collection de lunettes KOMONO

15 novembre 2017





For their latest Opticals collection, KOMONO has built on their successful 2016 debut at SILMO Paris, and channeled this momentum into a new line of frames.


This year, the KOMONO team kept their search for inspiration close to home, focusing on Antwerp’s heritage as an oasis for contemporary design with modern materials. The collection features an architectural aesthetic and structural feel that is entirely Antwerp and unmistakably KOMONO. To bring these qualities to life, the photo shoot for this collection was captured at Antwerp’s leading international arts campus: deSingel.


A crisp and compact range, Opticals brings the same stylish vibe of KOMONO sunglasses to prescription frames. KOMONO will unveil three collection highlights, each showing their unique perspective on modern design. The Elementary collection is the star of show, an ultra-thin minimalist metal series. Also on the roster, the popular Clovis style grows into a distinct family with three new styles. And rounding out the Opticals offering, KOMONO introduces an exciting new acetate block: Clear Demi.

For more information about KOMONO, please visit






collection de lunettes KIYOSHI TAKUMI

8 septembre 2017


nouveau modèle FW17 de lunettes MODO

5 septembre 2017

Le modèle FW217: les derniers modèles enrichissent de nouvelles formes et de couleurs inédites les innovations monture MODO, inspirées de l’architecture.



lunettes ELBLOCK

4 juillet 2017





The Cadore eyewear company is pointing “to share” on the web, 

with to goal to win optics and final consumers 

In a society that moves ever faster, even the communication becomes “dynamic”.  For the launch of the sun-clip frames – which will be available in stores from September 2017 – EBLCOK  will rely on an alternative campaign:  a “story telling” that animates a short video.  Thirty-second of pictures to tell, at the same time, a story and the essential of a brand:  coherence, research and seriousness, supported by  the great know-how of the company –Som Eyewear –  that claim over 40 years of activity in the frames industry. The brand has benne able to contaminate the tradition with technological innovations, giving to the collection a contemporary breath. So, sophisticated shapes, the importance of the materials and the expressive effectiveness of the colours, blend into a unique “expertise”. An eyewear with a double soul:  “citizen” in the aesthetics and “mountain” in his soul, that maintains its personality in the city but doesn’t forget its roots.

The video –which will be shared in the social on June the 21st,  first summer day – will tell all this, with a fresh and immediate language, to conquer a young and dynamic audience. The protagonist is a classical hipster – a modern bohemian, conscious and unconventional, original but not overbold. He is attentive to details, he loves simple, linear shapes, fluid designs; just EBLOCK frames. Hi is a “Messanger”, a modern Ermes, he breaks into traffic to complete his mission, just to deliver a message. He wraps  it up then takes his bike and goes, hi reaches his destination and someone opens the door……….(to find out how it goes, just connect to the social profile of the company:


The “call to action” towards the consumer? The cool and fascinating images have the goal to capture ones attention and encouraging to comment. Who will comment – through a messenger – will receive a personalized message, a phrase of luck and, in turn, will tag other people who will receive the good wish  message. The power of detail and imagination will support the strength of the video itself: it will thus create an addicted community of Eblock.


The Social Campaign and the video have been designed and made by Larin Group

collection de lunettes EVATIK May 2017

7 juin 2017

EVATIK May 2017 releases

State-of-the-art technology, top quality materials and refined design elements are showcased in the pre-summer EVATIK collection. Combining the latest eyewear and fashion trends with contemporary, masculine color combinations, the new models allow the cosmopolitan modern man to find the perfect balance between comfort and luxury through a clean, understated style that is uniquely EVATIK.

Past meets future in model E-9150. With a clubmaster shape reminiscent of 1950’s styling, this stainless steel frame features a carbon fiber weave inlaid in the brow line that gives a sleek and masculine twist to its vintage inspiration. The ultra thin profile makes this style extremely lightweight, while providing optimal comfort. E‑9150 is offered in Navy Blue, Brown and Gun.
Model E-9146 is a monoblock stainless steel semi-rimless style that combines minimalistic design with sporty detailing. The step down along the edge of the front, achieved through a precise laser etching technique, creates an interesting design element. Thanks to the subtle two-tone coloring that accentuates the clean lines of its design – Black Red, Gun Black and Navy Grey – this modified square shape conveys a sporty yet absolutely up-to-date look.
Handcrafted with high gloss Japanese acetate, vintage inspired model E-9147 evokes a modernized 1960’s design with its square shape, gradient coloring and dropped bridge. The EVATIK logo is laser engraved on the flat surface of the OBE spring hinge, providing a clean design element and subtle logo branding. E-9147 is available in Grey Smoke, Blue Smoke and Brown Smoke.
EVATIK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

collection de lunettes FYSH UK May 2017

6 juin 2017

FYSH UK May 2017 releases

Natural inspiration is the focus for the pre-summer FYSH UK launch. By combining sultry nature inspired patterns and colors with innovative design elements, the new FYSH UK collection produces interesting, fresh outcomes in the most current shapes. The perfect mix of key fashion influences, top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology creates a unique style, perfect for the confident woman who is not afraid to express her authentic spirit.

A unique color blocking technique gives F-3579 its intriguing appeal. The soft cat-eye is brought to life with a solid band of color that is layered upon a wispy, brush stroke pattern providing a unique depth to the design. This style is available in classic hues of Black Grey and Brown Sand, for a pure natural look, or in more bright tones such as Cobalt Turquoise and Purple Violet, for those looking for a bolder fashion statement.
F-3581 is fierce and flirty with a shimmery crocodile print highlighting the 70’s inspired softly rounded cat-eye. The exotic print extends across the brow bar and gently drapes onto the temple giving the frame a soft yet sexy vibe. Coupled with vivid color options – Purple, Cobalt, Black and Raspberry – this hot motif creates a fiercely feminine and on-trend look.
Constructed from high gloss, handmade acetate, model F-3580 exhibits a translucent smoky pattern for a truly dramatic outcome. The squared cat-eye shape is centered with a stainless steel endpiece, adding an interesting design element to this eye-catching style. Available in rich, whimsical tones of Cobalt Haze, Purple Haze, Burgundy Haze and Brown Haze, F-3580 is the perfect style for any season.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or