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collection de lunettes femmes par LIGHTBIRD

20 avril 2020





Two new 100% Made in Italy women’s models, characterized by innovative shapes, color combinations and design.



January 2020_ LIGHTBIRD launches two new women’s optical models : BAOBAB and SNAKE. The designer Corrado Rosson thus completes LIGHT_MATTER, the debut collection of the Bellunese brand, after having presented two other novelties in Munich: FLOWER and BUSINESSMAN.


New shapes and color combinations feature the frames that will expand the first collection, consisting of 17 optical and 5 sun models. The homonymous material patented by the Italian company testifies its D.N.A., linked to innovation and industrial technology. Light_MATTER was indeed born from the union of two materials: Italian Acetate and light hi-tech aluminium alloy.

BAOBAB and SNAKE recall, like the names of all the other frames in the collection, The Little Prince, the literary masterpiece by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry. Rosson loved this story and identified an affinity between the values conveyed by the novel and those belonging to the brand’s philosophy.




BAOBAB, with large square lenses, is perfect for enhancing facial details. This is an optical frame that also becomes an accessory thanks to its style, in line with the latest trends. Available in four color combinations, capable of highlight its shapes: the sober C001 Front Bright Black, end pieces detail , metal Satin « Light off », temple Bright Black, the seductive C055 with Front Ruby Red, end pieces detail , metal Sandblasted « Light Black », temple Bright Black, the energetic C061 Front Cubic Honey Havana, end pieces detail, metal Sandblasted « Light Black », temple Cubic Honey Havana,  and the elegant C063 Front Night Blue, end pieces detail, metal Shiny « Warm Light », temple Night Blue.





SNAKE is as sinuous as a snake with frontal characterized by a contemporary style. The innovative patented « Light_Matter » material allows to create material contrasts of metal and acetate. Innovative are also the chromatic combinations, such as C058‘s Front Etheric Pink, end pieces detail, metal Mirror « Natural Light », temple Etheric Pink. C060 with Front Cubic Honey Havana, end pieces detail Violet, metal Satin Cyclamen, temple Cubic Honey Havana; C055 Front Ruby Red, end pieces detail , metal Sandblasted « Light Black », temple Bright Black. C059 with Front Cubic Gray Havana, end pieces detail, metal Sandblasted « Light Black », temple Bright Black.


Each pair of glasses is also linked to Light_NEST, the company’s website, through the unique QR-code, one of the specialties of LIGHTBIRD. 100% Made in Italy product.




campagne de communication 2019 Lunettes BELVIE par ZED COMM

16 avril 2019



January 2019 – Belvie the French eyewear brand, result of the passion of Optika, a French optician with 7 shops and a 40-year history in eyewear, has appointed Zed_Comm as press office and media relations agency for communications in the trade Europe communication activities and the management of social channels.
The name Belvie means “beautiful life”  and the mission of the eyewear brand is seeks to represent the ideal product for those who are looking for quality, technology and aesthetics in their life also through a glasses frame able to convey the true personality of the wearer. Both the prescriptioneyeglassesand sunglass frames can be recognized for their modern design,paired with sophisticated colors, top quality and handmade materials and a perfectly comfortable fit.
With its two offices in Milan and Verona, the Zed_Comm communications and public relations agency has been in business for 25 years. As well as conventional press office, public relations and advertising consulting services, the agency also offers innovative forms of communication, event organisation and marketing strategies designed to ensure visibility and high performance levels.

The experience it has already gained in the industry with various eyewear, fashion and design industry clients, and its innate versatility, make Zed_Comm BELVIE’s ideal partner, able to offer ideas for innovative, wide-ranging communications.



Per maggiori informazioni su BELVIE:

collection CABRIO la marque HOET

23 février 2017


The Yuniku concept is fully integrated, ensuring seamless customisation, production and delivery. Customers are involved throughout, offering maximum opportunity to interact and create their own unique eyewear.

In store, the customer’s facial features are scanned and their visual needs are recorded. Based on the collected data, the optimal wearing parameters are defined and fixed and an automatic sizing recommendation for the frame is made. The optician who uses the Yuniku platform advises on the most suitable and advanced lenses from the HOYA selection.

This ensures not only optimal vision but also the most comfortable frame fit, because each frame can be customised to suit every unique face.

Frame design, colour and finish can all be chosen to match the customer’s individual style.


collection de lunettes EVATIK EYEWEAR

15 février 2017

EVATIK January 2017 releases

EVATIK eyewear is modern, clean and restrained with a refined, sometimes daring elegance. Drawing inspiration from the latest European eyewear trends, EVATIK combines intensity and subtlety into 3 sophisticated new frames that capture the true essence of style. Designed to satisfy today’s fashion savvy man, each model features unique designs, top quality materials and advanced technology and is available in contemporary, masculine color combinations.

Model E-9139 will delight the stylish man looking for a modern sophisticated frame without sacrificing comfort or durability. With its dropped bridge and a wide flare that is tailor-made for individuals with a wide bridge, E‑9139 features a laser print pattern on the brow line and the temples that takes its inspiration from the graph check, a timeless trend in menswear. The larger eye size and the rectangular eye shape of this model are perfectly balanced for larger face shapes, while the temple length is designed for those requiring longer temples. E-9139 is available in classic hues of Matte Black, Matte Blue and Tortoise.


It’s a return to 90s styling with models E-9140 and E-9141. Both styles feature an intricate laser etched pattern on the bridge and the temples that creates a unique and refined design element, while the thin metal profile ensures a quiet and gentle look. Made of Japanese titanium, these frames are strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and lightweight, while still being discreet. Antique hues complete the retro feeling of these frames: semi-rimless style E-9140 is available in Black, Antique Brown and Antique Grey, while full-rim style E-9141 is offered in Antique Navy, Antique Dark Grey and Antique Bronze.

EVATIK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA 2016

28 novembre 2016


Xavier Garcia for Autumn-Winter 2016-17 adds three new designs to the SKIN collection. The metal family Structures continues to experiment and complete the offer with new vintage styles and retro moods: metal foils called « skins » create unique designs that are full of character and energy.
The Structures family – inspired by minimalist architecture – is expanding with the models JANET, JOANA and LAREDO.

Xavier Garcia_janet_c02_f_2016.jpg

JANET is diligent and refined. She stands out for her energetic high-heeled stride and the gentle scent of exotic flowers and spices that wafts behind her as she passes by. She never takes the lift (this is her secret way of staying in shape). A 50s-style cat-eye (Ø54) shape with the half rim that makes the model light while the low-rising frame allows the “skins” at the top to highlight her expressive eyebrows.

Xavier Garcia_joana_c02_f_2016.jpg

JOANA is her opposite: punctilious and generous. She loves entertaining guests and everyone knows she makes a great hostess. She treasures the dozens of skirts in her wardrobe, painstakingly mixing and matching them every day. Her greatest indulgence: carrot cake. A shape that combine design large round rims (Ø52) where the outer “skin” emphasises the top of the frame, making it big, slightly feline and with a distinctly retro styling.

Xavier Garcia_laredo_c04_f_2016.jpg

The latest model LAREDO is robust and peace-loving. He looks tough on the outside, but is soft and gentle on the inside. His broad vocabulary reveals his passion for knowledge. He is a jazz lover and enjoys watching black and white movies. Characterized by the large rectangular shape (Ø57) where the “skins” reinvent the classic design of JFK-style combination glasses.
Xavier Garcia collections express traditional values blended with elements of contemporary style; in fact, the brand sculpts and remodels the eyewear classic shapes with modern technologies and workmanship. Wearability, colours, subtle nuances, deconstruction and reconstruction are some of the key words associated with the Spanish brand.

Each piece of eyewear becomes a piece of art, set apart by artistic experimentation with size and proportions. All the creations by Xavier Garcia are eminently comfortable; they fit in with urban life, are unmistakable and always sure to turn heads.

Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.

collection de lunettes SERAPHIN EYEWEAR 2016

22 novembre 2016

Fierce Fall Fashion: Seraphin Releases New Feline-Inspired Styles
MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Seraphin, the designer of neoclassical eyewear that reimagines iconic optical style, has released three new models that exemplify the collection’s nuanced form of modern styling: the Belmont, Sibley, and Vermillion.

With a veritable museum of frames already to its name, Seraphin looks to capture the attention of optical connoisseurs with imaginative riffs on a classic shape: the cat-eye, perennially popular among highbrow booklovers and high-fashion aficionados alike.

This trio of original, feline-inspired frames will build upon the brand’s rich tradition of design excellence and place the neoclassical aesthetic at the forefront of fashion.


Seraphin’s Belmont optical frame renews vintage glamour with the cat-eye silhouette—a fashionista-favorite made popular during the Golden age of Hollywood. Its dual frame construction unites titanium and premium acetate for a fresh, lightweight take on the famous shape. Equipped with adjustable nose pads and temple tips for just the right fit, the Belmont is available in the nature-inspired hues of Rose, Azure, Coffee, and Olive.


Seraphin’s Sibley optical frame epitomizes neoclassical luxury. With premium acetate inlayed in titanium, this cat-eye is a distinctly modern modulation of 1950s-inspired fashion. Adjustable temple tips, embossed with Seraphin’s signature fleur-de-lis emblem, provide sophistication and the perfect fit. The Sibley’s pastel color palette features a variety of uplifting hues.


The Vermillion is a neoclassical optical frame that gives a wink to vintage, feline-inspired fashion. Handcrafted from premium acetate in an iconic cat-eye shape, this pair leaps out to trendsetters and retrophiles alike. Dropped horns, brow-to-temple accents, silver trim, and a marbled interior—the details go on and on. This feisty style is available in an intriguing colorway of lynx-inspired patterns.



Seraphin banners, logo blocks, and counter cards are available upon request.

collection de lunettes OKIA 2016

21 novembre 2016

Flower inspiration is an endless trend that dominates catwalks every season. Floral fashion is flirty, versatile and perfect for every occasion, adding a pretty and feminine look to any outfit.

The “Secret Garden” collection recently developed by OKIA follows this popular trend taking inspiration from the beauty of flowers and the enchanting meaning hidden behind them. By mixing this everlasting emblem of elegance with design, innovation and high quality, OKIA creates a refined proposal of unique frames that aim to express the natural feeling and magic of blossoms.

Thanks to the application of the patented HDA® Technology, charming floral decorations are realized on the acetate bringing attention to the frame and making it a perfect expression of both harmony and glamour. 3D blocks – extraordinary blends of high definition colours and sparkling solid materials – are laminated inside the acetate in order to strengthen the feeling of gradient colours. The bold colour contrast highlights the flowers’ details and makes each pattern even more realistic.

The rose is just one of the flowers featured in this eye-catching collection that blends elegance and state-of-the-art technology in real eyewear masterpieces.

nouvelle collection de lunettes FYSH UK

15 novembre 2016

FYSH UK Fall 2016 Collection

FYSH UK launches 7 new styles for Fall 2016 that effortlessly merge the latest trends in eyewear with the hottest looks seen on the fashion runways. A key inspiration for this season’s collection came from the innovative and unique ways that individual elements of design can be combined to produce a final result that is interesting, fresh and new. Whether it is the mixing of materials, finishes or patterns, the result is a collection of eye‑catching styles that are as unique and original as the women who wear them.

F-3559 is an interesting twist on a retro-inspired design. Contrasting with the oversized eye shape, the ultra-thin, high density acetate in multi-colored pastel hues appears light, modern and fresh. Capitalizing on the current trend of mixed material, a thin, silver metal inlay wraps around the acetate front providing a unique design element. F-3559 is available in a color palette of Green Confetti, Rainbow Confetti, Blue Confetti and Lavender Confetti.


F-3560 is a combination frame featuring a beveled, stainless steel front with thin, triple laminate handmade acetate temples. The deep, rich color palette is perfect for the fall season and captures many of the hues highlighted in the fall 2016 Pantone color picks. Available colors include Brown Gold, Purple Rose, Turquoise Blue and Black Cherry.


The mixing of patterns and solids was the focus for FYSH UK models F-3561 and F-3564. Inspired by the New Romanticism trend seen on the fall fashion runways, both models feature two-tone coloring combined with a baroque accent pattern on the front and temples.

F-3561 is a sexy, feminine cat-eye with the baroque pattern applied on the temples and scalloped edge, providing an interesting twist on color blocking. The rich, matte tones on the front are reminiscent of velvet, which is a key fashion trend for fall 2016. F-3561 is available in Cherry Orange, Violet Green, Teal Rose and Black Sky.


F-3564 has a more angular eye shape with the baroque pattern applied on the upper corners and temples. A bold accent color introduces color blocking to the design. F-3564 is available in Brown Aqua, Cherry Orange, Purple Charcoal and Teal Orchid.


F-3562 amps up the drama of this cat-eye shape with a triple laminate acetate and a pressed pattern along the brow and temples. The subtle touch of glitter on the front and temples adds glamour to the style. F‑3562 is available in hues of Ombre Tangerine, Ombre Teal, Ombre Blue and Ombre Purple.


The centerpiece of the FYSH UK fall collection is model F-3565, a sexy cat-eye shape with a modern, angled silhouette. Constructed from translucent acetate interwoven with metallic thread, F-3565 mixes quiet luxury with a techno edge. Each color has a different pattern which provides a unique look to the model. With metallic hues popular in both fashion and eyewear, F-3565 is sure to be a best seller. Colors include Crystal Gold, Crystal Silver, Crystal Rose and Crystal Black.


F-3566 introduces a modern take on the classic cat-eye. The flattering brow line gives this retro shape a futuristic twist while the increased depth provides a touch of glam. Ultra-thin, high density acetate provides for a clean, modern silhouette, while the silver metal inlay highlights the multi-colored handmade acetate and provides an interesting hardware design element. F-3566 is available in a color palette of Black, Tropic Mauve, Tropic Brown and Tropic Green.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

nouvelle collection des lunettes de la marque PEPE JEANS

26 août 2014


On a stall at London’s Portobello market in 1973, Nitin Shah and his two brother Arun & Milan began selling denim. Cut to today and Pepe Jeans is recognised as one of the fastest growing denim and casual wear brands in the world.

Pepe Jeans opticals bring a breath of fresh air; colouration is striking, eyeshapes are directional and finishes are diverse. From matte sandblasted crystals lined with vintage union jack prints as seen in PJ3138 to the latest, thinnest TR90 optical frames PJ3140, made from memory plastic that is both lightweight and functional, Pepe Jeans optical has it all.

Taking inspiration from the London born brand’s routes the unisex styles and signature elements and details reinforce the brand’s beginnings. Earthy, muted, military tones with strong natural greens and greys in PJ3139’s tri-colour acetate laminates and real denim inset into acetates feature strongly in PJ3143, completing this collection of young and fashion forward shapes and styles.

PJ3138C1 PJ3139C2 PJ3143C2
About Mondottica

Arguably the most successful eyewear company to appear on the world stage in the past decade, Mondottica is a true world citizen. From humble beginnings, the company now has offices and operations in Hong Kong, London, Paris, New York and Sydney with distribution reach that spans all continents.

The company’s motto – Eyewear Brand Partners – is also its mission statement and taken very seriously; to give each brand in its portfolio the respect and understanding necessary to create collections the brand is proud of. Mondottica offers exceptionally interesting brands and innovative high quality products.

Mondottica has licenses for Hackett, Christian Lacroix, Cacharel, Joules and Yohji Yamamoto worldwide, Ted Baker and Lulu Guinness worldwide except the US and Canada, Anna Sui worldwide except Japan, Marimekko worldwide except Japan and Korea and Pepe Jeans London worldwide except Spain. It also has distribution joint ventures in the European Community with Rem.

découvrez la nouvelle collection de la marque RYE&LYE

22 août 2014


Italian craftsmanship in the world of eyewear. The quest for excellence through distinctive pairings of materials: wood, aluminum, leather, rubber, carbon fiber, and fabric. Creativity and technology, the past and the future – in perfect harmony. This is the essence of RYE&LYE, the Immagine 98 collection designed for the wearer who makes mature choices and is comfortable setting trends. Strengthening this bond between past and future, art and technology, are the frames from the new collection. Styles whose names take inspiration from the great Italian masters: from Tiziano to Raffaello, from Giotto to Leonardo. Masters of Art with a capital A.
True to their craft, RYE&LYE creates minor masterpieces of eyewear: objects that are perfect in their purity. With skillful artistry the style office, headed by Tiziano Tabacchi, wisely chooses and uses materials from the future, applying them to the classic shapes of eyewear. The results are frames with names like Caravaggio, Botticelli or Mantegna that, as minor works of art, pay homage to their sublime Italian namesakes — Italian, just like RYE&LYE, in their DNA and their creativity.

caravaggio c1

giotto c2 tiziano c1

The Rye&Lye collection is manufactured by Immagine 98