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collection de lunettes ULTRA LIMITED

26 septembre 2018




September 2018. Ultra Limited – eyewear brand owned by the young Italian 450 Srl, that has made uniqueness, artisan craftsmanship and color its trademark – announces a partnership agreement with Optical Agency for distribution of its prescription eyewear frames and sunglass collections in the Netherlands.


Founded in 2010 by Onno Korsen and Annemieke Diepeveen, Optical Agency supplies quality prescription eyewear frames and sunglasses to independent Dutch opticians. The company is well-known for its personalized business approach and professional support to clients, impeccable service, fast delivery times and competitive prices.


“This strategic partnership is pivotal to launching our business in the Netherlands”, remarks Tommaso Poltrone, Co-CEO and Marketing and Export Manager for Ultra Limited. “Onno and Annemieke are extremely competent and proactive and we are truly honored to work with them.”


Ultra Limited will officially unveil the partnership with Optical Agency at the Hall of Frames optical show in Nijkerk, September 9-10.


To learn more about Ultra Limited, visit




nouveau directeur marketing de BLACKFIN Simone Favero

11 septembre 2018


Août 2018 – Pramaor, l’entreprise d’Agordo (Belluno) spécialisée dans la production de lunettes en titane haut de gamme de la marque Blackfin, annonce que Simone Favero a été nommé au poste de directeur marketing, directement rattaché à Nicola Del Din, administrateur délégué.

« Nous vivons actuellement la troisième phase de Blackfin. » – commente Nicola Del Din – « Nous avons le produit et nous lui avons donné une âme en racontant notre histoire. À présent, notre objectif va encore plus loin avec un travail global sur la marque pour obtenir un design de plus en plus sophistiqué et une image plus coordonnée. Je suis certain que Simone sera une précieuse ressource au sein de l’équipe de Blackfin et qu’il nous aidera à relever le défi. »

« Blackfin est une entreprise jeune et dynamique, dont je partage les valeurs et l’enracinement dans le territoire. » – explique Simone Favero – « Je me suis senti, naturellement et totalement, sur la même longueur d’onde que Nicola, Giancarlo et toute l’équipe. Je suis heureux d’apporter mon bagage d’expérience dans cette troisième phase de Blackfin ; je pense que le moment est venu de mettre la barre encore un peu plus haut, et d’atteindre ainsi, grâce au travail et au dévouement de l’équipe, tous les objectifs que nous nous sommes fixés. » 

Favero, 35 ans, a acquis des expériences similaires dans le domaine du marketing et de la communication pour différentes entreprises, dont Standex International et Calzaturificio Scarpa Spa. Le jeune manager aura donc pour mission la coordination du travail de l’équipe dans les domaines de la communication et du marketing visuel et associé, dans le but de contribuer au parcours de croissance et de renouvellement de la marque au niveau mondial.


Simone Favero

Blackfin / Looking Beyond. Always. directeur marketing 

collection de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen

10 septembre 2018
When frozen flowers inspire eyewear design
August 2018

Press release: Flowers captured and photographed in melting ice blocks led to new shapes and colors in Fleye’s AW 2018/19 collection « Flowers of Denmark ». Fleye is introducing 41 new frame designs in a wide color range.

Fleye Copenhagen creates eyewear with an appreciation of Scandinavian design and culture. Fleye’s campaigns are closely aligned with their Danish heritage featuring a modern twist. For their latest campaign, Fleye has found inspiration in Flora Danica – an iconic collection from the 18th century of all plants in the kingdom.

Creative processTaking a fresh look at the subject, the design team has created their own floral portraits using flowers, trees, and shrubs often seen in the Danish nature. In order to set the right mood for a Winter campaign and bring more depth to the floral portraits themselves, the creatives decided to freeze flowers in ice blocks. The frozen water in the photographs enlarges and distorts the shape of the flowers, creating an interesting 3-dimensional effect.

“Our idea was to emphasize the plants and illustrate their intrinsic qualities, just like the iconic Flora Danica illustrations from the 1700s, only doing so from a very new perspective. In these still-life images, taken by photographer Ida Emilie Risager, lies the inspiration for the rich and dense frame colors as well as the structures and layerings in our newest eyewear. ” – Annette Estø, Head of Design

The captivating pictures led to deep frame colors, wild patterns and  bold yet light shapes on 41 new frame designs.

meilleur vente des lunettes MODO

6 septembre 2018


7012 TEAL


The Teal R 1000 frame pairs an eye-catching color with innovative
and modern materials.

4515 BLSTT

This Paper-Thin Acetate frame combines our remarkably lightweight titanium with a beautiful Blush Tortoise Acetate semi-rim.

collection de lunettes INVU modele 90S Retro

5 septembre 2018

Zurich, August 2018


Today’s latest fashion is drawing on several trends from the 1990s. Cargo pants, platform sneakers, overalls and bandanas are all making a comeback. The designers from Swiss Eyewear Group took major inspiration from this period when they designed a series of small INVU ovals, squares and hexagonal stainless steel sunglasses. The highly fashionable candy colored lenses along with matching mirror coatings complete a true and so trendy 90s retro look.
While the styling inspiration is from the 1990s, the technology that went into manufacturing these sunglasses is state-of-the-art. The latest frame materials and Swiss Eyewear Group’s ultra polarized lenses are featured. Retailed at Euro 59, this new array of INVU sunglasses are a true bargain, offering incredible value to consumers around the globe.

To learn more about INVU, visit or contact us at

collection de lunettes spéciale Silmo par OKO by OKO

3 septembre 2018








zOOm SUR LA LUNETTE métal NY25 collection NEW YORK



Cette collection New York (NY) porte bien son nom puisqu’elle s’inspire de courants cosmopolites et pluriculturels à l’instar de cette ville souvent décrite comme « la capitale du monde ». 

Elle s’inscrit parfaitement dans l’ADN de la marque OKO by OKO « créateur de lunettes pour tous » dans une démarche de démocratiser la « world optic » c’est-à-dire de rendre la lunette créateur accessible à tous et partout dans le monde !

Entièrement fabriquée en acier ciselé, cette lunette est un concentré de finesse, de légèreté et de confort. 

FOCUS sur le modèle NY25, au look rétro, élégant, intemporel, universel et très tendance qui séduira les femmes en recherche d’un style épuré, créateur mais distinctif.

OKO by OKO Paris – créateur de lunettes pour tous depuis 1999 – good design for good people.

Pour voir l’ensemble des coloris de la gamme NY25, rendez-vous sur le site

OKO PARIS LUNETTERIE – 94/96 rue Victor Hugo – 94200 IVRY S/SEINE – FRANCE

Tél. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 27 – Fax. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 25




collection de lunettes OGI été 2018

28 août 2018

New Frame Added To Ogi Collection


MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Summer is the season for new ideas and fresh concepts. This is reflected directly in the 7169.


Ogi Eyewear proudly presents the 7169, a playful juxtaposition of acetates in a flattering angular shape. Laminated acetate comes together with designer pops of color on the edges and temples for a modern look. The 7169 steals the show with its flattering and contemporary expression of color that Ogi is known for.




Ogi counter cards, frame stands, and banners are available upon request.

collection de lunettes Paper-Thin Ultra par MODO 2018

18 juillet 2018

MODO’s Paper-Thin Ultra collection pushes the limits of innovation –
the result is some of the lightest eyewear in the world.

collection de lunettes KLiiK Denmark Juillet 2018

6 juillet 2018

KLiiK denmark July 2018 releases

KLiiK denmark launches 3 new styles for Summer 2018 that blend innovative constructions, attractive color combinations and original finishes. Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Danish design, each style is subtle while offering a unique, edgy look perfect for those requiring smaller eye sizes. All July releases are featured in the new KLiiK denmark campaign.

Featuring a round retro shape, metal frame K-621 won’t go unnoticed thanks to its original construction: three eye rims are soldered together onto a monoblock front and highlighted with contrasting double stripes. To complete the look, a rich epoxy lacquer is applied over the frame for a luxurious, ultra-shine finish. K-621 is available in four color combinations of wine cream coral, brown taupe lavender, black grey turquoise and grey white mint.

With a modified square shape, women’s style K-623 is an interesting combination frame. The marble acetate of the front unveils an embedded metal inlay at the browline to the end piece peaks through the top edge. Completed by matching metal temples in pearl finish, this style comes in navy silver, brown gold, black gun and burgundy rose.

Women’s style K-624 uniquely combines a squared off round shape with a custom lamination. Beveling along the browline and the end pieces gives a three dimensional look while revealing the bottom acetate layer for a full view of the colorful, translucent tortoise acetate of this frame, which is offered in vivid hues of cobalt, fuchsia, black and brown.

KLiiK denmark is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit

collection de lunettes FLEYES COPENHAGEN été 2018

3 juillet 2018
Lobster campaign photographed by Josephine Svane.
Lobster-liscious for Spring/Summer’18
Lobster is a limited edition sunglasses frame inspired by our smørrebrød concept. The style emphasises the meticulous craftsmanship, sculpted volumes and the iconic playfulness that FLEYE Copenhagen is known for.

Handcrafted from sleek beta-titanium for a super light and extremely comfortable sunglasses frame. Lobster is from our exclusive Signature Collection available at selected opticians and stores only.