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collection de lunettes FYSH march 2020

15 avril 2020


FYSH March 2020 collection


Custom design details and bold colors define the FYSH collection for March 2020. Featuring lightweight constructions, unique patterns, and a rich color palette, the new collection offers trendsetting eyewear for the strong, ambitious women who embrace individual style. 

Stainless steel style F-3648 is a modified square with a high gloss epoxy overlay on the top rim and temples. The delicate rope inspired pattern on the bottom eye rim adds a feminine touch. This style is available in black rose gold, brown gold, eggplant rose gold, and emerald gold.  


Vibrant pops of color in style F-3649 create a linear color block effect. The modified square offers an ultra-thin profile with a matte finish. The browline is made to stand out with its unique color combinations available in black fuchsia, charcoal lavender, aubergine rose, and black emerald. 

Combination style F-3650 features a unique patterned translucent acetate highlighted by the ultra-thin metallic temples. This modified square is available in black mesh, sky blue, brown gold, and blush rose. 

Stainless steel style F-3651 is an angular square shape that mixes bold color with classic metal tones. The front rim is sectioned by the browline which is highlighted in a solid color, while the bottom of the rim features a totally printed pattern. Sealed with a high gloss epoxy and finished with a sleek metal bridge and temples, this style is available in black pearl gold, brown pearl gold, violet pearl rose and turquoise pearl silver.

Style F-3652 is a universal fit, modified square in gradient acetate with glitter. A metal inlay is featured along the browline that is also used to complete the stylish bridge. Available in raspberry gold, rose gold, and turquoise gold.  


Stainless steel style F-3653 is an angular modified square with an ultra-thin profile and lightweight construction. Vibrant pops of color along the brows create a bold contrast against the classic metallic hues of the frame. This style provides a minimalistic look in a high shine finish available in ruby gold, rose silver, teal rose gold, and black rose gold.  


lunettes NAO, AC42 et ZD43 couleur Classic blue

14 avril 2020

Logo OKO by OKO Paris PNG en transparence sur tous supports

CLASSIC BLUE : COULEUR PHARE DE L’ANNEE 2020. Sélection illuminée  & colorée de ce bleu crépuscule.

Lunettes NAO, AC42 & ZD43. 


Depuis plus de 20 ans, le Pantone Color Institute annonce la couleur-phare de l’année. En 2020, place au Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, « Inspirant la sérénité, la confiance et le partage, cette teinte de bleu immuable souligne notre désir de bases fiables et stables sur lesquelles bâtir au seuil d’une nouvelle ère.» a précisé Pantone.

Teinte de bleu immuable et intemporelle, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue est élégante, dans toute sa simplicité. Évoquant le ciel au crépuscule, les qualités rassurantes de PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue suscitent la réflexion et soulignent notre désir de bases fiables et stables sur lesquelles bâtir au seuil d’une nouvelle ère.

Cataloguée dans notre psyché comme une couleur reposante, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue apporte un sentiment de paix et de sérénité à notre esprit, tel un refuge. En favorisant la concentration à travers une clarté inégalée, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue recadre notre pensée. Teinte de bleu propice à la méditation, Classic Blue stimule la résilience.

OKO by OKO Paris vous a préparé une sélection de 3 modèles dans ce joli bleu, avec NAO C4, AC42 C4 et ZD43 C3.

Et là, on réalise l’évidence : tout est consciemment et élégamment décalé, comme si la marque donnait vie à ses idées et à ses créations en ne pensant qu’à une chose : permettre au porteur de se révéler et d’oser afficher sa personnalité. 

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collection KOMONO eyewear été 2020

31 mars 2020





For Spring/Summer 2020, KOMONO embraces boldness to maximum effect.

Distinctively premium, the optical collection introduces three new weighty, handcrafted Italian acetate frames. The Mario, Uma and Jeff are characterized by its massive quality and luxury feel.

More experimental shapes are introduced with the Judy, an oversized hexagon frame, the Stanley, a well-defined narrow model with double bridge and the Piper, a more rounded, subtle style.

Following up on last season’s Slim series, Spring/Summer 2020 also introduces oversized variations of two of KOMONO’s most sought-after styles, the Martin and the Ethan.

With the arrival of the Grand series, KOMONO offers a range of possibilities that will suit all faces.


Forgoing an obvious minimalism, the new campaign, shot by long-time collaborator Pierre Debusschere, features a fresh take on KOMONO’s well-established visual language. Marked by the spontaneous cut-out of models contrasted to a bright orange backdrop, the campaign highlights this season’s most celebrated styles in unparalleled fashion.




For more information about KOMONO, please visit







collection de lunettes EVATIK 2017

20 décembre 2017

EVATIK Fall 2017 Collection



Masculine styling, sophisticated patterns, textural details, and subtle pops of color provide a clean yet modern look to the new EVATIK Fall 2017 releases. Inspired by the latest eyewear trends, the new collection offers round and angular shapes with refined, contemporary design elements that cleverly combine uncompromised engineering with an understated sense of luxury to appeal to today’s modern man. 


Constructed from Mazzucchelli gradient acetate, EVATIK E-9152 features a retro eye shape inspired by 1970s styling. The solid color along the brow blends harmoniously with a smoky pattern, creating textural depth; while the decorative rivets on the end piece adds detail to the clean design. The custom engraved OBE UNO flex hinge provides for a discreet logo. E-9152 is available in dashing hues of Brown, Blue and Black.


EVATIK E-9153 is clean and minimalistic thanks to a thin stainless steel profile and beveled edged brow, providing a timeless and light result. The intricate, textural temple finish is created by acid etching, which gives a luxurious feel to the frame. Carefully selected pops of color on the inside front and temples offer a contemporary and sporty aesthetic. E-9153 is available in sporty color combinations of Brown Orange, Navy Blue and Black Red.


For those men looking to make a statement, EVATIK E-9154 fits the bill. Inspired by the fashion trend of contrasting patterns, a diamond etched pattern across the brow and temples seamlessly flow into a linear pattern for an updated and eye-catching, textured look. Both patterns are clean and precise thanks to state of the art laser cutting. Modern and masculine, E-9154 features a rectangular eye shape, 5-barrel hinges for a secure and lasting fit, and is offered in classic hues of Black Graphite, Brown Black and Navy Graphite.


EVATIK E-9155 plays with acetate contrasts. The solid color along the brow and temple is coupled with a translucent bottom eye rim providing a bold and modern twist to the crystal trend seen all over the runways this season. The square shape and the dropped bridge create a downtown geek-chic look that will suit a variety of face shapes. The custom engraved OBE UNO flex hinge provides for a discreet logo. Available colors include Tort Crystal, Navy Crystal and Black Crystal.


EVATIK E-9156 capitalizes on the continued popularity of round frames as well as the new-found demand for metals. Combining Japanese mono-block titanium front with beta titanium temples, E-9156 is strong, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and extremely lightweight. A laser cut split temple adds a subtle touch to an otherwise clean design while a custom titanium end cap on the temple tips is engraved with an “E”, providing a discreet logo. This modern take on a retro look is available in Black, Grey and Brown Taupe.


Designed around a custom hinge, EVATIK E-9166 and E-9167 exude sleek sophistication. Fronts are constructed from a single block of stainless steel, eliminating the need for soldering and providing a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing design. A thin, pinstripe design is laser etched into the temples and the raised temple décor helps to highlight the custom hinge. Two-tone coloring ensures a high fashion look. E-9166 offers a modern twist on the timeless oversized aviator, an iconic design reminiscent of the 70’s that is making a big impact for the Fall/Winter season. The square, contoured shape has a step-down along the double brow bar, which is achieved through a precise laser etching technique, creating an interesting design element. Available colors include Black Red, Navy Black and Brown Black. E-9167 has a slightly more sporty appeal due to its rectangular eye shape, which provides an effortlessly masculine look. Navy Gun, Black Red and Grey Blue are the color options for this frame.


EVATIK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or



collection de lunettes CABRIO par HOET SILMO 2017

16 novembre 2017




Cabrio M3 voor




Cabrio M – FR Le modèle Cabrio M est le dernier-né de la collection Cabrio et, comme le Cabrio Bi-Color il compte 3 parties. Les contours des verres et les branches sont, comme sur les précédents modèles Cabrio, imprimés en polyamide. Mais ce qui distingue ce modèle des autres, c’est le pont imprimé en acier inoxydable. En recourant à deux matériaux différents imprimés en 3D, ce modèle garde le lien avec le passé tout en jetant un pont vers l’avenir.

collection de lunettes de la marque TONY SAME

12 octobre 2017

tonysame logo bis

Première collection optique & solaire* en Europe pour
le fabricant-lunetier japonais tonysame:

La marque affiche une nouvelle approche de la création
& une philosophie simple : rester connecté à la lumière.
Etre en phase avec la lumière.

*dévoilée en avant-première au Mondial de l’Optique SILMO Paris 2017

tonysame: fait partie de cette nouvelle génération de création japonaise qui vient bousculer le petit monde des designers et lui donner un autre souffle. Avec un style bien affirmé pour les différents marchés mondiaux, la marque revendique un style contemporain, très actuel et très épuré.

Pas encore connue en France et en Europe, tonysame: était jusqu’alors principalement attachée au marché japonais.

Le raffinement peut être moderne…
Ce fabricant-lunetier japonais cultive cet art du produit raffiné, distinctif, unique et privilégie l’artisanat moderne. La marque est très attachée au blanc qui illustre la pureté, la légèreté du design mais aussi la lumière.
tonysame: revendique également un design ergonomique d’inspiration contemporaine et donne aux détails une attention méticuleuse. Sous sa patte, les montures sont caractérisées par des combinaisons de matériaux et de coloris innovants et exclusifs.
Sa devise : créer de beaux objets en lien avec le regard.

Le savoir-faire japonais…
Plus que centenaire, la filière lunetière japonaise est aujourd’hui une industrie de pointe et ce savoir-faire lui vaut une bonne renommée auprès des lunetiers créateurs du monde entier. Le 100% ‘made in Japan’ reste une valeur sûre. Forte de cette valeur ajoutée, la marque tonysame: présente une collection optique & solaire aux détails très soignés et toute en légèreté grâce à des matériaux nobles dont le titane et les acétates – au polissage parfait.

« Nos produits doivent refléter le meilleur de l’innovation et du savoir-faire nippon. Nous revendiquons la création de produits uniques dans le respect des traditions des produits faits à la main tout en préservant les techniques des artisans et métiers d’art. » commente la marque.

Cette collection optique & solaire se distingue également par son haut degré de technicité – essentiellement au niveau des charnières. tonysame: détient de nombreux brevets pour cette collection à forte valeur ajoutée design & technique.

Le concept du pentaprisme…
tonysame: a une nouvelle approche de la création et sa philosophie consiste à rester connecté à la lumière par le biais des lunettes, et à être en phase avec elle. L’univers culturel de la marque via son bureau de design a développé un concept basé sur les notions de prismes – qui dispersent la lumière, sur les notions de reflets – qui réfléchissent une image virtuelle, ou encore sur les notions de convergences – qui focalisent sur un point de concentration. Le prisme est toujours présent sur les visuels de la marque.

tonysame: résume ainsi son ADN et sa culture de marque : « Si l’on regarde tous dans la même direction, on est tous connectés (notion de convergence). (…) Nous vivons tous dans des pays différents très éloignés les uns des autres (notion de prisme), et pourtant nous voyons tous le même ciel (notion de reflet)». Est né le concept du « WE », « NOUS » sommes tous connectés.


collection de lunettes Camouflage par OKIA SILMO 2017

3 octobre 2017





Uniqueness and boldness: these are the keywords of the new “Camouflage Refresh” collection developed by OKIA.


Perfect for those people who love to push the boundaries of ordinary style, this amazing collection capitalizes on the timeless camouflage trend and gives it a modern, unconventional twist thanks to the creativity of the OKIA design team.

Camouflage prints, originally meant for military troops to confuse the enemy, are more and more popular not only among men but also in women’s fashion, where they are proposed in natural tones or with more unusual and dazzling colors.

OKIA revisits the classic camouflage pattern to produce a more refined and innovative outcome: lines become softer and colors blend harmoniously just like in a painting, while the design details feature a surprising high definition and 3-dimensional effect thanks to the HDA® Technology. Moreover, the CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) techniqueenriches the camouflage decoration with twinkling gold or silver foil that lights up the eyes gently whilst at the same time conferring dynamism to the frame.


Offered in a rich, warm color palette including olive green and crimson, “Camouflage Refresh” is a must-have for the next fall season.






Maria Rita CERILLI porte le modèle MODO 664 light orange

13 septembre 2017



Maria Rita Cerilli




19 juillet 2017




July 2017 – Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, was awarded the “Coup Du Coeur” in the Grand Prix B2B Marketing category at the “La Nuit de l’Adetem” which took place in Paris on July 5th. In its twelfth year, the prestigious gala night, organized by Adetem, the French national marketing professionals’ association, recognizes the most original and innovative initiatives and projects.


Essilor® Sun Solution™ received a special mention from the judges in the B2B Marketing category for the current marketing campaign “No Ordinary Sunwear” which helped position the company and its brands as strategic and valued partner for various prestigious international brands in the world of sport and fashion.


When evaluating the projects, the panel of judges, made up of esteemed marketing, media and digital communication specialists, considered the effectiveness of the message conveyed, the innovative aspect in terms of creativity and digital development etc. and how much the campaign actually contributed to the development and success of the brand or product.

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collection de lunettes KOMONO 2017

30 juin 2017

Contemporary style. Consciously designed.

Global eyewear and watch brand KOMONO has launched the NEUTRØ Series, a capsule collection of sunglasses that sets a new standard in stylish sustainability. The NEUTRØ Series is available at selected retailers worldwide and as from 15 June 2017.

“KOMONO thrives on innovation. We are constantly pushing boundaries, looking for new styles, new ways to develop better products in an ever-changing world. The NEUTRØ Series is the result of this constant quest for innovation: qualitative, well-designed eyewear made from a carbon neutral material,”
explains KOMONO founder Anton Janssens.

The collection infuses four classic KOMONO styles with NEUTRØ EcoPaXX® technology: Francis, Vivien, Harper and Devon. All NEUTRØ styles feature gradient bio-lenses and sustainable frames available in two colors: sand and black.

The NEUTRØ Series has a reduced carbon footprint, a result of KOMONO’s collaboration with Dutch science-based company DSM Engineering Plastics. Together, they found a way to base the NEUTRØ designs on EcoPaXX®, a product derived from the sustainable castor bean. This new material has been developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions commonly associated with human activity and industry production, an innovation that can help us protect our planet for the next generation.

Aside from its stylish sustainability, the NEUTRØ Series stands out because of its flexible material, resulting in increased product durability and impact resistance. Its lightweight construction ensures optimal comfort.

KOMONO creates contemporary watches and eyewear, designed in Antwerp. Fiercely dedicated to the Belgian tradition of quality and craftsmanship, KOMONO has made global fashion and design more accessible since 2009. Staying true to the origins of the word KOMONO (it means “small things” in Japanese), the KOMONO team shares a passion for distilling the best of culture to its simplest forms. KOMONO is the perfect blend of vision and timing.

For more information about Komono, please visit