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collection de lunettes COCO SONG 2016

25 novembre 2016


A dip into the Far East with its colours, symbols and opulence. The magic of distant and mysterious lands takes shape in these exquisitely elegant frames, made entirely by hand with precious and exclusive materials: silk, feathers, dried flowers and semi-precious stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, white howlite and tiger’s eye. The inserts, engraved in metal recall the symbolism of ancient oriental dynasties and become real jewels for the chic and sensual woman.

Each frame is hand made and unique, making it a masterpiece of craftsmanship and refinement. One example is the Known Place model. The tone of these broad and square frames is defined by silk and feathers inserted into the eyewear itself. Like a precious amulet adorning the temples, with gems of semi-precious stones framed by metal décor.

As its name suggests, the romantic inspiration of an imperial garden is at the forefront in the New Romantic model: the full tones of black, red, blue and purple silk have small dried herbs applied to them with contrasting colours embellished with a metal decor reminiscent of peach blossom and the symbol of the nation of the Rising Sun.

All the shades of distant lands can be seen on the Wild Dream model too. Its wide front and slightly cat-eye is combined with temples with feathers and triangular cut semi-precious stones set like the seals of an old lady.

The collection is completed with a few models that are also proposed in a more minimal version, such as Blues Lesson in which only silk and feathers appear. A frame that expresses the personality of Coco Song through contrasting colours and elegant and refined materials, although more sober.




lunettes MODO sponsor de l’équipe F1 SAUBER

16 novembre 2016

Nous sommes fiers d’être Premium Partner de Sauber F1 Team

Toute l’écurie Sauber F1 Team porte des lunettes de soleil MODO.


nouvelle collection de lunettes FYSH UK

15 novembre 2016

FYSH UK Fall 2016 Collection

FYSH UK launches 7 new styles for Fall 2016 that effortlessly merge the latest trends in eyewear with the hottest looks seen on the fashion runways. A key inspiration for this season’s collection came from the innovative and unique ways that individual elements of design can be combined to produce a final result that is interesting, fresh and new. Whether it is the mixing of materials, finishes or patterns, the result is a collection of eye‑catching styles that are as unique and original as the women who wear them.

F-3559 is an interesting twist on a retro-inspired design. Contrasting with the oversized eye shape, the ultra-thin, high density acetate in multi-colored pastel hues appears light, modern and fresh. Capitalizing on the current trend of mixed material, a thin, silver metal inlay wraps around the acetate front providing a unique design element. F-3559 is available in a color palette of Green Confetti, Rainbow Confetti, Blue Confetti and Lavender Confetti.


F-3560 is a combination frame featuring a beveled, stainless steel front with thin, triple laminate handmade acetate temples. The deep, rich color palette is perfect for the fall season and captures many of the hues highlighted in the fall 2016 Pantone color picks. Available colors include Brown Gold, Purple Rose, Turquoise Blue and Black Cherry.


The mixing of patterns and solids was the focus for FYSH UK models F-3561 and F-3564. Inspired by the New Romanticism trend seen on the fall fashion runways, both models feature two-tone coloring combined with a baroque accent pattern on the front and temples.

F-3561 is a sexy, feminine cat-eye with the baroque pattern applied on the temples and scalloped edge, providing an interesting twist on color blocking. The rich, matte tones on the front are reminiscent of velvet, which is a key fashion trend for fall 2016. F-3561 is available in Cherry Orange, Violet Green, Teal Rose and Black Sky.


F-3564 has a more angular eye shape with the baroque pattern applied on the upper corners and temples. A bold accent color introduces color blocking to the design. F-3564 is available in Brown Aqua, Cherry Orange, Purple Charcoal and Teal Orchid.


F-3562 amps up the drama of this cat-eye shape with a triple laminate acetate and a pressed pattern along the brow and temples. The subtle touch of glitter on the front and temples adds glamour to the style. F‑3562 is available in hues of Ombre Tangerine, Ombre Teal, Ombre Blue and Ombre Purple.


The centerpiece of the FYSH UK fall collection is model F-3565, a sexy cat-eye shape with a modern, angled silhouette. Constructed from translucent acetate interwoven with metallic thread, F-3565 mixes quiet luxury with a techno edge. Each color has a different pattern which provides a unique look to the model. With metallic hues popular in both fashion and eyewear, F-3565 is sure to be a best seller. Colors include Crystal Gold, Crystal Silver, Crystal Rose and Crystal Black.


F-3566 introduces a modern take on the classic cat-eye. The flattering brow line gives this retro shape a futuristic twist while the increased depth provides a touch of glam. Ultra-thin, high density acetate provides for a clean, modern silhouette, while the silver metal inlay highlights the multi-colored handmade acetate and provides an interesting hardware design element. F-3566 is available in a color palette of Black, Tropic Mauve, Tropic Brown and Tropic Green.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

Nouvelle collection de lunettes optique par HACKETT

18 août 2015

One thing Hackett prides itself on is never compromising on style, and the new SS15 Bespoke UTX Optical collection is certainly a visual treat. The finest handmade acetates, authentic metal riveted hinges and carefully crafted finishes have been combined to create the new modern classics.

From sandblasted matte finishes layered with gloss interiors to rich honey tortoiseshells and contrasting navy fronts in HEB146, all feature that final flourish with custom Union Jack hidden trims.

Drawing inspiration from timeless tailoring, every piece represents sophistication and luxury while maintaining the very essence of British tradition; vintage styling comes together with classic panto eyeshapes and handcrafted amber and olive horn acetates in HEB148 finished with a touch of gentlemanly charm.

Invest in ageless style with eyewear that’s sure to see you through the season.image image image

nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires enfants BUTTERRFLY par ZOOBUG

2 juillet 2015

the ZOOBUG SUNGLASSES collection 2015. Butterfly is a sophisticated fashion shape for girls, handcrafted in acetate and available in 5 gorgeous on-trend colours. Polarised grey tinted lenses (UV400 +Cat 3) will ensure your child’s eyes are protected from the sun’s rays.

BUTTERFLY01_097080 BUTTERFLY02_098081(1) BUTTERFLY06B_099085
Colours pictured: New Royal Blue, Purple and New Mint. Also available in Pink and Black Scribble.

For more information about ZOOBUG’s line of high quality sunglasses, designed for children, visit

nouvelle collection de lunettes MYWOODI

30 juin 2015

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone.

Manufactured in Italy, using wood from around the world,
MyWoodi eyewear features a clean, linear style that is ultra-modern and extremely cool.
The light, playful and totally tasteful wooden eyewear is priced aggressively, placing it within range of everyone’s budget.
Featured in the first collection are 12 styles – 5 sun wear and 7 vision wear –
in 6 different types of wood and colors.
Composed of eight layers of wood, their exciting chromatic nuances are fresh and fashionable.
Sixty processing phases, 15 of which are carried out by hand, yield a feather-light product that weighs in at
13 grams (less than half an ounce).
An invisible side hinge completes the whole.

berlin_02_def las-vegas_02_def las-vegas_02_front_def MyWoodi-Image02_final roma_02_def tokyo_02_front_def

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone. MyWoodi is part of WooDone Eyewear.

nouvelle collection de lunettes par MARIMEKKO

22 juin 2015

The Finnish fashion and design house Marimekko is launching an eyewear collection together with the leading eyewear designer and distributor Mondottica. The first optical products of the new eyewear collection, conceived and developed by Mondottica in collaboration with the Marimekko design team, will first hit the Finnish market in August 2015 gearing up to the global launch of the whole collection including also sunglasses at the end of 2015. When Marimekko was founded in 1951, its bold colours and unconventional prints gave the company a strong and unique identity. Marimekko’s courageous, positive and empowering way of life is translated into the eyewear collection through selected classic prints and a unique colour palette celebrating the company’s art of print making. The love of nature has inspired brushed wood effect finishing, while Marimekko’s timeless dialogue between colours comes alive through the play of contrasts with palettes and materials. Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices all over the globe, Mondottica has a long experience in working with different brands translating their design heritage to unique eyewear. In the new Marimekko eyewear collection, Mondottica has used its vast expertise to include the combination of unique materials and techniques matched with carefully crafted details. From shiny and brush finishes of handmade acetates and stainless steel metals each product has been designed to epitomise Marimekko’s joy of life.

Marimekko eyewear_Eeva 2_74809_low Marimekko eyewear_Eeva_74733_low Marimekko eyewear_Ella 2_74729_low Marimekko eyewear_Ella_74730_def Marimekko eyewear_Janette 2_74731_def Marimekko eyewear_Janette_74732_def Marimekko eyewear_Vuokko 2_74734_low Marimekko eyewear_Vuokko_74735_low

nouvelle collection de lunettes TED BAKER

17 juin 2015


This season sees the launch of Ted’s top notch acetate.
Half the thickness of regular glasses, Ted’s carefully handcrafted UTX (Ultra Thin Xyl)
frames are 30% lighter than normal and weighing only a few grams, they leave no marks.
One should leave an impression for the right reasons, after all.

Proving there is more to Ted than meets the eye, his Men’s Optical collection is the stuff of daydreams.
Striking color blocks of bold forest green and deep red hues featured in DENNY TB8120 are finished in ultra fine handmade UTX acetate.
The season’s smart yet stylish look is full of retro styling with metal front pins and diamond temple tip details.

Whilst Ted showcases his true colours with his signature prints in HEWITT TB4239.
Inky shades of grey and black are layered with paisleys and geometric prints in this classic combination frame,
ensuring a double take wherever you may wander.

TB1351-908 1_def TB1354-900 1_def TB135100156_def TB135412254_def TB423914554_1_def TB423990854_def
Handcrafted acetates in luxury finishes, signature prints and metal trims
all congregate in the new men’s sun collection.

Sandblasted matte finish acetates are mixed and matched with Ted’s signature prints in JAMESON TB1351
all finished with an inlaid metal rimwire and hidden trims.

Retro eyeshapes and classic keyhole bridge detailing in BRANNON TB1355
is given a modern twist with contrasting crystal acetate temples featuring two-tone lamination.
Seeing is believing after all.

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE

15 juin 2015

WooDone: the new Ulmus collection is riding high!
ULMUS is the name given to the special edition of eyewear covered with leaves, those of the Wych Elm (ulmus glabra). The project does not consist in a new eyewear model but a special treatment, a finish that can be applied to any model in the collection.
The creative team and manufacturing staff took twelve whole months to identify a tree with suitable leaves. Nothing, in fact, has been left to chance. On the creative front, the first obstacle to surmount was that of finding leaves with sufficiently impacting and clearly visible veins. The manufacturing experts, on the other hand, had to come up with the ideal solution for applying the leaf to the frame without interrupting the pattern traced by the veins and preserving their charm intact.
It was therefore decided to use the underside of the leaf, where the veins are more prominent, in order to highlight its beauty. A natural glue was chosen to apply the leaf to the eyewear and, likewise, a natural lacquer finish is used to prevent the leaf from drying and changing colour. The veins of the leaf, whose pattern is uninterrupted from the temple pieces to the frame front, are enhanced by a lacquer finish. The resulting eyewear is truly one of a kind since no leaf can be identical to another.
Four hours of painstaking work are needed to achieve the final result: a truly impeccable and natural effect.

woodon-WEB-2 woodon-WEB-3 woodon-WEB-4 woodon-WEB-11

nouvelle collection de lunettes de CHRISTOPHE SHANNON pour la marque LUNETTES KOLLEKTION

10 juin 2015

La collaboration CHRISTOPHER SHANNON for LUNETTES KOLLEKTION est désormais en boutique!

Né à Liverpool et basé à Londres, Christopher Shannon est célèbre pour sa ligne de sportswear qu’il revisite sans compromis en récupérant des éléments du passé tout en ayant une longueur d’avance, ce qui fait de lui un partenaire idéal pour une expérience avec Lunettes Kollektion et ses designs éloquents… Selon Shannon le résultat de la collaboration se situe quelque part entre « un style sportif et quelque chose de plus festif“ – à l’unisson avec ses tous derniers looks!

Christopher Shannon for Lunettes Kollektion

Les modèles sont disponibles dans une sélection de boutiques à l’international ainsi que chez Lunettes Selection à un prix fixé à 309 €.