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collection de lunettes NIRVAN JAVAN été 2019

25 juillet 2019






July 2019 – Summer is synonymous with relaxing, having fun and parties. Why not see it with style? NIRVAN JAVAN, the Swiss brand with the same name as its designer, Nirvan Javan, proposes a selection of metal models for its BECAUSE I CAN optical range and SHADE 19 sunglass range as the must-have accessory for the hottest season of the year.


The purity of the lines, the high quality of the materials and the contemporary styling make the metal models the perfect accessory to bring out the natural beauty of those who wear them.


BECAUSE I CAN is the campaign slogan that accompanied the collection launch, and which is inspired by the designer’s story: everybody should be motivated to live their dreams and believe in themselves. An intense pursuit of perfection dedicated to all those who want to live a contemporary style for a timeless elegance.


The range is available in four colours, all in an opaque finish: gold, rose gold, silver and black




 NJE 25 (RG1)


Frame with a large, round shape reminiscent of bohemian style.  The vintage lines and the shades of gold emphasize the refined and subdued elegance, emblem of the Swiss brand. The extraordinary quality and resistance of the metal make the frame perfect for the hectic lifestyle of the contemporary man. Also available in black, gold and silver.


NJE 22 (SR1)


A traditionally masculine frame appears here in a new, elegant and refined interpretation thanks to a choice of colours ranging from silver rose and rose gold to black and gold.


The SHADES 19 sunglasses use Carl Zeiss lenses with anti-reflective coating and every model includes a polarised version. The colours chosen are in line with the brand’s identity, starting with the simple and elegant through to lighter, more fashion effects. Every single frame has its own combination of lenses thus guaranteeing a perfect stylistic balance. 

NJE-S 09


These round sunglasses represent the timeless classic style, remastered in a contemporary way. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different Gold




NJE-S 10


This square-shaped navigator model is perfect for those who embrace nostalgia, but at the same time want to keep up with the latest trends. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different shades of gold.



NJE-S 11  


A slender, square shape designed to adapt to every situation. A classic style that one doesn’t easily tire of. Available in 4 colours: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.



A selection of the SHADES 19 by NIRVAN JAVAN models is featured in the Summer magazine by BELDONA, leading Swiss lingerie and swimwear brand – a collaboration also aimed at promoting Swiss Made design.


The NIRVAN JAVAN, campaigns, collections and news are available at and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


collection de lunettes KOMONO

21 février 2017

Newly developed material is used for stylish sustainability

Global eyewear and watch brand KOMONO has launched the NEUTRØ Series, a capsule collection of sunglasses designed with stylish sustainability. The NEUTRØ Series will be available at selected retailers worldwide and as from 1 May 2017.

STYLISH: four classic KOMONO styles infused with NEUTRØ technology
The collection infuses four classic KOMONO styles with NEUTRØ technology, including the Francis, Vivien, Harper and Devon. All styles feature gradient bio-lenses and sustainable frames, available in two colors: sand and black.
NEUTRØ designs are made from lightweight, flexible material. This material increases product durability and impact resistance, while ensuring optimal comfort.

SUSTAINABILITY: NEUTRØ reduces carbon footprint
KOMONO collaborated with Dutch science-based company DSM Engineering Plastics to base the NEUTRØ designs on EcoPaXX, a product derived from the sustainable castor bean. This new material has been developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions commonly associated with human activity and industry production.

More sustainable KOMONO products and projects to come
Following the launch of the forward-looking NEUTRØ collection, KOMONO’s business model will follow suit by integrating sustainable initiatives into new products and work culture.

“The NEUTRØ Series marks the first step of a longer journey within the KOMONO brand. As our company continues to grow, changes will be implemented to make KOMONO as environmentally conscious as possible”, KOMONO founder Anton Janssens confirms.

Founded in 2009, KOMONO represents a community of dreamers and designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories. Fiercely dedicated to Belgian tradition, quality and craftsmanship, KOMONO is a lens on global fashion, superior service and optimal production. Staying true to the Japanese meaning of the word KOMONO, “Small things,” the KOMONO team shares a passion for distilling the best of culture into its simplest forms. KOMONO is the perfect blend of vision and timing. KOMONO is global fashion at your fingertips.

For more information about Komono, please visit

nouvelle collection été 2017 de FYSH UK

2 février 2017

FYSH UK Heats Up Spring with its 2017 Sunwear Collection

WestGroupe is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 FYSH UK sunwear collection.

Drawing on FYSH UK’s strong use of color, the 2017 sunwear collection features a mix of styling that captures today’s eyewear trends in bold, colorful hues. Boasting 11 new models, each available in 3 colorways, FYSH UK sun 2017 focuses on the hottest shapes, from oversized cat eye and squares to sleek aviators. All models feature 6-base, CR-39 lenses to ensure easy adaptation to prescription sunwear.
Links Collection: F-2009, F-2010, F-2011

Building on the popular Links collection launched in 2016, FYSH UK adds three new sunwear models for 2017. The cornerstone of the Links collection is a metal insert with a delicate chain link pattern that is inlayed and wrapped around richly hued acetate fronts.

Model F-2009 is an oversized rounded square silhouette constructed of handmade translucent acetate with a pattern inspired by soft, frothy layers of tulle. The metal insert gently wraps around the front profile adding an extra element to the design. The colors are soft, yet rich in tone in a color palette of Brown, Berry and Aqua.

Model F-2010 adds a modern twist to its wayfarer inspired shape with an on-trend dropped bridge. The metal insert compliments the abstract, smoky pattern in the handmade acetate while the oversized eye shape gives an edge to the minimalistic design. The color palette includes Grey Ash, Brown Ash and Teal Ash.

The feminine butterfly shape of model F-2011 is the perfect backdrop for the watercolor inspired pattern of the handmade acetate. The metal insert highlights the front bevel adding an additional element to the design. F-2011 is available in fluid tones of Peacock Brown, Peacock Cobalt and Peacock Berry.


Exotic Glam: F-2018 and F-2019

Drawing inspiration from the ’90s, models F-2018 and F-2019 take us back to the glam looks of the past with sleek metal frames wrapped in leather. F-2018 is a modern aviator with a flattering, slim silhouette, while F-2019 screams modern glam with an oversized square front. An integrated spring hinge keeps the look clean, sleek and comfortable. Adding a rock and roll, exotic edge to these models is the custom leather that is wrapped around the front which highlights the gold or silver metal. Key colorways include Black Boa Silver, Camel Gold, Black Silver and Brown Boa Gold.


Color Blocking: F-2012, F-2013, F-2014, F-2016

Color blocking continues to be one of the hottest trends this season, both in fashion and eyewear. Achieved by a new, patented process that raises the second layer of acetate to the front, the rich 2-tone color blocking on these styles provides a unique layered look.

Available in a 2-tone wood inspired color palette of Black Mahogany, Blue Maple and Brown Oak, the square shape of model F-2012 and the flirty cat eye shape of model F-2013 are accentuated by the pushed acetate that creates a highlighted effect along the edges and front of the frames.

The bold square shape of model F-2014 features more subtle color blocking that combines solid tones and marbled hues. Available in a rich color palette of Black Marble, Burgundy Marble and Brown Marble, model F-2014 is classic elegance.

The rounded shape of model F-2016 is highlighted by linear color blocking on the front of the frame. Smokey transparent hues are seamlessly joined on solid fronts providing for an effect that is similar to backlighting. Available in a captivating color palette of Black Crimson, Black Blonde and Burgundy Grey, F-2016 is a model that is sure to captivate even the most glamorous.


Lacy Details: F-2015, F-2017
With an oversized cat eye shape, model F-2015 is inspired by the fabulous ’50s. F-2015 is made from handmade acetate and features a translucent lace pattern on the front and temples that creates an extremely feminine and refined look. F-2015 is available in rich hues including Black Lace, Brown Lace and Cobalt Lace.

A highlight of the FYSH UK Sun 2017 collection is style F-2017. A sexy, oversized cat-eye shape is brought to life with shimmery, translucent acetate with interwoven metallic thread. Coupled with a stainless steel bridge and temples, F-2017 is the quintessential example of the mixed material trend. Increasing the glamour quotient is a sophisticated palette of Crystal Gold, Crystal Silver and classic Black Gold.The entire FYSH UK Sun collection will be launched globally at MIDO 2017 and will include new merchandising images.


FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

nouvelle collection de lunette interchangeable

19 janvier 2017


collection de lunettes de la marque LUNETTES KOLLEKTION

5 janvier 2017

MODERN ARCHIVE – LUNETTES KOLLEKTION PRESENTS A NEW CHAPTER FOR OPTICAL CLASSICS Lunettes Kollektion announces a contemporary concept: a Modern Archive of eyewear merging updated yet iconic forms and traditional production with finely-tuned subtle design. This new family of classics holds a trusty companion for anyone seeking a subtle and balanced frame. It features a curated color palette designed to harmonize with the wearer’s appearance. The first edition of the Lunettes Kollektion Modern Archive includes 4 frames – one for men, one for women, and two unisex models. A balance of classic design, muted flattering tones, and handcrafted quality, these understated, easy-to-wear frames are explicitly designed for prescription glasses. Choose from our interpretations of Square, Cat, Panto and Oval shapes, in 7 new colors. The collection starts with the classic Lunettes color dark tortoise, and introduces new shades modern moss, sea grass, rosewood, marbled wood, clear night, fog, and stormy sea.



Lunettes Kollektion’s design team translates iconic frames from fashion history to create classics with a twist – retro re-envisioned. Lunettes designs and vintage eyewear shops in Berlin are on the must-see lists of discerning sorts from Architectural Digest to the Louis Vuitton Guide.



toute l’équipe de Opticsnews vous souhaiterez bonne et heureuse année 2017 Happy new year 2017

1 janvier 2017


collection BEN 36 par OKO BY OKO

27 décembre 2016

#pourelle #designexclusif #nylorinverse #createur
#myoko #byoko
Fidèle à son identité, à sa signature et à son nom, un nom aux valeurs fortes de différentiation, d’innovation, de confort et de qualité – OKO by OKO présente dans sa collection BEN, la monture acier nylor inversé BEN 36 qui va vous mettre sens (sans) dessus dessous !

Plus qu’un simple style de vie, c’est cet ADN de la marque que l’on retrouve dans ce modèle de la ligne BEN avec la BEN36 au design affirmé, fun, ludique et métallique. Exit les formes déjà vues et revues… Place à la création et à l’innovation.

Les branches ainsi travaillées, découpées et ajourées « façon grille » inscrivent cette lunette dans un design et un tempérament forts et assumés à l’instar de la face retournée façon nylor inversé qui fait la part belle au regard et au visage ainsi dégagé.

OKO by OKO – créateur de lunettes pour tous depuis 1999. #gooddesignforgoodpeople


OKO PARIS LUNETTERIE – 94/96 rue Victor Hugo – 94200 IVRY S/SEINE – FRANCE
Tél. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 27 – Fax. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 25

Facebook/OKO PARIS Lunetterie

modèles de lunettes métal par XAVIER GARCIA

23 décembre 2016



Xavier Garcia’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 is bold and sophisticated. As part of the STRUCTURES family of metal-framed glasses, the Catalan brand adds three new models built out of STEEL BLOCKS: a structure that takes away the inner rims to produce neat designs that make lens mounting easier.

Reduction of the thickness frames and cut down of material on the bridge, the end pieces and the temples produce fine steel block designs that are lighter, more flexible and altogether more comfortable.


INÉS, the classical cat-eye design (Ø52) with smooth, rounded shape is affectionate and sensible. She avoids conflict and with her natural, sweet charm she soon manages to win over everyone’s trust. She seeks the peace and quiet of her house and cannot imagine a Sunday without an afternoon nap.


IRIS, the large, rounded shape (Ø51) with retro styling, featuring a shiny-matte, two-colour combination and a trendy pastel colour palette, is spontaneous and outspoken. An insatiable explorer, she loves to travel without making any plans and gets to know people with enviable ease. Her guilty pleasure: scraping out the remains of chocolate spread from the jar with one finger.


modèle F-3567 par FYSH UK 2016

20 décembre 2016

FYSH UK introduces model F-3567

The unique combination of design elements – a key inspiration for this season’s FYSH UK collection – gives model F-3567 an interesting and eyecatching look designed for women looking for fashionable and original styling.

With its subtle yet attractive styling, stainless steel model F-3567 is a fantastic everyday fashion accessory. The thin contoured silhouette of the modified rectangular shape gives this frame a unique and soft look. The delicate laser-etched swirl filigree design that dresses the bridge, the end-pieces and the temples makes this frame ultra-feminine and delicate. Style F-3567 is available in autumnal hues of Black Emerald, Ink Purple, Black Gold and Eggplant Red.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA hivers 2016

15 décembre 2016


Xavier Garcia for Autumn-Winter 2016-17 adds three new designs to the SKIN collection. The metal family Structures continues to experiment and complete the offer with new vintage styles and retro moods: metal foils called « skins » create unique designs that are full of character and energy.
The Structures family – inspired by minimalist architecture – is expanding with the models JANET, JOANA and LAREDO.

JANET is diligent and refined. She stands out for her energetic high-heeled stride and the gentle scent of exotic flowers and spices that wafts behind her as she passes by. She never takes the lift (this is her secret way of staying in shape). A 50s-style cat-eye (Ø54) shape with the half rim that makes the model light while the low-rising frame allows the “skins” at the top to highlight her expressive eyebrows.

JOANA is her opposite: punctilious and generous. She loves entertaining guests and everyone knows she makes a great hostess. She treasures the dozens of skirts in her wardrobe, painstakingly mixing and matching them every day. Her greatest indulgence: carrot cake. A shape that combine design large round rims (Ø52) where the outer “skin” emphasises the top of the frame, making it big, slightly feline and with a distinctly retro styling.

The latest model LAREDO is robust and peace-loving. He looks tough on the outside, but is soft and gentle on the inside. His broad vocabulary reveals his passion for knowledge. He is a jazz lover and enjoys watching black and white movies. Characterized by the large rectangular shape (Ø57) where the “skins” reinvent the classic design of JFK-style combination glasses.
Xavier Garcia collections express traditional values blended with elements of contemporary style; in fact, the brand sculpts and remodels the eyewear classic shapes with modern technologies and workmanship. Wearability, colours, subtle nuances, deconstruction and reconstruction are some of the key words associated with the Spanish brand.

Each piece of eyewear becomes a piece of art, set apart by artistic experimentation with size and proportions. All the creations by Xavier Garcia are eminently comfortable; they fit in with urban life, are unmistakable and always sure to turn heads.

Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.